How to Easily Format Reset Lenovo S560 with Safe Hard Reset ?

Lenovo S560 is Android with 4 inch LCD Screen, come with IPS that can make the result of LCD display become good. The Lenovo S560 has quad core processor and also powered with big battery 2000mAh.

Advantage of Lenovo S560 Sound Master (Lenster) Specifications:

LCD 4 inch
Processor Dual-core 1 GHz Cortex-A9
GPU PowerVR SGX531
Main Camera 5 MP, 2592×1944 pixels, autofocus
Front Camera VGA
Operating system Android OS, v4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
Internal Memory 4 GB
RAM 512 MB
Battery 2000mAh

What to do If Lenovo S560 Hang or Stuck or Freezing or Not Responding ?

Some application can make Lenovo S560 run not properly, maybe the application always run in background process and take a lot of processor resource, if you can trace which application then we can try to uninstall it. But at some reason we have to do the hard reset to format Lenovo S560 to factory reset. Restore Lenovo S560 is easy.

RestoreHard Reset Lenovo S560 with Hardware Button key:

  1. Confirm and make sure that Lenovo S560 Battery is fully charge or not empty
  2. Turn off Lenovo S560
  3. Press together :POWER + VOLUME UPabout several second, that the warning will appear at the Lenovo S560
  4. Choose:Reset Device
  5. Make sure we already sure than we know that our application and data will be loose or clear while Resetting Lenovo S560
Please remember, by doing the master reset of Lenovo S560 or format to factory default, all downloaded applications and important data will be remove or erase from this smartphone. If you don not want to loose any important data, better try to backup data as much as you can before doing the factory reset. You do not need to enter the secret code key for doing reset of Lenovo S560.

How to Enter Lenovo S560 while I forgot the Password or Security Pin or Screen Lock?

If you forget the password Lenovo S560 screen lock, try to get the Gmail account to recover the password or security lock, but if you can not access the Gmail account, then you have to do the Hard Reset of Lenovo S560 with step above.

How to make Lenovo S560 Run Faster ?

Do not install all applications that you do not know or not have good reputations, because some application can make our Lenovo S560 run slowly. In some case we have to do the master reset of Lenovo S560 to it run faster.

12 thoughts on “How to Easily Format Reset Lenovo S560 with Safe Hard Reset ?”

  1. How to Enter Lenovo S560 while I forgot the Password or Security Pin or Screen Lock?
    What to do If Lenovo S560 Hang or Stuck or Freezing or Not Responding ?

    • Hi, it seems that you have to problems. If you forget the security password or screen lock pattern, you can try to use Forget Password or Forget Pattern Button, the Lenovo S560 will ask Google account username and password to bypass your security protection. The other problem with your hang or not responding, you may try to perform hard reset with the step above.

    • Hi, you can try to do hard reset carefully can try it several times. For your next question (Wifi), we assume your question how to turn on WiFi at screen lock mode. Answer: Of course you need to turn on WiFi first in the Setting > Network > Wifi (before screen locked).

  2. Recently, I had an issue, where I am getting “Modem error log, System error log” in Lenovo s560. when I use dual sim, it shows no coverage all the time, which seems to be the phone issue. Hence I tried to reset the phone by using the above instruction, and it didnt prompt my and hard reset option. I dont have phone for screen lock. Does that anyway relate to hard reset???

    Honestly looking forward someone’s help!!!!

    Bcoz the error what I am receiving, I have not seen in any forum .

    • Hi, you can also try to do hard reset or master format your Lenovo S560 with software menu from Setting > Backup & Reset menu. If you are sure that problem with the hardware, then you need to check it at Lenovo service center.

  3. Hi There, I use my lenovo S560 and use it to travell in many countries have never had any issue. Just now I’m in US and can not connect to any network.

    Any advice? Try to use my sim card in my friends BB bold 9700 and worked fine

    • Hi, as far as we know there are not problem if you bring Lenovo S560 to US. Please contact your card provider to make sure your network available at US.

    • Hi, if your Lenovo S560 still hang, try to remove any sdcard, and do again the last hard reset or reformat. After hard reset finish, try to not login or sign in to any Google account. You have to test your phone for several minutes for browsing, watch Youtube or something without Google account just to make sure your phone hardware fine. Why we do this? Because after doing reformat but we login again with the same Google account, then sometime the Android cloud Backup may automatically restore to your Lenovo S560 and make the trouble comes again.

    • Hi, please try to use different charger to make sure your default Lenovo S560 charger still fine or not. This conditions also can happen because wrong battery information, you can try to hard reset your Lenovo S560 for reformat and make all setting back to factory default. If this problems still happen, then please replace your battery or bring to Lenovo authorize service center because they can test whether your battery or other problems.


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