How to Easily Master Format LG G2 (D802 / D802TA / D803 / VS980) with Safety Hard Reset?

Tips and tricks for LG G2 or LG OPTIMUS G2 (D802 / D802TA / D803 / VS980) problem solutions. When we know that LG already release the Nexus family phone from Google, they also produce their own flagship smartphone LG G2 (D802 / D802TA / D803 / VS980). The smartphone with 5.2 inches LCD screen which have True HD IPS. Why LG G2 (D802 / D802TA / D803 / VS980) call True HD IPS, because this smartphone have LCD resolution at 1080 x 1920 pixel, so it will be smooth running full HD movie or display at 1080p Full HD without problem. Other interesting specifications from LG G2 (D802 / D802TA / D803 / VS980) is the 13 megapixel camera with big camera sensor give more better picture than other smartphone camera which have less size camera sensor.

Main Advantage of LG OPTIMUS G2 (D802 / D802TA / D803 / VS980) Specifications:

LCD 5.2 inch True Full HD IPS
Processor Quad-core 2.26 GHz Krait 400
GPU Adreno 330
Main 13 MP, 4208 x 3120 pixels, autofocus, LED flash
Front Camera 2.1 MP
Dolby mobile sound system
Operating system Android OS, v4.2.2 (Jelly Bean)
Internal Memory 16 GB 0r 32GB
Battery Li-Ion 3000 mAh

How to Fix or Problem Solving for Recovery LG OPTIMUS G2 (D802 / D802TA / D803 / VS980) hang or not responding or malfunctions or stuck or freezing or bricked ?

We do not need to worry about resource lag at LG OPTIMUS G2 (D802 / D802TA / D803 / VS980), because it have good specifications with high speed quad-core processor at equip with 2GB RAM will run any applications without problem. But as we know some applications is not created good for some smartphone type, if we installed this applications, it will make the phone become problem like hang or stuck or bricks or frozen or LCD touch screen not responding. We need to do soft reset LG OPTIMUS G2 (D802 / D802TA / D803 / VS980) for removing temporary files or cache. If the problem if not solved with soft reset, we need to do hard reset or master format.

How to Soft Reset or Reboot or Restart LG OPTIMUS G2 (D802 / D802TA / D803 / VS980) ?

Because the battery of LG OPTIMUS G2 (D802 / D802TA / D803 / VS980) is non removable, then we can not unplug or remove the battery to do soft reset solutions. If the phone frozen or not responding, you can try to press POWER BUTTON for several seconds until it will restart or soft reset by itself. If the phone still ON and we need to soft reset or restart LG OPTIMUS G2 (D802 / D802TA / D803 / VS980), press the POWER BUTTON KEY for several seconds, we will see the menu to restart or turn off. Choose restart/reboot than the LG OPTIMUS G2 (D802 / D802TA / D803 / VS980) will do the soft reset or restart.

#Option 1,Hard Reset LG OPTIMUS G2 (D802 / D802TA / D803 / VS980) with software menu

  1. Turn on the LG OPTIMUS G2 (D802 / D802TA / D803 / VS980)
  2. Make sure the battery is not empty
  3. Backup important data at LG OPTIMUS G2 (D802 / D802TA / D803 / VS980) because all data and applications will be erase or delete
  4. Go to Menu : Setting > Backup and Reset > Factory Data Reset
  5. Choose :Reset Device > Delete all
  6. The LG OPTIMUS G2 (D802 / D802TA / D803 / VS980) will do the master reset process.

#Option 2,Hard Reset LG OPTIMUS G2 (D802 / D802TA / D803 / VS980) Factory Default using Hardware Secret Button Key

In some conditions, we can not do anything at LG OPTIMUS G2 (D802 / D802TA / D803 / VS980) touch screen or fronzen in some state. So we can not access reset menu like Option #1, do not worry, because we can do hard reset LG OPTIMUS G2 (D802 / D802TA / D803 / VS980) with hardware key button :

  1. Turn off the LG OPTIMUS G2 (D802 / D802TA / D803 / VS980)
  2. Make sure the battery LG OPTIMUS G2 (D802 / D802TA / D803 / VS980) already full or more than 50%
  3. Press together and hold thePower Button + Volume Down Button
  4. If the Logo appear, then release the button Power Button, and continue directly with pressing Power Button key again.
  5. When we see FACTORY HARD RESET appear at LCD, then release the Power Button.
  6. Press Power Button Key to Continue Factory Reset or Other Button to Cancel.
  7. If ask, please press Power Button Key again to confirm
  8. The LG OPTIMUS G2 (D802 / D802TA / D803 / VS980) will continue master reset, wait for several minutes until the the phone start like new again.
Please note, some type of LG G2 maybe have to change step number 3 above with: Press together and hold Power Button + Volume Up Button, and continue with number 4 until 8 with the same steps.

