How To Fix Overheating On XIAOMI POCO M6 Hot Body?

Solution for XIAOMI POCO M6 high temperature issues or getting hot. We understand the concern when the device gets unusually warm. In this post, we will delve into the causes of overheating and provide practical solutions for keeping our XIAOMI POCO M6 at a normal temperature.

Why Does the XIAOMI POCO M6 Body Become Hot?

The XIAOMI POCO M6 features a 6.74 inches display and is powered by a Mediatek Dimensity 6100+ processor. This processor emits heat when apps are running. If multiple apps run simultaneously, the processor works harder, which may lead to overheating.

Apps that continuously connect to the internet can also cause the device’s temperature to rise. This includes any activity from high screen brightness to background apps that we may overlook.

Other factors contributing to overheating may include environmental temperature, non-standard chargers, software bugs, or low signal strength, all of which force the device to work harder.

how to fix overheat XIAOMI POCO M6

Avoid Using XIAOMI POCO M6 Extensively While Charging

The XIAOMI POCO M6 can experience heating issues if we use it extensively while charging, especially considering it supports fast charging technology. We need to exercise caution because overheating can arise from several causes; in some cases, it may lead to battery damage or reduce the overall lifespan of the phone.

When we use our XIAOMI POCO M6 while it’s connected to the charger, the device is tasked with powering the screen and apps while also managing the power intake needed to replenish the battery. This dual demand can cause the device to generate more heat than usual.

How to Fix Overheat / Hot Temperature Issues On XIAOMI POCO M6?

By understanding the reasons behind the heat, we can take proactive steps to cool down our XIAOMI POCO M6:

  1. Remove unused apps to ease the load on the processor.
  2. Always close background applications to save CPU and RAM resources.
  3. Avoid using the phone while it’s charging, for safety reasons and to prevent additional heat.
  4. Keep the phone away from direct sunlight to reduce temperature exposure.
  5. Stay in areas with good signal coverage; poor signal makes the phone work harder and heat up.
  6. Lower the LCD screen brightness to help manage the device’s temperature.
  7. Regularly update the device with the latest Android firmware.
  8. Use only original chargers and USB cables to ensure proper charging without excess heat.

How to Solve XIAOMI POCO M6 Device is Overheating Warning Message?

Xiaomi has integrated protection measures to prevent hardware damage from overheating. If the temperature exceeds a certain limit, a warning message will appear, prompting all applications to close until the device cools down. This is a crucial safety feature.

However, if we receive this warning and the XIAOMI POCO M6 body is not hot, it could be a software bug. In this case, updating to the latest firmware version may resolve the issue.

If the XIAOMI POCO M6 becomes too hot, we should turn it off for several minutes to allow it to cool. Upon restarting, we can troubleshoot to identify any problematic apps or remove unnecessary ones. Should overheating persist, backing up our data and performing a hard reset may be advisable to restore normal function.

Specifications to Keep in Mind

  • LCD Screen: The XIAOMI POCO M6 comes with a 6.74 inches IPS LCD with a resolution of 720×1600 pixels.
  • Processor and RAM: It’s equipped with a Mediatek Dimensity 6100+ chipset and offers configurations of up to 8GB RAM, ensuring smooth performance.

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