How To Fix Overheating On REALME NARZO N65 Hot Body?

Solution for REALME NARZO N65 high temperature issues or getting hot. There are some users reported that their REALME NARZO N65 become overheat when use it for playing games or doing other activity. We will give more information about how to make REALME NARZO N65 cooler or how to avoid overheating.

Why REALME NARZO N65 Body Become Hot?

REALME NARZO N65 has great screen 6.67 inches and powered by Mediatek Dimensity 6300 processor. The CPU heat energy will release when some applications work. If there are more apps work together, then the processor will work harder and sometime become overheat.

Applications that constantly connect to internet can contribute to a rise in phone’s temperature. Additionally, setting the screen brightness to a high level can also cause the phone to heat up.

Some applications have multitasking capabilities, meaning they continue to run in the background even when not actively in use, unless we manually exit or close them. To mitigate this, it’s recommended to close recent apps and reduce the multitasking workload.

Beyond these factors, other elements can also contribute to the REALME NARZO N65 overheating. These include environmental factors like the weather, the use of non-standard power charger adapters, software bugs within applications, and issues with low signal strength.

how to fix overheat problems on REALME NARZO N65

Avoid Using REALME NARZO N65 Extensively While Charging

REALME NARZO N65 can overheat when used while charging, especially because it has 15W fast charging capability. It’s important to exercise caution, as overheating can potentially damage the phone or reduce battery lifespan.

How to Fix Overheat / Hot Temperature Issues On REALME NARZO N65?

This phone has 6.67 inches IPS LCD screen with 120Hz refresh rate. The processor use Mediatek Dimensity 6300 (6 nm) processor with Octa-core (2×2.2 GHz Cortex-A76 & 6xX.X GHz Cortex-A55).

After we know some causes that make our REALME NARZO N65 body become warmer or hotter, then we should do some procedures to make this phone work with normal temperature:

  1. Uninstall some not use Applications will help REALME NARZO N65 processor performance
  2. We have to always close all not use applications, because they will keep on in the background and still use processor and RAM resources
  3. Please do not use our phone while charging for safety reasons
  4. Do not use our phone at direct sunlight location for reduce temperature problems
  5. Make sure we are at good signal coverage location, otherwise our phone will keep searching the signal and our phone become hotter
  6. Very bright LCD screen brightness will create more temperature issues
  7. Keep our phone always update with the latest Android firmware version software upgrade
  8. Always use original charger and usb cable

How to Solve REALME NARZO N65 Device is Overheating Warning Message?

Realme has built in protection to prevent hardware damage due to overheating. When the temperature reaches a certain threshold, a warning message will appear indicating that our REALME NARZO N65 is overheating.

The phone will automatically close all applications until the temperature cools down. This warning is crucial, as it helps protect our device. If we get this message, simply wait for our REALME NARZO N65 to cool down before resuming use again.

Fix False Overheat Warning Issues on REALME NARZO N65

However, some users get this warning although REALME NARZO N65 body is not hot. Usually this problems happen because operating system bugs. Please try to update with latest version to fix false overheat warning issues.

Important Notes:

REALME NARZO N65 can overheat due to various factors such as intensive app usage, high screen brightness, constant internet connectivity, and background app activity. It’s important to be aware of these factors and take precautions, especially while charging the device.

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