How to Easily Master Format HUAWEI ASCEND G610 / G610s with Safety Hard Reset?

Troubleshoot for fix and problem at HUAWEI ASCEND G610 / G610s tips and tricks. This is the phone with 5 inches LCD screen which have quad core processor at 1.2Ghz clock speed. The HUAWEI ASCEND G610 / G610s camera result is good enough to take picture at any situations, because it have internal light flash at 5 megapixel resolutions. The HUAWEI ASCEND G610 / G610s have dual slot sim card for GSM card on together.

Main Advantage of HUAWEI ASCEND G610 / G610s Specifications:

LCD 5 inches
Processor Quad-core 1.2 GHz
Main Camera 5 MP, 2592 х 1944 pixels, autofocus
Front Camera for Video Conference
Operating system Android OS, v4.2 (Jelly Bean)
Internal Memory 4 GB
External microSD slot up to 32GB
Battery Li-Ion 2150 mAh

How to Fix or Problem Solving for Recovery HUAWEI ASCEND G610 / G610s hang or not responding or malfunctions or stuck or freezing or bricked ?

What is most important think to use the Android? RAM and Internal memory is one of most important think to know while we are want to use Android smartphone. With bigger Internal memory, we can install many application from Google Play Store. With bigger RAM we can run multitasking applications together. But we have to know that some applications at Google Play Store maybe not always compatible with our phone, therefore it will make the HUAWEI ASCEND G610 / G610s become problem like hang or stuck or bricks or broken or frozen or LCD touch screen not responding. What should we do? First we have to force soft reset or reboot the HUAWEI ASCEND G610 / G610s to delete any temporary files or caches which can make the phone become trouble. If the problem still happen then we have to do hard reset or master format. Please remember, doing hard reset or master format will remove or wipe any important data from HUAWEI ASCEND G610 / G610s, therefore we should do backup data before performing hard reset.

How to Force Soft Reset or Force Reboot or Force Restart HUAWEI ASCEND G610 / G610s ?

Forcing soft reset or force reboot is necessary to do when our HUAWEI ASCEND G610 / G610s get trouble or stuck in the middle of running applications. The easy step to soft reset or reboot or restart is by open the back case and unplug the battery. Wait about 5 seconds then put again the battery in the right positions. Continue with pressing Power Button to finish the soft reset process. In normal situations when the phone still can response to our finger touch, then we can soft reset or reboot HUAWEI ASCEND G610 / G610s by press POWER BUTTON for several second until popup menu appear, and choose REBOOT / RESTART. Do not worry to do this steps, because soft reset or restart will not remove any important files or applications from our HUAWEI ASCEND G610 / G610s, this steps only remove temporary files.

#Option 1, Hard Reset HUAWEI ASCEND G610 / G610s with Software Menu :

  1. Make sure the battery is charge properly
  2. Turn on HUAWEI ASCEND G610 / G610s smartphone
  3. Don’t forget to backup all important data
  4. Go to menu:Setting > Backup & reset > Factory Data Reset> Reset Phone
  5. ChooseErase everythingto continue and confirm you ready to do the format HUAWEI ASCEND G610 / G610s
  6. The HUAWEI ASCEND G610 / G610s will continue the step until ready to use in clean factory default.

hard reset Huawei Ascend G610s

#Option 2, Hard Reset HUAWEI ASCEND G610 / G610s with Hardware Key Button :

  1. Please make sure the battery is not empty
  2. Turn of HUAWEI ASCEND G610 / G610s
  3. Press and Hold together:Power Button + Volume Up Buttonfor several seconds
  4. Follow the menu at LCD screen to continue the hard reset HUAWEI ASCEND G610 / G610s, useVolume DownorVolume Upbutton to moving, and pressPower Buttonto Ok or Enter or Confirm

#Option 3, Hard Reset HUAWEI ASCEND G610 / G610s with MicroSD card Firmware Update :

