How to Easily Master Format Nokia Lumia 900 with Safe Hard Reset ?

Nokia Lumia 900 is smartphone which use operating system Windows Phone 7.5 or Mango. Nokia Lumia 900 have 4.3 inch LCD screen with super AMOLED to give the good brightness and beautiful color when showing picture or movie.

Main advantage Nokia Lumia 900 Specifications:

LCD 4.3 inch Super AMOLED
Corning Gorilla Glass
Nokia ClearBlack display
Main Camera 8 MP, 3264×2448 pixels, Carl Zeiss optics, autofocus, dual-LED flash
Front Camera 1 MP
Processor 1.4 GHz Scorpion Qualcomm
GPU Adreno 205
Operating System Microsoft Windows Phone 7.5 Mango
Internal Memory 16GB storage
RAM 512 MB
Battery Li-Ion 1830 mAh

How to Master Reset Nokia Lumia 900 when Nokia Stuck or Hang or Frozen or Bricks or LCD Touch Screen Not Responding?

Have a lot off stuff at our Nokia Lumia 900 can make the smartphone become work not accurate or stuck or freezing or bricked or not responding. For this problem first think to try is doing the soft reset or reboot Nokia Lumia 900 to reset the cache or temporary files. If the problem still happen, then what you have to do is doing the hard reset for Nokia Lumia 900.

How to Force Soft Reset or Reboot or Restart Nokia Lumia 900 ?

If our Nokia Lumia 900 hang in the middle of running application so the LCD touch screen can not responsive with our finger touch, then we should have to force soft reset or force reboot by press and hold Power Button several seconds until the phone turn off by itself. We need to press Power Button again to turn on the phone. If the Nokia Lumia 900 still get problem, then we should have to do hard reset or master format. This step or soft reset or reboot is safe because the phone will not remove or wipe any important data.

#Option 1, How to Hard Reset Nokia Lumia 900 with Software Menu:

  1. Turn On Nokia Lumia 900
  2. Go to Menu Setting > About Phone, choose Reset and continue with the menu option
  3. Nokia Lumia 900 will reset all data, please remember to backup all important data before doing the master reset

#Option 2, How to Hard Reset Nokia Lumia 900 with Hardware Key Button:

  1. Turn off Nokia Lumia 900
  2. Make sure Nokia Lumia 900 battery charge properly
  3. Press and Hold together Power Button + Volume Down Button + Camera Button for several seconds
  4. If we get the vibrate of Nokia Lumia 900, then release all button
  5. Wait until the Nokia Lumia 900 doing the Hard Reset or Format
Other alternative:
  1. Turn off Nokia Lumia 900
  2. Make sure Nokia Lumia 900 battery already charge
  3. Press and hold together Volume Up + Volume Down + Power Button + Camera Button (4 button together) about more less 5 seconds or until the Nokia Lumia 900 vibrate.
  4. If you fee vibrate, then release all button except the Power Button, so you have to continue press Power Button but release all other button (Do not release Power Button start from step No.3 until step No.5)
  5. While the Power Button pressed about 4 or 5 seconds just release the Power Button, so at this step we should not press anything.
  6. Wait until the Nokia Lumia 900 doing hard reset by itself and the phone ready to setup again.

Please remember, by doing Format or Hard Reset or Restore Nokia Lumia 900, all important data will be removed from Nokia Lumia 900. We recommended to always make sure you already backup all important data.

How to Reinstall or Restore Nokia Lumia 900 Operating System or Firmware ?

When the Nokia Lumia 900 start to act not normal, sometime this is happen because the applications get crash then make the operating system damage or not work properly. At this point, we better do reinstall or restore the clean and running Microsoft Windows Phone 7.5 operating system or firmware. Just follow the steps to hard reset above, then the clean factory default Windows Phone 7.5 will be reinstall by automatically. Please remember, we should do backup or make sure all important data already copy to other device, because all data will be removed from this phone.

What to do If I forgot Security Password or Pin or Unlock Code for Nokia Lumia 900?

If you forget the security pin or password screen Nokia Lumia 900, you have to perform hard reset to factory default with step above.

Is That any Secret Code to Format or Hard Reset Nokia Lumia 900 ?

For this time we can not provide any secret code, the easy way to perform hard reset Nokia Lumia 900 is doing by hardware key or software menu step.

Can I Install Nokia Lumia 900 Upgrade to Windows Phone 8 ?

We can not upgrade the operating system or firmware of Nokia Lumia 900 to Windows Phone 8. This is because Microsoft have change the minimum specification for smartphone which able to run Windows Phone 8, and the specification is different with the phone who run Windows Phone 7.5. However, we still can update the operating system with the update for Windows Phone 7 family.

4 thoughts on “How to Easily Master Format Nokia Lumia 900 with Safe Hard Reset ?”

  1. Hi I nedd a help to unlock my nokia lumia 900 which I change the screen lock pin more than a week now I can’t rember anymore. Please is any metod for that . I have try offin it and pree together power , xamera and down keys all together us how I ready on the net . But it dos not work . So please help out.

    • Hi, unfortunately if you forget about password protection at Nokia Lumia 900, then you should do hard reset or format to factory default. Please follow again the steps alternative to hard reset Nokia Lumia 900 with hardware button.

  2. I tried using my lumia 900 with my computer but it doesnt work. I tried downloading some apps from the market but it seems all the apps i needed were not functioning. what can i do to rectify these troubles.

    I cant even access my music on the phone.


    • Hi, better you try to reformat or hard reset for your Nokia Lumia 900 to make all setting and operating system back to factory default. Please follow steps at #Option 1 above.


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