How To Hard Reset XIAOMI Android Smartphone With Hardware Button?

hard reset xiaomi with hardware button combination key

Some users get problems with XIAOMI smartphone. Sometime we can not access menu setting anymore. At this time, we have to do hard reset or reformat Android XIAOMI smartphone with hardware button combination key. This procedure will work for most Xiaomi smartphone, but some steps depend on different product model Hardware Button Combination For Reset Xiaomi … Read more

How to Easily Fix SAMSUNG CAMERA Failed or Error ?

hard reset samsung camera fix & recovery

Tips and tricks to fix SAMSUNG CAMERA problems. Today, we can find many Samsung Galaxy smartphone release with interesting features and each of them have good quality camera. There are single or multi camera features at Samsung Galaxy smartphone. All camera need software to take a pictures. Samsung Galaxy has already included default camera application … Read more

How to Easily Reformat MICROSOFT WINDOWS 10 To Factory Default with Safety Hard Reset?

hard reset windows 10 computer / laptop

Tips and tricks to reformat or restore to factory default computer or laptop which use MICROSOFT WINDOWS 10 (TEN). As we know that almost all new computer start from 2016 or 2017 above, all new computer or laptop / notebook already use latest version or Microsoft Windows operating system. It work to continue upgrade version … Read more

Fact About IPHONE Secret Codes For All Type & Any Version

hard reset - iphone secret code all version

iPhone become very popular with impressive design and smooth operating system. We can install many applications from Apps Store either free or purchase versions. But we need to know that sometime the installed applications can make some troubles to our Apple iPhone like hang or stuck or freezing or the touch screen is not responsive … Read more

BEST & SAFE Free Antivirus for Android Smartphone (Update 2022)

hardreset antivirus review : app contains malware

What is the best free antivirus for our Android devices? This is the most important question for anyone who do not understand about how to choose good antivirus. Actually there are many free Antivirus at Google Play Store, some of them are free. But we have to be careful before download antivirus, because sometime they … Read more

How to Easily Fix WHATSAPP Backup & Restore Problems With New Features ?

backup restore data whatsapp after hard reset format

Tips and tricks to solve some troubles of WHATSAPP applications. What is Whatsapp? This is the popular chat applications in the world. It have many interesting features and always developing with latest and new features to make more capabilities. At beginning, basic Whatsapp features are for Personal and Group Chat or multiple devices, and now they … Read more

Fix Not Enough Storage Space On SAMSUNG GALAXY M04

how to fix memory full issues at SAMSUNG GALAXY M04

Solutions and tips to fix SAMSUNG GALAXY M04 Internal Storage Full. This phone has 6.5 inches LCD size with Android 12 as factory default operating system. There are two kind of internal storage that we can buy with 64 GB or 128 GB. Some users get low storage issues after use this phone for several … Read more

How to Easily Master Format XIAOMI POCO X6 with Safety Hard Reset?

Tips and tricks to fix XIAOMI POCO X6 problems. This phone has good quality design with 6.67 inches LCD screen size using AMOLED type. It has high refresh rate 120Hz for smooth scrolling. The screen is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass Victus strong scratch resistance. When the first time release in the market, this 5G … Read more

How To Fix Slow OPPO A98 To Run Faster and More Responsive (Fix Lagging Performance)?

how to make OPPO A98 faster and fix lagging issues

Easy solutions to fix OPPO A98 running slowly troubles. When the first time release at the market, this phone has been installed with Android 13 and ColorOS 13.1. Some users get lagging problems after use it for several months. What should we do? Please read some information about how to make OPPO A98 run more faster. … Read more

How to Easily Master Format XIAOMI POCO M6 PRO (2024) with Safety Hard Reset?

hard reset XIAOMI POCO M6 PRO 2024

Tips and tricks to fix XIAOMI POCO M6 PRO problems that released at Jan 2024. It phone does not have 5G connections and work with Android 13 operating system. It has dual simcard slot for use with two different phone numbers. The screen use AMOLED 6.67 inches and protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 5. The … Read more