How to Restore and Reinstall Clean Android Operating system / firmware at LG OPTIMUS G2 (D802 / D802TA / D803 / VS980) ?

After using for several time, maybe our applications have corrupt or get some problem which make the LG OPTIMUS G2 (D802 / D802TA / D803 / VS980) should be reinstall for the operating system. If the problem happen, we can do reinstall or restore the operating system easily at LG OPTIMUS G2 (D802 / D802TA / D803 / VS980) because the source of Android operating system or firmware already saved inside this phone ROM. Just follow the step to hard reset above, then the LG OPTIMUS G2 (D802 / D802TA / D803 / VS980) will be reinstall automatically. Please backup any important data, because doing reinstall will delete the important applications.

How to Unlock or Fix or Bypass or Solutions for LG OPTIMUS G2 (D802 / D802TA / D803 / VS980) forgot password code or security lock screen pattern or pin (lost password)?

Thank you for Android which already have the security password protection at several options. We strongly recommended using screen lock pattern or maybe if you do not like swipe the lcd, you can choose old style password pin protection. The problem happen when we forget the answer of that security password or screen lock pattern protections. Do not worry, because Android also already prepare the bypass option when we forgot the answer. Find the Forget Password / Pattern button, usually at some conditions the button is hiding. To make the button appear, do several time wrong password answer continuously, then the button will be appear. Press that button to bring answer Google account username and password. If we can not answer or access the Google account, then we have to do hard reset or master format.

How to Improve Performance LG OPTIMUS G2 (D802 / D802TA / D803 / VS980) to make run more faster?

Yes we are agree that the LG OPTIMUS G2 (D802 / D802TA / D803 / VS980) specifications are so good and fast at this time. That is why the smartphone will be run faster. But some user maybe have different experience that the phone become slowly then before. Usually this problem happen because there are several applications which run not normally or take a lot of resource while running in the background. This is common happen because there are many applications either good or not good process to update or doing the job. Please try to reduce or uninstall not use applications. If we need to make LG OPTIMUS G2 (D802 / D802TA / D803 / VS980) performance back to faster again, then we have to do hard reset or master format.

Is that any other secret code of hard reset LG OPTIMUS G2 (D802 / D802TA / D803 / VS980)?

At this moment, there is no other secret code or secret key to do the factory reset of LG OPTIMUS G2 (D802 / D802TA / D803 / VS980). Just try to do the hard reset above.

How to Update or Upgrade LG OPTIMUS G2 (D802 / D802TA / D803 / VS980) to Android Kitkat Operating System or Firmware ?

LG already release the official update for LG OPTIMUS G2 (D802 / D802TA / D803 / VS980) to get upgrade to Android Kitkat version 4.4. The Kitkat update can be download OTA (over the air). Please go to Menu Setting > tab General > About Phone > Update Center > System Update > Check now. The update release by country, therefore, maybe some location still need to wait more and try to check it again several period if our country still not available with Android Kitkat for LG Optimus G2.

26 thoughts on “How to Easily Master Format LG G2 (D802 / D802TA / D803 / VS980) with Safety Hard Reset?”

  1. Last night while playing asphalt 8 phone stuck and started to make strange noises. Turned it off and when I tried to start it turned out that I can not. I left it to cool when he started his own. Then he began to constantly crashes and shuts down. Especially when playing a heavy game. I naprazhih hard REST but the problems continued. Does you know a solution to this

    • Hi, we are not sure about the problem, but format it back to factory default will make us know what is the problem. If the problem come from the hardware, then the LG G2 will still get problem although we finish hard reset. In this situation, you need to bring the LG G2 back to nearest LG official service center.

  2. Hello.. I’ve tried to do the hard reset but I cant enter the hard reset factory mode. Already tried to press all the button as in instruction but also failed. Do you know how to fix this?

    • Hi, there are some type of LG G2 depend on country and operator. Therefore maybe some steps have little bit different. Please try again #Option 2 with different volume button key like what we wrote above.

