Tips and solutions for fix problem at Nokia Asha 500 & Asha 501. The production code for Nokia Asha 500 known as RM-750. Internal memory and display are the main differences between Nokia Asha 500 which have 64MB with 2.8 inches LCD screen vs Nokia Asha 501 which have 128MB with 3 inches LCD screen. Both of this phone can add external memory  up to 32GB.


#Option 1 Hard Reset  Nokia Asha 501 & Asha 500 with Menu Setting :

  1. Turn On Nokia Asha 500 & Asha 501
  2. Make sure your Nokia Asha 500 & Asha 501 battery is not empty
  3. Go to Setting > Reset Phone > Ok
  4. Wait until Nokia Asha 500 & Asha 501 finish doing hard reset or master format


#Option 2, Hard Reset Nokia Asha 501 & Asha 500 with special code / master key / shortcut / secret key :


  1. Try to type: *#7370# and it will ask the security code of Nokia Asha 500 & Asha 501, press 12345
  2. You also can try type:  *#7380#



How to Soft Reset Nokia Asha 500 & Asha 501 with special key code :

We also have alternative steps to help your Nokia Asha 500 & Asha 501 while some problems happen. This steps known as soft reset. This steps more safety to do because it will not removing any important data and installed applications. How soft reset Nokia Asha 500 & Asha 501 work: It will recopy or restore the default copy of .ini to Nokia Asha 500 & Asha 501.

  1. Turn ON Nokia Asha 500 & Asha 501
  2. Type in the phone : *#7780#


How to Flashing or Unlock my Nokia Asha 500 & Asha 501?

Flashing is the same meaning with doing hard reset or reinstall the factory default operating system at our Nokia Asha 500 & Asha 501. Please follow some hard reset steps above, then the operating system or firmware will be reinstall automatically. But please remember doing reinstall or format or flashing operating system will make all important data and installed applications removed from Nokia Asha 500 & Asha 501. Therefore we always suggest to backup all important data before performing hard reset.



Latest Discussions & Share Information:

[Q] Forgotten Nokia 501 phone lock recovery which I have no idea on where to start or which way to follow, hope you will help me please?
[A] Hi, please try to use default security code 12345. If that code can not work, then please try to consult with Nokia authorized service center for unlock using their software.

[Q] how to unlock password Nokia asha 501 (Dual Sim) Model number RM-934
[A] Hi, please use default security code 12345. If you or someone else has ever changed that code, then nothing you can do unless bring your Nokia Asha 501 to Nokia authorize service center.

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