How To FIX Camera on XIAOMI POCO M6 Problem?

Solutions to fix XIAOMI POCO M6 camera troubles. This phone comes with 5G connections and has an IPS LCD 6.74 inches screen size with a 90Hz refresh rate. The POCO M6 is powered by a Mediatek Dimensity 6100+ chipset, ensuring a smooth experience.

We can get clean, sharp and accurate color when using the XIAOMI POCO M6 camera, because of its features a single 50 megapixel main camera for wide shots and an additional 0.08-megapixel auxiliary lens. It records video up to 1080p at 30fps.

However, some users get issues with the XIAOMI POCO M6 camera. We will give simple solutions to fix XIAOMI POCO M6 camera problems.

Why XIAOMI POCO M6 Camera Slow Responsive Or Lagging?

Despite the XIAOMI POCO M6 having a good performance processor and options for RAM capacity starting at 4 GB, 6 GB, and going up to 8 GB, installing too many apps can lead to insufficient RAM for running the camera application smoothly.

What will happen when XIAOMI POCO M6’s RAM is insufficient? To avoid the phone becoming unresponsive, it will try to close old, unused applications to free up more RAM capacity. This process can cause some delay or lag time. Therefore, when we want to take serious photos or videos, please close all unused applications or perform a soft reset or reboot before running the XIAOMI POCO M6 camera application.

How To Fix XIAOMI POCO M6 Camera Issues?

Camera is one important feature when we use our smartphone. There are some possibilities that can make our XIAOMI POCO M6 camera experience problems or not work properly. These are some steps to fix camera issues on this phone:

#Option 1, Reset XIAOMI POCO M6 to Factory Default using Camera Setting Menu :

  • Turn on XIAOMI POCO M6
  • Please make sure our Camera application still can work / running when Camera Icon is pressed
  • Press Camera Icon to activate Camera applications
  • Go to menu Setting inside this Camera application, usually the menu icon is shaped like 3 lines box at camera applications, then choose Setting
  • At Camera Setting default menu, please scroll and find Restore default Settings
  • Please choose OK when XIAOMI POCO M6 asks confirmation to Reset all camera settings to factory default

hard reset samsung camera fix & recovery

#Option 2, Reset XIAOMI POCO M6 camera to Factory Default using Setting Menu :

This step is similar to #Option 1 above, but the difference lies in the starting process. Please use these steps when the Camera application is not running when we press the Camera Icon

  • Turn on XIAOMI POCO M6
  • Go To Setting Menu
  • Choose System Apps
  • Choose Camera
  • At Camera detail menu, please scroll and find Restore default settings
  • When it asks for confirmation, please choose Ok. Then XIAOMI POCO M6 will restore back to factory default settings

#Option 3, Install Alternative Camera Applications for XIAOMI POCO M6 :

After trying #option 1 and #option 2, but the XIAOMI POCO M6 camera still not working, then we can try to install a 3rd party alternative camera from Google Play Store. At this moment we recommend installing Open Camera. This application is free and has several features to work with XIAOMI POCO M6.

#Option 4, Try to upgrade the firmware:

Some problems happen because of software bugs. If Xiaomi confirms software troubles for their camera, then they will release upgrade software to fix camera bugs or troubles. Please try to find operating system updates from menu Settings.

#Option 5, Do Hard Reset to Factory Default when All Steps to Fix XIAOMI POCO M6 are not working:

The last option we can try when XIAOMI POCO M6 camera is not working properly is to perform a hard reset. Please follow the steps to hard reset XIAOMI POCO M6.

how to fix camera problems on XIAOMI POCO M6

How to Fix XIAOMI POCO M6 Camera Auto Focus Problems Or Blurry?

Some users get issues with XIAOMI POCO M6’s camera not focusing properly. Here are some possibilities that can cause focus issues:

  1. Try to clean up the XIAOMI POCO M6 camera lens. If there is dust on the lens, the camera may focus on it instead of the intended subject. We have to ensure the lens is wiped clean with a soft cloth.
  2. Check if our XIAOMI POCO M6 camera glass lens has any scratches. Scratches can confuse the focus mechanism. If this is the problem, we should get the lens replaced at an authorized Xiaomi service center.
  3. Some software/firmware versions can cause the XIAOMI POCO M6 camera’s autofocus to malfunction. We should try updating to the latest firmware or Android version.

Why XIAOMI POCO M6 Camera Error After Android Firmware Upgrade?

After major firmware upgrades, like the Android 13 update, our XIAOMI POCO M6 camera applications might experience troubles. We should try resetting the camera application’s settings to factory defaults. If the problem persists, back up all important data and perform a hard reset to factory default.

Why XIAOMI POCO M6 Front Camera Not Working or Error?

The front camera of the XIAOMI POCO M6, located at the top of the screen within a punch hole design, can sometimes become unresponsive or error out. If we are experiencing such issues, we can try the following:

  1. First, we should try a soft reset or reboot of the XIAOMI POCO M6.
  2. Try resetting the camera application from the camera menu Setting.
  3. Try installing alternative camera applications like Google Camera or Open Camera.
  4. If none of the above works, the last resort is to perform a hard reset using the menu Setting or hardware key.

Why XIAOMI POCO M6 camera Dead?

If our XIAOMI POCO M6 camera becomes non-functional or “dead,” it could be due to software or hardware issues. We should start by resetting the camera settings. If that doesn’t help, we may consider a hard reset, focusing on restoring the device to its factory settings.

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