How To FIX Camera OPPO RENO11 Problems?

Solutions to fix OPPO RENO11 camera troubles. Camera is the most important features that we will use anytime. The camera located at back side of the body with 50 megapixels f/1.8 for wide with OIS, 32 megapixels f/2.0 for 2x optical zoom, and 8 megapixels f/2.2 for 112-degree ultrawide.

However, some users get issues with the OPPO RENO11 camera. We will give simple solutions to fix OPPO RENO11 camera problems.

Why OPPO RENO11 Camera Slow Responsive Or Lagging?

We often need to capture moments quickly, but sometimes our OPPO RENO11 camera might respond slowly. It’s important to remember that RAM plays a crucial role in running apps smoothly, including the camera. While the OPPO RENO11 comes with a generous 8GB or 12GB of RAM options, having too many applications open simultaneously can strain this resource.

When the available RAM becomes insufficient, the phone takes action to prevent the system from hanging or crashing. It does this by automatically closing the oldest unused apps to free up memory for the camera. However, this process can introduce a slight delay in camera operation.

To ensure optimal camera performance, it’s recommended to close any unnecessary apps before launching the camera, especially when capturing important moments. For the best results, consider restarting our OPPO RENO11 to clear any background processes and optimize available RAM.

how to fix camera problems on OPPO RENO11

How To Fix OPPO RENO11 Camera Issues?

This phone comes with a great rear camera and front camera for selfies. We will try to give some steps to fix OPPO RENO11 camera problems. Please follow some steps below:

#Option 1, Reset OPPO RENO11 to Factory Default using Camera Setting Menu:
  1. Turn on OPPO RENO11
  2. Please make sure our Camera application is still working/running when the Camera Icon is pressed.
  3. Press the Camera Icon to activate Camera applications.
  4. Go to the menu Setting inside this Camera application, usually the menu icon with gear at camera applications.
  5. At the Camera Setting menu page, please scroll and find Restore to defaults.
  6. Please choose OK when OPPO RENO11 asks for confirmation to Reset all camera settings to factory default.
#Option 2, Reset OPPO RENO11 camera to Factory Default using Setting Menu:

Actually, these steps are similar to #Option 1 above, but the difference is only at the starting process. Please use these steps when the Camera application is not running when we press the Camera Icon.

  1. Turn on OPPO RENO11
  2. Go To Setting Menu
  3. Choose App Management
  4. Choose Show System Processes
  5. Choose Camera (scroll until we find it)
  6. At the Camera detail menu, please choose Force Stop and make sure this camera is stopped.
  7. At the Camera detail menu, please choose Storage Usage and press Clear Data.
  8. When it asks for confirmation, please choose Clear or Ok. Then OPPO RENO11 camera applications will be restored back to factory default settings.
#Option 3, Install Alternative Camera Applications for OPPO RENO11:

After trying #option 1 and #option 2, but the OPPO RENO11 camera is still not working, then we can try to install a 3rd party alternative camera from the Google Play Store, at this moment we recommended to install Open Camera, search from Google Play Store. This application is free and has several features to work with OPPO RENO11.

#Option 4, Try to upgrade the firmware:

Some problems happen because of software bugs. The firmware upgrade will be released to fix camera bugs or troubles. Please try to find the operating system or update from the menu Settings.

#Option 5, Do Hard Reset to Factory Default when All Steps to Fix OPPO RENO11 are not working:

The last option that we can try when the OPPO RENO11 camera is not working properly is by doing a hard reset.

Please be careful because hard reset or format to factory default will remove all data and installed applications. Please make sure we back up all data before performing a hard reset.

Why OPPO RENO11 Front Camera Not Working or Error?

We can take good photos and videos using OPPO RENO11, which has a good front camera. The resolution is 32 megapixels f/2.4. We can record movies up to 4K at 30fps using gyro-EIS.

However, some users get front camera issues like freezing or stuck. Another OPPO RENO11 front camera problem is it always goes back to the main home screen when we try to open it. Why is this happening?

Mostly OPPO RENO11 selfie camera problems happen because of camera applications. We can try to do several options to fix the OPPO RENO11 front camera:

  1. First, we have to try a soft reset or reboot OPPO RENO11.
  2. Try to reset camera applications from the camera menu Setting.
  3. Try to install an alternative camera like Google Camera or Camera for Android or Open Camera.
  4. If everything is not working then the last try is doing a hard reset using the menu Setting or hardware key.

How to Fix OPPO RENO11 Camera Auto Focus Problems or Camera Blurry?

This phone has autofocus features. But some users are getting it hard to focus, and some of them are getting blurred photo results. There are several possibilities that can make it hard to focus:

  1. Try to clean up the OPPO RENO11 camera lens. Why is this important? Because small dust in front of the camera will make the autofocus sensor keep focusing on that object. We have to always make sure our camera lens is clean by regularly cleaning it up using a soft cloth.
  2. Check whether our OPPO RENO11 camera glass lens has some scratches or not. This situation is similar to the dust problem. The autofocus will keep focusing on that scratch and make it hard to focus on the real object. When we see a bigger scratch, then we suggest replacing the camera glass lens with the original one at the Oppo authorized service center.
  3. Some software/firmware versions also will make the OPPO RENO11 camera auto-focus not work properly. Please try to back up with the latest firmware or Android version upgrade.

Why OPPO RENO11 Camera Error After Android Firmware Upgrade?

The OPPO RENO11 comes with Android 14 OS preinstalled. While firmware upgrades are released to enhance features and fix bugs, they can occasionally cause issues with the camera app.

If we experience camera problems after an update, try resetting the camera app settings to their factory defaults. Should the issues persist, back up all important data and perform a hard reset to restore the phone to its original factory settings.

Other FAQ of OPPO RENO11 camera:

  • Is the OPPO RENO11 front camera equipped with an LED light flash? No, the selfie camera does not have a dedicated flash, but we can use screen light to help take better photos in very dark conditions.
  • Can we take pictures underwater using OPPO RENO11? No, this phone is not water-resistant, therefore we cannot take pictures or videos in the water.
  • Why are OPPO RENO11 camera and photos blurry? It can happen because of software or hardware. Please follow the above steps to reset the camera application and check whether our phone lens gets into trouble.
  • Why does the OPPO RENO11 camera show a black screen or blank show nothing on the display? If the camera application is stuck or gets into trouble, the display will show a black screen. We need to follow steps at #option 1 or #2 above to reset the camera software.

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