How to Easily Master Format ONEPLUS 12R with Safety Hard Reset

Tips and tricks to fix ONEPLUS 12R problems. This is 5G smartphone that has dual simcard slot for use with two different phone numbers. The operating system is installed with Android 14 when the first time release at the market. We’ll talk about how to solve some troubles on our OnePlus 12R.

What are Advantages of OnePlus 12R Specifications and Features?

  • Network GSM 3G HSDPA or 4G LTE + 5G with Dual SIM card slots
  • 6.78 inches AMOLED display with a 20:9 aspect ratio and 120Hz refresh rate
  • Processor: Snapdragon 8 Gen 2
  • GPU: Adreno 740
  • Connectivity options including Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, NFC
  • Internal storage options of 128GB/256GB with 8GB/16GB RAM
  • Triple Main Camera setup with 50 MP f/1.8 + 8 MP f/2.2 + 2 MP f/2.4
  • 16 MP Front Camera
  • Operating System: Android 14
  • Battery: 5500 mAh for extended usage

How to Fix or Problem Solving for Recovery OnePlus 12R Issues?

If our OnePlus 12R starts to hang, freeze, work slowly, or the touch screen becomes unresponsive, these issues may be due to malicious apps that haven’t been verified by Play Protect. To resolve these issues, try removing temporary files and caches by performing a soft reset or reboot. Utilize antivirus applications to detect and handle suspicious apps and correct faulty settings.

How to Force Shutdown or Force Soft Reset or Reboot or Restart OnePlus 12R?

Even with its powerful hardware, the OnePlus 12R may occasionally freeze, causing the touch screen to stop responding. To force a reboot, press and hold the POWER button until the device shuts off.

How to Backup Data at OnePlus 12R?

To backup our data, use a USB data cable to connect the OnePlus 12R to a computer. Use the computer’s file manager to select and copy important files to a safe location. Alternatively, connect our phone to a flash drive via a USB OTG port.

#Option 1: Hard Reset OnePlus 12R with Software Menu

  1. Turn on the OnePlus 12R.
  2. Ensure the battery is sufficiently charged.
  3. Backup important data, as the reset will erase all data and applications.
  4. Navigate toSettings>General.
  5. Tap onBackup & Reset > Restore factory settings.
  6. It’s recommended not to select any options if we don’t want to erase the internal memory’s data partition.
  7. ChooseReset phone.
  8. The phone will proceed with the master reset.

hard reset ONEPLUS 12R

#Option 2: Hard Reset OnePlus 12R Using Hardware Secret Button Key

If the phone is unresponsive and we can’t access the menu, or if it’s frozen and the touch screen isn’t working:

  1. Turn off the OnePlus 12R.
  2. Ensure the battery is more than 50% charged.
  3. Simultaneously press and hold thePower Button + Volume Down Button.
  4. Release the buttons when the logo appears, then we’ll enter a menu.
  5. Use theVolume Buttonsto navigate and selectwipe data/factory reset, then press thePower Buttonto confirm.
  6. Wait for the master reset to complete, and the phone will restart as if it were new.

How to Unlock or Fix or Bypass or Solutions for OnePlus 12R Forgot Password, Code, or Security Lock Screen Pattern?

With the maximum 256GB of internal storage, our ONEPLUS 12R holds a significant amount of important data. With high quality camera, featuring a 50MP main camera, 8MP ultrawide camera, and a 2MP macro camera, this phone will generating a substantial collection of photos and videos. It is very important to ensure the security of our ONEPLUS 12R’s data especially when the device is misplaced, stolen, or left unattended.

We can safeguard our data by utilizing the fingerprint or face unlock features, both of which utilize the front camera for biometric authentication. However, it’s essential to have a secondary protection method in place, such as a screen lock pattern, PIN, or password, as a fallback option. This precaution is necessary because a reboot of the ONEPLUS 12R will render the biometric authentication, including fingerprint or face recognition, inactive.

When we forget or encounter issues with our secondary security measures, we may need to performing a hard reset as detailed in Option 2. Please note, new Android version will ask for Factory Reset Protection (FRP), which mandates the credentials of the previously synchronized Google account to unlock the device.

How to Restore and Reinstall Clean Android Operating System/Firmware at OnePlus 12R (Reformat)?

If our device starts to behave oddly or becomes sluggish, reinstalling the firmware might be necessary. Follow these steps to reinstall or restore the Android operating system on OnePlus 12R:

  1. Make sure the device’s battery is charged to at least 50%.
  2. Go to Settings > System > System Update.
  3. The phone will automatically search for the latest firmware available.
  4. If an update is found, ensure we have a stable Wi-Fi connection to download the firmware and make any necessary improvements.

How to Make Battery of OPPO RENO11 F Stronger, Life Longer, and Not Fast to Drain?

The OPPO RENO11 F comes with a Li-Po 5000 mAh battery for extended usage. To make the most of the battery and ensure it lasts longer without draining fast, consider the following tips:

  • Optimize Screen Brightness: Adjust the screen brightness to an appropriate level to conserve battery life.
  • Manage Background Apps: Close unnecessary background apps to reduce battery consumption.
  • Enable Power Saving Mode: Activate the power saving mode to limit background activity and save battery power.
  • Update Software: Keep the phone’s software updated to benefit from battery optimization improvements.
  • Avoid Extreme Temperatures: Protect the battery from extreme temperatures, as both high and low temperatures can affect its performance.

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