How To Easily Install SIGNAL MESSENGER as Whatsapp Chatting Alternative ?

Tips and tricks to use SIGNAL PRIVATE MESSENGER for replace our Whatsapp if we are really need secure private alternative chatting. Please note, we can use SIGNAL PRIVATE MESSENGER and Whatsapp together at one device / smartphone. We do not need to remove our Whatsapp. Just chat with SIGNAL MESSENGER if we need more privacy conversation or voice call.

Why SIGNAL PRIVATE MESSENGER is More Secure Then Whatsapp or other chatting applications?

Because signal is not own by anyone, it is running by big open source community and when we make this information, Brian Acton as one of ex Whatsapp founder (before sell to Facebook) is become SIGNAL PRIVATE MESSENGER fonder as well, he is donate $50 Million to fund SIGNAL PRIVATE MESSENGER for make it more bigger, interactive, fast and of course very secure for everyone privacy. SIGNAL PRIVATE MESSENGER has stat of the art

SIGNAL PRIVATE MESSENGER is always improve the features and developing by great programmer to make it always secure using end to end encryption. Take a note, SIGNAL founded state of the art end-to-end-encryption protocol for messenger, and this protocol also use by other chatting application like Whatsapp and others.

Because it is open source and own by community, then Signal should never be acquired by one. Signal work with community donations and many of high-tech founder company also founded SIGNAL PRIVATE MESSENGER to make it always free, live, secure and private for anyone.


SIGNAL Chatting applications is available on Google Play Store or Apple Apps Store. This is simple steps to Install SIGNAL PRIVATE MESSENGER on iPhone or Android:

  1. Open Google Play Store or Apple Apps Store
  3. Make sure this is real SIGNAL PRIVATE MESSENGER by Signal Foundation because some apps are fake
  4. If we are sure about this apps by read some reviews and have high ratting, then continue Install SIGNAL PRIVATE MESSENGER on our devices.
  5. Finish

easily install signal messenger


Sign-up or register to SIGNAL PRIVATE MESSENGER is very simple, just make sure the installation process are done, then continue with this steps :

  1. Open SIGNAL PRIVATE MESSENGER application
  2. Continue to give Signal access for our contact & media. Do not worry, it is still encrypted.
  3. Enter Phone Number to Get Started, SIGNAL PRIVATE MESSENGER will send SMS to our phone and we need to type 6 digit code carefully. (Some phone will read SMS code automatically)
  4. SIGNAL PRIVATE MESSENGER will ask for new PIN, please choose the best PIN and remember it
  5. Finish, ready to use SIGNAL PRIVATE MESSENGER
  6. By default all contact on our phone book / contacts who already install SIGNAL PRIVATE MESSENGER can be chat directly and securely

start chatting with signal private messenger

When the first time finish install SIGNAL PRIVATE MESSENGER, we will see black chatting history. We have to find from our contact to start chatting. Once we type anything, then the chatting history will be shown on main SIGNAL PRIVATE MESSENGER screen.

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