These are simple solutions and tricks to make Android smartphone WiFi work more faster. Some users get slowly connection when connected to home WiFi routers or public Wi-Fi. We will give 5 reasons and solutions for fix slow WiFI issues on our Android smartphone.


1. Make Sure You Are not Too Far From Router WIFI / Access Point / Hotspot  

Many troubles for slowly WIFI connection happen because our Android smartphone is too far away from Wi-Fi routers or access point. When we are closer to routers, then we will get full signal bar, it means that we can transfer and received data with bigger bandwidth. The bandwidth become smaller when we are move away from routers.

Solutions: Please make sure our Android smartphone get more then 50% WiFi signal. We can look at WiFi icon from our Android phone. If less then 50% then the slowly or drop connections will happen more often.



how to make android wifi faster


2. Too many users use same WIFI Routers or Access Point

There are some limitation of Routers or Access Point Wi-Fi concurrent connections. If there are too many people connected to single WiFi router, then our connection will be drop. We have to know, that each WiFi Router have maximum bandwidth to transfer. Start from 50 Mbps until more then 1000 Mbps at modern wireless routers. That bandwidth will be shared for all devices that connect to that router, therefore our Android smartphone will get many less then 1 Mbps if there are too many concurrent connection at that single WiFi router.

Solutions: Since usually this problems happen at public area, then nothing we can do unless we move to other location with different WiFi routers.


3. Our Android Smartphone is Lagging 

If our Android smartphone is lagging or slowly, then it will also make some troubles with WiFi connections. Sometime the connection will disconnected automatically at Android with lagging issues or system troubles.

Solutions: Please try to do soft reset or reboot our Android smartphone, then try to connect again to the same WiFi routers.



4. Internet Network Provider is Slow Down or Get Some Troubles

Each wireless routers will connected to Internet Service Provider (ISP). If the ISP get connection issues or slowly, then the WiFi routers will also give slowly connection trough the main ISP.

Solutions: Please contact to ISP customer service for solve slowly connection.


5. Troubles with WIFI Noise

Our Android smartphone will connect to Wi-Fi access point using frequencies communications. Usually latest Wi-Fi access point or routers will use 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz. Please note, there are some other devices that will use same frequency range, therefore if many of them work together at same location, then they will create interference frequency. This situation will make our WiFi connection become slowly.

Solution: Please try to turn off other devices. We also can try to change our Android smartphone can work with 5Ghz or 2.4Ghz from menu Setting.