Tips to backup all important data on SAMSUNG GALAXY A2 CORE. Please note this is low end smartphone that have very limited internal storage and 1 GB RAM. Therefore it use Android Go Edition to make it run better. We need to download several Go applications from Google Play Store. However, there are several data that we need to backup from this phone like photos videos, chatting history media, sms text message, phone contact, downloaded files and some other more.

Some photos and videos may be deleted by accident. How to restore deleted files/photos/videos from SAMSUNG GALAXY A2 CORE? If do backup our important data or photos videos regularly, then we still have backup data to restore at other locations. We make solutions to do cloud backup for photos videos bellow.

Many users does not aware about data lost issues.  All data like chatting or email or contact and other applications and photos videos by default will be saved inside internal memory. Please consider to backup all data before some bad troubles happen on SAMSUNG GALAXY A2 CORE like phone lost or stolen or broken or corrupt. We suggest to use external memory MicroSD / MicroSDXC for backup several data.



Login With Google Account to Backup Contact or Phone Book on SAMSUNG GALAXY A2 CORE

Phonebook or phone contact is very important on SAMSUNG GALAXY A2 CORE, we are recommended to take care about this contact because when our phone get some trouble, then we can not access this phone contact anymore. Therefore we need to backup our phonebook at safety location. Android by default have abilities to backup our contact to Google cloud server automatically, it will synchronize as long as we login to Google account. We have to make sure our phone already sign in with our personal Google account.


After sign-in with Google username and password, this phone by default will automatically synchronize or backup data to Google cloud server, so we will have 2 phonebook storage, one is at our SAMSUNG GALAXY A2 CORE and the other one at Please check that address to make sure all data already backup at Google server.

Bellow are the steps to check that our SAMSUNG GALAXY A2 CORE already backup:

  2. Open Menu Setting > Account & backup > Account > Google (or choose your Google email), make sure your Gmail account already setup
  3. If you need to add Google / Gmail account, then click Add account
  4. Please see at your account detail, and make sure the Sync account is ON


How to Backup Phone Book or Contact on SAMSUNG GALAXY A2 CORE Manually to SDCard Memory?

Beside having backup at Google cloud for our contact, we can also backup or export our contact or phonebook on SAMSUNG GALAXY A2 CORE using Export menu at Contacts menu.

  2. Open applications: Contacts
  3. Choose all contact to backup: Contacts > Menu > Manage contacts > Import or export contacts
  4. Choose Export to storage / SD card
  5. The filename of exported file will be show to tell us where the exported file is
  6. Finish backup contact  SAMSUNG GALAXY A2 CORE to memory card


how to backup & restore data on samsung galaxy a2 core

How to Backup Picture/Photo SAMSUNG GALAXY A2 CORE ?

Photo also important to backup because with good camera quality on SAMSUNG GALAXY A2 CORE, we will have many important pictures or videos at our special moment. There are several option to backup our media like Photo / Pictures or videos to several location, the easier step is backup our media to external microSD memory card. But for this step we need to prepare our MicroSD card first and insert it into memory card slot at our SAMSUNG GALAXY A2 CORE.

Backup or Copy to External Memory Card:

  2. Open Home Screen
  3. Find and run File Manage / File Commander
  4. Choose Internal storage, we will see many  folders
  5. Press and hold one folder for select, after one folder selected, we will see menu at bellow
  6. Choose Select all at menu bellow
  7. Choose Copy (or move, but better use copy to reduce the missing files)
  8. Choose Menu > SD Card
  9. Choose the new folder that we want to copy that files
  10. Choose Paste
  11. Please make sure manually at microSD folder that all files already copied

Backup or Copy to Computer:

  2. Connect SAMSUNG GALAXY A2 CORE with computer using USB data cable
  3. Make sure computer can connect to SAMSUNG GALAXY A2 CORE memory card (otherwise, try to slide down the notifications area from phone screen, choose to connect USB as media)
  4. If the computer already able to read SAMSUNG GALAXY A2 CORE phone data, then use computer File Explorer to open the DCIM folders on SAMSUNG GALAXY A2 CORE, copy all folder or files to specific location at our computer
  5. If everything finish, please try to open all images from our computer to make sure all data already backup or export or copy without problem