  1. Make sure the battery if fully charge
  2. Turn off the HUAWEI ASCEND G610 / G610s
  3. Remove the MicroSD and connect to computer or PC
  4. Download firmware from computer browser
  5. Choose the HUAWEI ASCEND G610 / G610s support and download the same version of firmware or update firmware
  6. Extract the downloaded folder, and copy all folder (include folder) into main root location of MicroSD
  7. Insert again the MicroSD to HUAWEI ASCEND G610 / G610s
  8. Turn on Phone together with press and hold Power + Volume Up + Volume Down button until the Android logo appear
  9. Wait the process of update or reinstall the firmware will be less then 10 minutes.

How to Restore and Reinstall Clean Android Operating system / firmware at HUAWEI ASCEND G610 / G610s?

The HUAWEI ASCEND G610 / G610s use Android Jelly Bean as factory default operating system. The clean factory default file source of Android operating system already save safely inside HUAWEI ASCEND G610 / G610s ROM. Therefore we do not need to connect any gadget or copy anything when we want to reinstall or restore the operating system. Just follow the hard reset steps above, then the operating system will be reinstall or restore automatically. Please remember, the #Option number 3 above still need to download source files from Huawei website, but this steps only need to do when we can not access anything from our HUAWEI ASCEND G610 / G610s, also this option need to update upgrade HUAWEI ASCEND G610 / G610s with the latest official operating system.

How to Unlock or Fix or Bypass or Solutions for HUAWEI ASCEND G610 / G610s forgot password code or security lock screen pattern or pin (lost password)?There are several choice to give more security protections at our HUAWEI ASCEND G610 / G610s. We are recommended to use screen lock pattern protections, but some user also like to use password pin protection. What should we do when we forget the answer of security protections? Do not worry because Google already have steps to bypass or unlock forgotten security screen lock pattern or password pin protections by using Google account or Gmail username and password that we have already signed-in before. Try to give several time wrong answer continuously until the phone freeze or locked for several seconds, at this time we will find Forgot Password / Pattern button, press this button to give our Gmail account username and password to unlock it. Please do not forgot to make sure we are connect to Internet while unlock using Gmail account. If we can not access Google account then we have to do hard reset with steps above.

How to Improve Performance HUAWEI ASCEND G610 / G610s to make run more faster?

The HUAWEI ASCEND G610 / G610s can use good enough to run many applications like office work, games, entertainment and many more. The specification of HUAWEI ASCEND G610 / G610s is good to do that. But some users maybe have problem with slowly response after use several moment. Usually this problem happen because there are too many applications run in the background. Some applications from Google Play Store will keep run in the background of our HUAWEI ASCEND G610 / G610s after install because they wait for update or command to run. If many application run in the background, then the memory will be run out and also use the processor performance then it will make the HUAWEI ASCEND G610 / G610s start to run more slowly. Please remove some not use applications from this phone. If we want to make HUAWEI ASCEND G610 / G610s performance run faster like new then we have to do hard reset or master format.

Is That Any Secret Code for Doing Format HUAWEI ASCEND G610 / G610s?

There is no secret hidden code for HUAWEI ASCEND G610 / G610s to make it back to factory default. Do the options above to hard reset it.

How to Upgrade or Update HUAWEI ASCEND G610 / G610s to Android Kitkat or Android L or Newer version ?

Until we make this information, the Huawei still not release the official Android Kitkat or other newer Android version like Android L or more. Maybe some other community website have their own 3th party custom ROM for Android Kitkat porting for HUAWEI ASCEND G610 / G610s, but please do it carefully, because that steps only recommended for some expert user. Some wrong steps of do ROOT or Install Custom ROM will make our HUAWEI ASCEND G610 / G610s become bricks or stuck or broken that can not use anymore. Please consider to still use official ROM from Huawei for safety usage.

HUAWEI ASCEND G610 / G610s also can not get newer Android version like Android Nougat, or Android Oreo or Android Pie, because HUAWEI ASCEND G610 / G610s operating system development has been discontinue. However, using latest operating system still can make this phone work normally for some standard factory default applications or downloaded from Google Play Store.

