How To Make SAMSUNG GALAXY A51 Fingerprint Work Faster and More Accurate ?

Tips and tricks for fingerprint sensor problems at SAMSUNG GALAXY A51. This phone use Android 10.0 with One UI 2.5 Samsung user interface. The screen use Super AMOLED 6.5 inches and at the lower screen there are hidden fingerprint sensor or in-display fingerprint sensor. However, some users get troubles with its fingerprint sensor. Now, we will discuss more specific for Fingerprint Sensor at SAMSUNG GALAXY A51 and calibration.

Why SAMSUNG GALAXY A51 Fingerprint Slow to Recognize or Not Easy To Unlock ?

There are many users ask about how to calibrate Samsung A51 fingerprint sensor. why SAMSUNG GALAXY A51 sometime hard to recognize our fingerprint for unlock. Under display fingerprint sensor is hidden, we can not see or feel the sensor hardware. Therefore many users need some time to get used to unlock with that fingerprint sensor.

First we have to know that SAMSUNG GALAXY A51 under display fingerprint sensor is different if compare with high end Samsung Galaxy S10 under display fingerprint. Of course the hardware of fingerprint sensor are not similar. At Samsung Galaxy S10 use ultrasonic Fingerprint sensor while SAMSUNG GALAXY A51 does not use ultrasonic fingerprint sensor. Therefore it will need more time to recognize our fingerprint. SAMSUNG GALAXY A51 work more slowly the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor.

easy solutions fix fingerprint calibration on samsung galaxy a51

Tips and Tricks to Make Fingerprint Sensor of SAMSUNG GALAXY A51 Work More Faster and Accurate

Solution For SAMSUNG GALAXY A51 Fingerprint Calibration

  1. Usually we use our thumb for unlock using fingerprint. When the first time register our fingerprint at SAMSUNG GALAXY A51, then try to register our thumb slowly while holding this phone. The thumb will scan rather tilted, it is not in an upright position, but however you should try to give little rotations while register the fingerprint.
  2. SAMSUNG GALAXY A51 have several fingerprint slots to register. It mean we can use our left hand thumb or right hand thumb and some other different finger. But please try to register same finger thumb or only register one thumb at all or least 3 slots. Then most users will get more accurate and faster access to unlock security protections at SAMSUNG GALAXY A51.
  3. Please make sure the screen is not dirty. Basically SAMSUNG GALAXY A51 under display fingerprint sensor still can read our fingerprint although the screen is not clean, but if we can make our display cleaner then the fingerprint sensor will more easy to work.
  4. Some additional uncertified screen protector also will give troubles with SAMSUNG GALAXY A51 fingerprint sensor accuracy. Perhaps we can try to remove that screen protector or replace the screen protector with Samsung certified one.
  5. Please note that SAMSUNG GALAXY A51 sensor accuracy may not work properly when our phone located at extreme situations, such as extremely hot or very cold environment.

Software Update Version May Effect On SAMSUNG GALAXY A51 Fingerprint Accuracy

There are some firmware version that can make our fingerprint sensor become more accurate or less accurate. Please make sure our SAMSUNG GALAXY A51 has been upgrade to the latest Android firmware version to get most benefit using in-display fingerprint sensor.

That’s all for more information and solutions about fingerprint error. SAMSUNG GALAXY A51 fingerprint sensor calibration is needed for give more stronger accuracy. If all steps above still can not fix the fingerprint accuracy, then please consider performing hard reset to reformat SAMSUNG GALAXY A51 operating system back to factory default.

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