How To FIX Camera at XIAOMI MI A2 (MI 6X) Problems ?

Solutions to fix XIAOMI MI A2 (MI 6X) troubles. Many people agree about good result of XIAOMI MI A2 (MI 6X) camera. At main back side body, it have dual camera with 12 megapixel f/1.75 withSONY IMX486 sensor + 20 megapixel f/1.75 with SONY IMX376, these lens combination can give bokeh effect for portrait photography, moreover because XIAOMI MI A2 (MI 6X) have AI features, then the pictures result become more superior. But some users maybe get troubles with their XIAOMI MI A2 (MI 6X) camera.

How To Reset To Factory Default Camera Setting of XIAOMI MI A2 (MI 6X) ?

We can take good pictures at almost all situations because XIAOMI MI A2 (MI 6X) camera have big aperture with f/1.75. Auto mode is very clever, but we can use manual mode as well for photography expert. Sometime XIAOMI MI A2 (MI 6X) get some trouble with their camera applications because try some options or camera it self corrupt or crash with some other installed apps. At this situations we can not take any pictures from camera or XIAOMI MI A2 (MI 6X) blank not show anything, blank display only.

We give several options to self fix XIAOMI MI A2 (MI 6X) problems :

#Option 1, Reset XIAOMI MI A2 (MI 6X) to Factory Default using Camera Setting Menu :

  • Turn on XIAOMI MI A2 (MI 6X)
  • Please make sure our Camera application still can work / running when Camera Icon pressed
  • Press Camera Icon to activate Camera applications
  • Go to menu Setting inside this Camera applications, usually the menu icon shaped like 3 lines box at camera applications, then choose Setting
  • At Camera Setting default menu, please scroll and find Restore default Settings
  • Please choose OK when XIAOMI MI A2 (MI 6X) ask confirmation to Reset all camera setting to factory default

hard reset xiaomi mi a2 (6x) camera android one

#Option 2, Reset XIAOMI MI A2 (MI 6X) camera to Factory Default using Setting Menu :

Actually this steps similar with #Option 1 above, but the different only at starting process. Please use this steps when the Camera applications is not running when we press Camera Icon

  • Turn on XIAOMI MI A2 (MI 6X)
  • Go To Setting Menu
  • Choose System Apps
  • Choose Camera
  • At Camera detail menu, please scroll and find Restore default settings
  • When it ask for confirmation, please choose Ok.Then XIAOMI MI A2 (MI 6X) will be restore back to factory default setting

#Option 3, Install Alternative Camera Applications for XIAOMI MI A2 (MI 6X) :

After trying #option 1 and #option 2, but XIAOMI MI A2 (MI 6X) camera still not working, then we can try to install 3th party alternative camera from Google Play Store, at this moment we recommended to install Open Camera, search from Google Play Store. This application is free and have several features to work with XIAOMI MI A2 (MI 6X).

#Option 4, Do Hard Reset to Factory Default when All Steps to Fix XIAOMI MI A2 (MI 6X) are not working :

The last options that we can try when XIAOMI MI A2 (MI 6X) camera is not work properly by doing hard reset. Please follow steps to hard reset XIAOMI MI A2 (MI 6X) at this specific article

Other FAQ of XIAOMI MI A2 (MI 6X) camera :

  • Is XIAOMI MI A2 (MI 6X) front camera have LED light flash ? No, the selfie camera does not have dedicated flash, but we can use screen light to help taking better photos at very dark conditions.
  • Can we take pictures under water using XIAOMI MI A2 (MI 6X) ? No, this phone is not water resistance, therefore we can not take pictures or videos in the water.

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