61 thoughts on “How to Easily Master Format HUAWEI ASCEND G610 / G610s with Safety Hard Reset?”

  1. Hi bro, please help me. I just bought an Huawei g610s U00 from China. My problem start when i try to reset it from factory data reset and now it just frozen in ANDROID. Nothing happen. Help me bro please

    • Hi, there are some possibility about why your Huawei Ascend G610s become trouble or can not restart. If you can not fix with hardware button, then we suggest you to download Huawei Ascend G610s firmware compressed source from Huawei official website, and extract that files to computer. You will find dload folder. Copy that folder include all files inside to your external microSD card using card reader, after that put the microSD to your Huawei and reboot like usual. Your Huawei Ascend G610s will be reinstall the firmware from microSD card automatically.

  2. hi, I tried to Install a custom ROM on my huawei ascend g610 with mobile uncle tool,and I installed wrong recovery!
    Now my phone is in “Boot Loop” and I can’t do any thing about it because boot loader is locked and “volume up+down+power” method is not working, I can just go to Fast boot mode with pressing volume down and up, I tried to flash another recovery or install firmware with “dload” method, both are not functioning!
    Do you have an idea? Help me out!

    • Hi, unfortunately we can not give good advice for non standard custom rom at your Huawei Ascend G610, because there are some possibilities can happen with that problems. However, you can try to download official firmware file source from Huawei Device website, and extract that downloaded files (include folders) into external memory, and try to reboot your phone. Usually at normal standard rom, this phone will update or reinstall the operating system using files at that external memory.

  3. hello m using huawei g610 and i am facing the problem when i download the themes when i touch the download its shows a statement that downloading or browsing online themes will generate a data traffic.. what does it mean???
    its problems on themes

    • Hi, in some situations, Android applications will make sure we are aware that downloading data from Internet will use GSM data or cost money, therefore some of them will give notification about what will happen or you credit at GSM simcard will use. If you already use Internet data package with your Network provider then you can ignore this information and continue to download with Internet.

    • Hi, you can try to hard reset using hardware button combination key or try to reformat using firmware update files which download fist from Huawei official website. The please follow steps to hard reset at #Option 3 above.

    • Hi, first you need to test whether your power charger can charge normally or not, please try to use different Android charger with minimum 1 Ah current output. If after using that new charger your trouble still happen, then we suggest to backup all important data at your Huawei Ascend G650 can be at external memory using file manager or connect your phone to computer for backup all important data. After your finish do all backup, then please do hard reset or master format Huawei Ascend G610 for reformat operating system to factory default.

  4. Hello sir,
    G use huawei ascend g610,my problem when i reset my phone my data and wifi connection is automatically on,i try to stop it but it is not,i reset my phone 4 or more times but this problem is not solved,how can i stop it?

    • Hi, by default as far as APN setting already setup in the factory mode, then your Huawei Ascend G610 will be automatically use Internet to access data after finish hard reset, although you have disabled Internet data connection before hard reset, but that setting will be back again as you do factory reset. If you do not want GSM data automatically work after hard reset, then please remove GSM simcard first before doing hard reset. But for Wifi, you Huawei Ascend G610 will not automatically connect before you give right security password of the access point.

  5. Yesterday i connected my G610-u20 with someone public wifi. suddenly mobile phone started rebooting automatically. I tried manytimes for doing factory reset by combination keys it says factory setting done but when its rebooted all previous things remains.

    If i manually uninstall any APP or if i delete any pics it do not delete permanently and when phone reboot all APPs and pictures and any deleted files are there.

