Xiaomi Mi A2 comes with Android Oreo when the first time release in the market, but now we will give latest information about how to update XIAOMI MI A2 firmware to latest operating system.

How To Update XIAOMI MI A2 Operating System to Android Pie and Android 10.0 ?

This is advantages of XIAOMI MI A2 users because now we can get new firmware of stable official Android Pie 9 and next version is Android 10.0 only using Internet connection, because it use Over The Air (OTA).  These are the steps to update or install XIAOMI MI A2 :

  1. Turn On XIAOMI MI A2
  2. Make sure the battery of XIAOMI MI A2 already charged 100%
  3. Go to menu Setting > System
  4. Choose Advance > System update or directly Choose System Update
  5. Choose Check for update to find out the latest Android version for XIAOMI MI A2
  6. This phone will update if there is new version of Android Operating System

hard reset update xiaomi mi a2 android os

FAQ for Update XIAOMI MI A2 to Latest Stable Android Version :

  • Do I have to Reformat After Update XIAOMI MI A2 New Android Version? No, we can directly use our XIAOMI MI A2 after this phone finish doing upgrade the firmware or operating system.
  • If Our XIAOMI MI A2 phone is locked with security protections, How to Upgrade Android Operating System?  We have to unlock first or bypass forgotten security protections. Please follow this page to remove security protections from XIAOMI MI A2. After that we can continue this steps to upgrade the XIAOMI MI A2 new Android update.