  3. My LG G2 frequently restarts automatically. It also hangs 8-10 times a day. Whenever I do hard reset the frequency of hanging or restarts decline to 4-5 times a day. It sems hard reset is not working. What should I do? How can I install a fresh android OS? N.B. There’s no LG store near me.

    • Hi, basically if you have done hard reset, the fresh factory default Android operating system already reinstall into your LG G2. Sadly if you do not have LG service center then you have to go nearest city who have LG service center to consult about your trouble, because this problems may comes from hardware.

  4. my lg g2 D802 has a problem with right part of the screen.apps like viber n facebook messenger and even messaging,i cannot press ‘send’,button’p’ and button ‘o’.i donot understand what is the problem in my lg g2.can u help me out solving my problem.

    • Hi, please try to do hard reset to reformat your your LG G2 operating system to factory default, usually this problems comes from software. Like LCD not responsive trouble.

  5. Does it require 50% battery I updated my phone from 4.4.2 to 5.0.2 And it starting acting funny mean screen was working all good before update now some portion of screen does not works if touched another part part of screen responds. Can Hard Reset be enter in less than 50% charge ? Answer Would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hi, actually if your battery still work fine then 50% battery capacity left still fine to do hard reset or upgrade. However, if you are not sure how good your battery life, then you can try doing upgrade while power charger connected. About your LG G2 LCD problems which get some trouble after upgrade, then we suggest to do hard reset because some old applications may not work normally with new firmware versions.

  6. i have LG G2 (D 802). the problem is that when i move out from the city. and the mobile leave the signals. the mobile does not catch signal again until I reset the factory data. can anybody guide to resolve the problem.
    on my email address

    • Hi, we are not sure about the provider matter, but mostly this phone will not get any trouble when change to other network in other city or country. Maybe you have some installed applications that make this trouble happen because it is solve after you done hard reset.

  7. I got my LG D802 G2 for a gift.
    I have tried every hard reset but my phone does not give me the reset option can somebody please help me

    • Hi, if your LG G2 still can boot normally, the recommended steps to do hard reset is using menu setting at #option 1 above. If your phone can not boot, then please charge your LG G2 until battery full, then do hard reset using hardware button combination key. If still not work, maybe your LG G2 get hardware trouble, and need to check at LG authorize service center.

  8. my lg g2 always hang , done hard reset still hang, this phone was sent to me by my brother from Dubai , im here in Manila, can I Take this phone to the nearest service center?

    • Hi, please try to hard reset one more time, and after finish hard reset please don’t login to any account, but you can try to create new Google account just to make sure no cloud backup restored. If still not work, then maybe some hardware trouble happen and need to get repair at LG authorize service center. We are not sure about International warranty of LG at Manila. You have to make sure by visiting them.

  9. can i use this above instructions for LG D801?

    I need to change Android system with Firmware ROM on my LG D801. It is infected with many Viruses working busy and downloading something always on background and it warms hot.

    PLs help me.

    • Hi, if your LG G2 get some viruses or can not running properly or not normal, then you can try to do hard reset using menu setting or hardware button combination key. It will not flashing the firmware to other version, but your phone will reformat with latest Os version which already available inside your LG G2 ROM or internal memory.

  10. hi sir,

    mu LG G2 4g lte mobile always restarting since one year. recently from last one week, in mobile automatically app installation is going on, some time even data off also apps installation is going on. i given to 4 fours lg service centres in hyderabad, but every one is telling like they dont have software. please tell me the solution.

    • Hi, we are sorry to know that LG authorized service center can not solved your problems. Because usually they have more knowledge about how to solve the problems then others, except if your LG G2 main board is corrupted, then usually they will suggest to replace with new motherboard and of course the proper software or operating system as well.

    • Hi, you could try to do hard reset using hardware button combination key like steps at #option 2 above to reformat your LG G2 operating system to factory default.

  11. my lg g2 is going stuck on the lg screen… after hard reset my phone is stuck on the opning screen and not going farther. what should i do now. it stucks on the home screen for three days…

    • Hi, are sure sure that the hard reset procedure has been finished without any interruption? Because if the reformat procedure is not finish well, then your LG G2 will not work properly or can not boot at all. Please try to do hard reset one more time using hardware button combination key like steps at #option 2 above. If the problems still happen, then we suggest to consult with LG authorized service center.


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