    Now i don’t know what happend its not restarting and screen remains black. I have some personal data in phone so i wish not to give it in LAB for several days or hours…

    Please advise. Now its not switching ON i am downloading software from huawei website but i don’t know how to install it in cell phone because now it seems like dead.

    please advise asap

    • Hi, you may try to continue steps for re-flashing Huawei Ascend G610 using software download. After you finish download, please extract that compressed files to your computer, after that you will find dload folder, please copy all dload folder to your microSD using external memory card. After finish copying, then put your microSD to Huawei Ascend G610 external card slot, after that boot your phone, it will reformat or reflashing the operating system to your Huawei Ascend G610.

    • Hi, you can try to re-flash the firmware of Huawei G610 using software download and use microSD to flash at your phone. Please follow steps at #option 3 carefully. If still can not work, then you have bring your phone to Huawei authorize service center for further check.

  6. Can anyone help me my Huawei g610-u00 is auto connecting in wifi and data whenever i turn on it. I want to conserve battery but this thing is troublesome

    • Hi, First you have to find whether some auto connect applications has been installed or not. If you can find that, then please uninstall that apps. However, if the problems still happen, then please do hard reset to reinstall Huawei Ascend G610 operating system to factory default, it will solve wifi autoconnect with default setting as well.

  7. Hi, need your help, i tried 2 ways to reset my G610 Huawei, but its still remains same. Its getting restart after every 3 to 4 minutes by itself or whenever i opens any file, I am deleting and uninstalling files but after restart , everything remains same. Wants to format everything and install new software. Please #Community, needs your suggestion and guidance. Thanks.

    • Hi, if you have done doing hard reset Huawei G610 with menu Setting at #option 1 with full wipe and remove all data, then usually your Huawei Ascend G610 operating system has been reinstall with factory default operating system and also with all factory default applications. Please try to not login with any Google account after finish hard reset or master format, or you can try to sign-up or create with new Google account just to test your phone. Because if you login with same old Gmail account, sometime cloud backup can be restore automatically and make you phone back to trouble again after restored back automatically.

  8. My phone get open and close by itself , i tried to do hard reset but battery is empty
    Now it dosen’t respond to hard reset niether charging

    • Hi, first you can try to use different power charger adapter which have minimum 1 A current output to make sure your Huawei Ascend G610 battery is not get trouble. Charge it for about 1 hours. Then try to see whether your phone can turn on or not. If your phone still can not turn on and charging then you have to do bring your phone to Huawei authorize service center. If your phone can turn on, but can not boot properly then you can try to follow steps at #option 3 above to reformat / re-flash your Huawei Ascend G610 firmware with downloaded dload files using microSD simcard.

    • Hi, it seems that your Huawei G610 need to reinstall the operating system. Please follow steps at #option 3 above carefully, you have to prepare memory card micorSD.

  9. Hello,

    I can’t play games on my huawei g610. I was able to play originally but after a year, I now can’t play and some of the .android apps are now closing on its own sometimes and i can’t use my phone normally. I did factory reset but it didn’t work. What should i do next, please?


    • Hi, usually after finish hard reset, your Huawei G610 operating system will reformat to factory default. If still can not work, try to hard reset again one more time and after finish reinstall the os, then please do not login with any Google account, because sometime it will restore old / previous installed applications that may make trouble at your Huawei Ascend G610.

  10. Hello sir,
    I have aproblem with my phone G610 some apps install on phone automatically and causes several of problem this apps
    I can not uninstall such as wifi master

    • Hi, usually that kind of apps will make trouble because some of them may contain viruses or malware that can make Huawei Ascend G610 become hang or stuck or freezing or download several applications by itself. What should you do? We suggest to backup all important data, and do hard reset to reformat or reinstall clean factory default applications, this steps will clean up all mesh from your Huawei Ascend G610.

  11. i have huwaei G610 U20 it is download any apps without permission and i reset it using volum and power button it show setup wizer stooped how i can fixed it plz help me

    • Hi, usually this conditions happen because Huawei G610 has been infected by viruses or malware. You have to do hard reset or master format to reinstall default operating system and factory default applications. But do not forget to backup all important data first before performing hard reset.

