Tips and tricks for fingerprint sensor problems at SAMSUNG GALAXY A70. SAMSUNG A70 have fingerprint which located under screen, therefore we will not find any dedicated fingerprint sensor either at side or back rear body. The under display fingerprint sensor of SAMSUNG A70 located about 15%-20% before the bottom screen. Many users get difficulty for unlock their SAMSUNG A70 with fingerprint sensor. This problems happen because the accuracy is not working so good at this phone.


Why SAMSUNG GALAXY A70 Fingerprint Slow to Recognize or Not Easy To Unlock ?

Fingerprint is very important for Android smartphone, because until today, the fast and safe security protections still use fingerprint. We have to register our fingerprint several time to make this phone recognize for unlock. While registering our fingerprint, SAMSUNG A70 screen will give information about how many positions of fingerprint that have been recognized. However, users still have difficulty to unlock their SAMSUNG A70 using fingerprint.

First we have to know that SAMSUNG GALAXY A70 under display fingerprint sensor is different if compare with high end Samsung Galaxy S10 under display fingerprint. Of course the hardware of fingerprint sensor are not similar. At Samsung Galaxy S10 use ultrasonic Fingerprint sensor while SAMSUNG GALAXY A70 does not use ultrasonic fingerprint sensor. Therefore we will see some different time to recognize our fingerprint, SAMSUNG GALAXY A70 will work more slowly.

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Tips and Tricks to Make Fingerprint Sensor of SAMSUNG GALAXY A70 Work More Faster and Accurate

  1. Usually we use our thumb for unlock using fingerprint. When the first time register our fingerprint at SAMSUNG GALAXY A70, then try to register our thumb slowly while holding this phone. The thumb will scan rather tilted, it is not in an upright position, but however you should try to give little rotations while register the fingerprint.
  2. SAMSUNG GALAXY A70 have three fingerprint slots to register. It mean we can use our left hand thumb or right hand thumb and some other different finger. But please try to register same finger thumb or only register one thumb for all 3 slots. Then most users will get more accurate and faster access to unlock security protections at SAMSUNG GALAXY A70.
  3. Please make sure the screen is not dirty. Basically SAMSUNG GALAXY A70 under display fingerprint sensor still can read our fingerprint although the screen is not clean, but if we can make our display clean then the fingerprint sensor will more easy to work.
  4. Some additional uncertified screen protector also will give troubles with SAMSUNG GALAXY A70 fingerprint sensor accuracy. Perhaps we can try to remove that screen protector or replace the screen protector with Samsung certified one.
  5. Please note that SAMSUNG GALAXY A70 sensor may not accuracy work when our phone located at extreme situations, such as extremely hot or very cold environment.



More Tricks for Register Under Display Fingerprint:

Please also note before register our fingerprint, we have to simulate hold our smartphone like daily usage, and see how our finger touch the screen. That is the ideal location for register our fingerprint. Do not 100% follow the SAMSUNG A70 fingerprint display information while registering, because sometime they are not accurate. Do not use thick screen protections, because some screen protections can make under display fingerprint sensor can not work properly.

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