How To Fix Slow XIAOMI POCO F6 To Run Faster and More Responsive (Fix Lagging Performance)?

Easy Solutions for Fix Slow Issues on XIAOMI POCO F6 Troubles. Please buy this phone for expected the best performance, because it is powered by flagship Qualcomm processor. It is work with Android 14 with the HyperOS user interface and has vivid AMOLED 6.67 inches screen, perfect for both work and play.

However, like any smartphone, some users might experience lagging issues after several months of use. We’re here to provide some tips and tricks to help you keep your Xiaomi Poco F6 running smoothly.

Why Does XIAOMI POCO F6 Performance Become Slow and Not Responsive?

The XIAOMI POCO F6 is powered by Qualcomm SM8635 Snapdragon 8s Gen 3 (4 nm) processor and comes with options for either 8GB or 12GB of RAM. Apps, whether running in the background or foreground, consume RAM. If we install too many apps, the available RAM on our XIAOMI POCO F6 might become insufficient.

XIAOMI POCO F6 Qualcomm Processor For Faster Performance

It’s important to ensure we have enough free RAM. If the phone doesn’t have enough, some apps might be forced to close to free up memory, causing temporary lagging.

If we get slow performance, sometime it is due to numerous apps running in the background, such as messaging apps, social media platforms, games, and others. These apps remain on standby, waiting for data updates or commands. If too many apps run simultaneously, the Xiaomi Poco F6’s RAM and processor resources can become strained.

How to Boost Speed Performance of XIAOMI POCO F6 And Make It Run More Faster?

  1. Soft Reset/Reboot: The first step is to perform a soft reset or reboot. This clears temporary files and caches, often resulting in improved speed after the phone restarts.
  2. Uninstall Unused Apps: Go to Settings > Apps and uninstall any applications we no longer use.
  3. Disable Factory Apps: Some pre-installed apps can’t be uninstalled, but we can disable them through Settings > Apps. This can help free up RAM and processor resources.
  4. Factory Reset (Last Resort): If other solutions fail, consider a factory reset. This restores the phone to its original settings. Remember to back up all important data before proceeding.

Solutions For Slowly Gaming Performance On XIAOMI POCO F6

TheXIAOMI POCO F6 has good performance with high-end processor and fast GPU. It is work with Snapdragon 8s Gen 3 processor and Adreno 735 GPU that are designed for gaming. However, having enough free RAM before starting a game is crucial. If many apps are running in the background, games might run slowly or lag.

The Poco F6 comes with options for 256GB 8GB RAM or 512GB 12GB RAM, ensure to choose the configuration that best suits our needs for optimal gaming performance.

how to fix lagging problems on XIAOMI POCO F6

Why Is XIAOMI POCO F6 Speed Become Lagging After Upgrade?

The Poco F6 comes with Android 14 and HyperOS. While updates are meant to enhance performance, some users might experience slowdowns or lagging after an upgrade. This can happen if certain apps become corrupt or incompatible with the new operating system version.

In such cases, we recommend backing up important data and performing a factory reset. Note that this won’t downgrade the operating system.

How To Speed Up XIAOMI POCO F6?

  1. Clear Phone Cache: Regularly clear app caches to free up storage.
  2. Uninstall Unused Applications: Remove apps we don’t use.
  3. Update Applications and OS: Keep everything updated.
  4. Use Lighter Apps: Opt for lightweight alternatives to resource-intensive apps.
  5. Restart Our Phone: Reboot periodically to refresh the system.

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