  12. Hi,

    I tried the point #2 and #3. In the third option, I can´t enter into download mode, and when i push VOL+ VOL- POWER it shows the System Recovery.

    There i go to wipe data/factory reset –> apply update from SD –>dload folder = EMPTY: no UPDATE.APP file. —> reboot now (first start)–> it appears on screen “[do_cust] do_cust enter” –> reboot now (again, twice) –> loop with: vibration, logo, off.

    do you have some suggestion for me?


    • Hi, when you do #option 3, then you have to download firmware from Huawei mobile website at and download firmware for Huawei Ascend g610. After downloaded at your computer, then you have to extract compressed file to microSD together with the folder (dload folder). Then try to do again steps at #option 3 above.

  13. My huawei g610 is not woking even it cant get on when i tryed to on it huawei blink and after blink its strt vibrating…plz help me what can i do for my fone

    • Hi, please try to follow steps at #option 3 above to do hard reset your HUAWEI ASCEND G610 using microSD. You have to download correct firmware file first from Huawei official website and follow that steps carefully.

  14. Hi guys, today i had this problem on my HUAWEI G6 (User’s data partition has crashed,please choose an action:-factory data reset -restart) i tried them all but this problem still appear. I tried also with the hard reset but nothing, please can anyone help me?

    • Hi, we have to make sure that everything still fine with your storage hardware. If you no success with factory data reset, then you have to try reformat your Huawei Ascend G610 using microSD firmware upgrade. Please try to follow steps at #option 3 above.

    • Hi, if you can not take selfie photography at your Huawei Ascend G610 then try to install any other 3th party camera applications free from Google Play Store, then try to take pictures with that apps. Otherwise you should do hard reset using menu setting because your Huawei Ascend G610 still can boot normally.

    • Hi, please try to do hard reset using MicroSD external memory steps at #option 3 above. You need to download correct operating system and restore downloaded files to external memory. After that please follow #option 3 steps carefully.

    • Hi, your flashing moment interrupted because of any problems, then it can make some trouble at your Huawei Ascend G610. Please follow steps to hard reset using MicroSD memory card, maybe it can help to re-flash your bootloop problems.

    • Hi, usually hang can be happen because some application get crash. Please try to find suspected application and uninstall that apps. If you still can not find that apps, then please try to do hard reset to reformat your Huawei Ascend G610. As far as your phone can boot again, then please do not forget to backup all important data before doing hard reset.

    • Hi, if you can not successfully reboot your phone, then please try to follow steps at #Option 3 above. It will help you to reinstall Huawei Ascend G610 operating system/firmware using MicroSD simcard.

  15. hi
    My huawei g610 has been encripted it doesnt work anymore
    EVen when i reset still wrighting encription unnsuccesfull
    What can i do with this.

    • Hi, usually this problem can be solve with reformat using hardware button combination key or using microsd flash firmware like steps above.

  16. Hello good time, my phone huawei g610. Unreasonable off, when I lit a Bazshdkh in that it was written details (anceryption was interrupted and cant be completed
    as a result, the data on your phone is no longer accessible
    to resume using your phone, you need to perform a factory reset.
    wen you set up your phone after the reset, youll have an opportunity to restore any data that was backed up to your google account.) What’s the solution?

    • Hi, it seems that your phone has encrypted. At this time you only have steps to reformat using hardware button combination key like steps at #option 2 or using microSD firmware flash like steps at #option 3. After your Huawei Ascend G610 can work again, it will start like new, and you need to setup from beginning. All your installed apps and saved files inside your phone will be wipe.

    • Hi, you have to use Google account to make sure all services can run correctly at your Huawei Ascend G610. You can try to create new email from Google server.

  17. Huawei Ascend G610 hard reset not working. It vibrates continuously when power on button pressed OR when try to hard reset.
    What to do please?

    • Hi, you can try to do hard reset using firmware restore like steps at #Option 3 above. It will reformat your Huawei Accend G610 to factory default.


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