How To FIX Camera on XIAOMI REDMI K30S Problems ?

Solutions to fix XIAOMI REDMI K30S camera troubles. This is high-end smartphone that use Android 10 when the first time release at the market with smooth 6.67 inches 144Hz refresh rate Full HD resolution. We can use three rear cameras with different functions. First camera is 64 megapixel f/1.9 using Sony IMX682 Exmor RS sensor that work for standard wide. The second camera use 13 megapixel f/2.4 with Omnivision OV13B10 sensor for 123 ultra wide angle. The last camera use Samsung S5K5E9 sensor with 5 megapixel f/2.4 for macro.

The imaging and video performance are powered by Qualcomm SM8250 Snapdragon 865 5G CPU with Qualcomm Spectra™ 480 images signal processing for professional quality photos videos at gigabit speed and AI deep learning CV-ISP computer vision. Therefore we get fast autofocus and accurate white balance and color performance.

With Sony IMX682 Exmor RS camera sensor at 64 megapixel rear camera, we can take high quality video up to 8K at 30fps. If we are already fit with 4K then we can adjust the fps up to 60fps. This camera already has gyro-EIS (electronic images stabilization) to reduce handshake blur when record some movie.

However, some users get issues with XIAOMI REDMI K30S camera. We will give simple solutions to fix XIAOMI REDMI K30S camera problems.

Why XIAOMI REDMI K30S Camera Slow Responsive Or Lagging?

When we want to take photos and videos, we have to use camera application. XIAOMI REDMI K30S has been preinstalled with Xiaomi MIUI camera. This camera application have several features and filter that can enhanced photo and video result. However, some slowly camera problems usually because RAM problems. This phone has big RAM at 8 GB RAM size. Please make sure we are not open too many applications. Because when some other applications running in the background or foreground, then our RAM will become low or not enough.

What will happen when XIAOMI REDMI K30S RAM is insufficient? To avoid this phone become hang, XIAOMI REDMI K30S will try to find old not use applications for force close to give more free RAM capacity. This process will make some delay or lag time. Therefore when we want to make serious photo or video performance, then please close all not use applications or do soft reset or reboot before running XIAOMI REDMI K30S camera applications.

How To Fix XIAOMI REDMI K30S Camera Issues?

Camera is one important features when we use our smartphone. There are some possibilities that can make our XIAOMI REDMI K30S camera get some problems or can not work properly. These are some steps to fix camera issues at this phone:

#Option 1, Reset XIAOMI REDMI K30S to Factory Default using Camera Setting Menu :

  • Turn on XIAOMI REDMI K30S
  • Please make sure our Camera application still can work / running when Camera Icon pressed
  • Press Camera Icon to activate Camera applications
  • Go to menu Setting inside this Camera applications, usually the menu icon shaped like 3 lines box at camera applications, then choose Setting
  • At Camera Setting default menu, please scroll and find Restore default Settings
  • Please choose OK when XIAOMI REDMI K30S ask confirmation to Reset all camera setting to factory default

solution to fix camera issues on xiaomi redmi k30s

#Option 2, Reset XIAOMI REDMI K30S camera to Factory Default using Setting Menu :

Actually this steps similar with #Option 1 above, but the different only at starting process. Please use this steps when the Camera applications is not running when we press Camera Icon

  • Turn on XIAOMI REDMI K30S
  • Go To Setting Menu
  • Choose System Apps
  • Choose Camera
  • At Camera detail menu, please scroll and find Restore default settings
  • When it ask for confirmation, please choose Ok.Then XIAOMI REDMI K30S will be restore back to factory default setting

#Option 3, Install Alternative Camera Applications for XIAOMI REDMI K30S :

After trying #option 1 and #option 2, but XIAOMI REDMI K30S camera still not working, then we can try to install 3th party alternative camera from Google Play Store, at this moment we recommended to install Open Camera, search from Google Play Store. This application is free and have several features to work with XIAOMI REDMI K30S.

#Option 4, Do Hard Reset to Factory Default when All Steps to Fix XIAOMI REDMI K30S are not working :

The last options that we can try when XIAOMI REDMI K30S camera is not work properly by doing hard reset. Please follow steps to hard reset XIAOMI REDMI K30S at this specific article

How to Fix XIAOMI REDMI K30S Camera Auto Focus Problems Or Blurry?

Some users get issues with XIAOMI REDMI K30S can not focus properly. Some troubles always happen but some other users sometime focus some time not focus. There are several possibilities that can make it hard to focus:

  1. Try to clean up XIAOMI REDMI K30S camera lens. Why this is important? Because if there is a small dust stay in front of camera lens, then the camera will automatically focus to that dust or dirty object. Therefore we have to make sure wipe our camera lens with soft cloth.
  2. Check whether our XIAOMI REDMI K30S camera glass lens have some scratch or not. The scratch also will make camera focus become confuse. If we have this problems, then try to replace camera glass lens with original one at Xiaomi authorized service center.
  3. Some software / firmware version also will make XIAOMI REDMI K30S camera auto focus can not work properly. Please try to backup with latest firmware or Android version upgrade.

Why XIAOMI REDMI K30S Camera Error After Android Firmware Upgrade ?

At some situations, major firmware upgrade can make our XIAOMI REDMI K30S camera applications get some troubles. Please try to reset camera applications setting to factory default. If the problems still happen, then try to backup all important data and do hard reset for reformat XIAOMI REDMI K30S to factory default.

Other FAQ of XIAOMI REDMI K30S camera :

  • Is XIAOMI REDMI K30S front camera have LED light flash ? No, the selfie camera does not have dedicated flash, but we can use screen light to help taking better photos at very dark conditions.
  • Can we take pictures under water using XIAOMI REDMI K30S ? No, this phone is not water resistance, therefore we can not take pictures or videos in the water.
  • Why XIAOMI REDMI K30S camera and photos blurry?It can be happen because of software or hardware. Please follow above steps to reset camera application and check whether our phone lens get troubles.
  • Why XIAOMI REDMI K30S camera show black screen or blank show nothing on the display?If the camera applications stuck or get troubles, the display will show black screen. We need to follow steps at #option 1 or # 2 above to reset the camera software.
  • How To Fix XIAOMI REDMI K30S camera slow or lagging? Usually happen because too many applications run together or our RAM resources are insufficient, therefore this phone will force close other apps before running camera application.

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