Solution for SAMSUNG GALAXY F52 high temperature issues or getting hot. When this phone run from the first time, everything run without problems. But after use this phone for several months with more applications, then some users get overheat problems. We will give more information about how to make SAMSUNG GALAXY F52 cooler or how to avoid overheating.


Why SAMSUNG GALAXY F52 Body Become Hot ?

First of all we have to know that Android smartphone is a small mini computer that has processor, GPU, RAM, Storage, screen, sensor and battery. The processor use Octa core Qualcomm SM7225 Snapdragon 750G 5G. When we run too many applications together then processor resources will work very hard and it will make more heat temperature. The hot temperature will increase when many applications connect to Internet for data update.

Many users does not aware about how many applications run in the background, because we only see one apps on the screen. Some applications have multitasking performance, they still wait in the background as long as users do not press exit or close.

SAMSUNG GALAXY F52 hot issues also can be happen because some users use their phone while recharge. There are some differences when we charge with fast charging or standard charging. This phone has fast charging 25W, and the temperature will increase when we do fast charging.


We always suggest for stop working while charging our phone. When charging process running, the battery temperature will be increase and sometime become hot. If we run some applications, then processor temperature also will be increase. Therefore our SAMSUNG GALAXY F52 will get overheat from several causes, some case will blow up our phone or the battery life time become shorter.

There are other causes that can make our SAMSUNG GALAXY F52 temperature become more hot such as the weather, non standard power charger adapter, applications bugs, and low signal problems.

how to fix overheat problems on samsung galaxy f52

How to Fix Overheat / Hot Temperature Issues On SAMSUNG GALAXY F52 ?

After we know some causes that make our SAMSUNG GALAXY F52 body become warmer or hotter, then we should do some procedures to make this phone work with normal temperature:

  1. Uninstall some not use Applications will help SAMSUNG GALAXY F52 processor performance
  2. We have to always close all not use applications, because they will keep on in the background and still use processor and RAM resources
  3. Please do not use our phone while charging for safety reasons
  4. Do not use our phone at direct sunlight location for reduce temperature problems
  5. Make sure we are at good signal coverage location, otherwise our phone will keep searching the signal and our phone become hotter
  6. Very bright LCD screen brightness will create more temperature issues
  7. Keep our phone always update with the latest Android firmware version software upgrade
  8. Always use original charger and usb cable


How to Solve SAMSUNG GALAXY F52 Device is Overheating Warning Message?

Samsung has its own protection to avoid hardware damage because of overheating or too hot. When the temperature reach limit number, then the warming will show that our Samsung Galaxy Devices is Overheating and will be close all applications until our phone become cools down. Actually this warning is very important for us. If this problems happen, just wait until our device temperature is not too.

However, some users get this warning although SAMSUNG GALAXY F52 body is not hot. Usually this problems happen because operating system bugs. Please try to update with latest version to fix false overheat warning issues.



If SAMSUNG GALAXY F52 temperature is too high, then we suggest to turn off for several minutes until the temperature decrease. After that, we can try to turn it on again and find out the problems or remove some not use applications. If overheat problems still happen on our SAMSUNG GALAXY F52, then please backup all important data and follow this steps to hard reset or reformat SAMSUNG GALAXY F52 for make it work normally again from beginning state.