Backup Photo / Videos of SAMSUNG GALAXY A2 CORE to Google Photos:

  2. Make sure we have installed Google Photos applications from Google Play Store
  3. Open Google Photos applications from SAMSUNG GALAXY A2 CORE
  4. Choose Setting at Google Photos applications: Setting > Backup & sync (turn in on)
  5. At Backup & sync menu, please choose our Google backup account
  6. At Backup & sync menu, please choose Upload Size to High quality (make sure our free storage still available on Google account)
  7. By default the photos and videos will backup to unlimited Google Photos backup when our SAMSUNG GALAXY A2 CORE connected to Wifi



How To Reformat Or Hard Reset SAMSUNG GALAXY A2 CORE For Fix Troubles ?


Restore Procedure for SAMSUNG GALAXY A2 CORE

Restore Back Backup Contact From Google Account on SAMSUNG GALAXY A2 CORE

If we reformat or hard reset SAMSUNG GALAXY A2 CORE, all data will be removed or wiped, so we need to restore back all contact to SAMSUNG GALAXY A2 CORE. This is how to restore:

  2. Go to Menu Setting > Account & backup > Accounts 
  3. Add our Google or Gmail account
  4. In the first time, we can force Sync contact to restore Contacts from Google server to our SAMSUNG GALAXY A2 CORE
  5. Make sure Sync is on for keep synchronize our contact to Google cloud server


Restore Back Backup Contact From SD Card / MicroSD to SAMSUNG GALAXY A2 CORE

  2. Choose Contacts
  3. Choose Menu from Contacts > Import Contact
  4. Choose Import from storage / SD card
  5. Choose the place that we can save our contact
  6. Choose Import vCard file


Restore Backup Photos and Videos from Google Photos on SAMSUNG GALAXY A2 CORE

  1. Install Google Photos to our SAMSUNG GALAXY A2 CORE
  2. Choose Setting at Google Photos applications: Setting > Backup & sync (turn in on)
  3. Login previous Google account to our Google Photos applications.
  4. Wait for several moment when our SAMSUNG GALAXY A2 CORE connected to Wifi, then our photos and videos will be restored to our phone.



How to Backup and Restore SMS / Text Message on SAMSUNG GALAXY A2 CORE

There are some options to backup SMS / Text Message from our phone. We recommended to use and download SMS Backup & Restore applications from Google Play Store. We can backup all or specific SMS/conversations to phone memory (internal or external memory) or use cloud storage such as Google Drive or Dropbox. Please do the following steps to :

  1. Download SMS Backup & Restore from Google Play Store
  2. From menu inside this apps, please choose Back up now
  3. Choose what to backup at our text message
  4. Choose where to backup. We suggest to use Google Drive as long as we already have Gmail account to sign-in. We also can choose some other options for backup location like Dropbox or internal/external phone memory.
  5. We can choose to backup only once or every specific time


Restore SMS / Text Message on SAMSUNG GALAXY A2 CORE :

  1. This steps only can work if we have followed above steps to backup SMS / Text messages using SMS Backup & Restore application from Google Play Store.
  2. Open SMS Backup & Restore application and choose from menu Restore
  3. Choose where the location we have backup before (Local phone memory or Google Drive or Dropbox), and choose to Login or find the Backup files from our phone.
  4. Choose what we want to restore from that backup files (Message or Phone calls)
  5. Choose Restore button.


How To Backup And Restore Whatsapp Chat on SAMSUNG GALAXY A2 CORE :

Whatsapp is famous chatting applications. We will have many chatting history inside SAMSUNG GALAXY A2 CORE memory. We will give simple steps at backup and restore our Whatsapp chatting history including photos videos with simple steps. Please follow this link to backup and restore Whatsapp chatting history and media on SAMSUNG GALAXY A2 CORE.


The information from this page describe about Retrieve data on samsung a2 core. If you need another resource for hard reset, use search function at this homepage or find from our related posts.