How to Easily Master Format Nokia Asha 302 & Asha 303 with Safety Hard Reset?

Solutions for fix trouble at Nokia Asha 302 & Asha 303 problems. Nokia Asha 302 and Nokia Asha 303 is the smartphone which have qwerty hardware keyboard for easy and faster typing. Both of Nokia Asha 302 & Asha 303 use the same S40 Symbian operating system. It mean, beside already have their own native applications, we still can download more from Internet and Ovi Store like Whatsapp, Line, Facebook and many games easily. But please remember of low space internal memory limitation that make us have to choose which one most use.

Several specification differences between Nokia Asha 302 and Asha 303:

LCD at Nokia Asha 302 = 2.4 inches and Nokia Asha 303 = 2.6 inches
Internal Memory Nokia Asha 302 = 100MB + 268 ROM and Nokia Asha 303 = 170MB + 268 ROM

The other specification almost similar :

MicroSD external memory up to 32GB
LCD touchscreen
Main camera about 3.2 megapixel
Processor speed 1Ghz
Qwerty Hardware Keyboard
Battery 1300Mhz

How to Fix or Problem Solving for Recovery Nokia Asha 302 & Asha 303 hang or not responding or malfunctions or stuck or freezing or bricked ?

After using several period, maybe some user have problem with their Nokia Asha 302 & Asha 303 like hang or stuck or bricks or frozen or LCD touchscreen not responding. What should we do when the problem happen? First we have to know that the operating system of Symbian S40 have ability to save some cache for the applications, some cache can make crash with the hardware. Therefore, we should have to soft reset or reboot or restart Nokia Asha 302 & Asha 303 to remove unnecessary cache or temporary files. If we install too many applications also can make the internal memory or RAM become low and also could make the application crash which make the phone get problem. Please uninstall some not use application to give some more free internal memory space.

How to Soft Reset or Restart or Reboot Nokia Asha 302 & Asha 303 ?

When you need to delete temporary files or caches, you can safely do soft reset or reboot or restart by open the back case and remove the battery of Nokia Asha 302 & Asha 303. Wait about 5 seconds and put the battery again at the right positions, the press POWER button to turn it on again. We can also do soft reset or reboot by press and hold POWER BUTTON. It is safe to do anytime, because soft reset or reboot will not remove or wipe or erase any important data.

How to Hard Reset or Master Format Nokia Asha 302 & Asha 303 when get problem?

If the Nokia Asha 302 & Asha 303 still get the trouble, then we have to do hard reset or master format. But please remeber, doing hard reset will delete all important data, please do backup before performing hard reset.

#Option 1, Hard Reset Nokia Asha 302 & Asha 303 with menu setting:

  1. Make sure the Nokia Asha 302 & Asha 303 on and standby
  2. Go to menu Setting, then chooserestore factory setting >settings only
  3. It will ask security code,input default security code of Nokia Asha 302 & Asha 303 :12345

#Option 2, Hard Reset Nokia Asha 302 & Asha 303 with special code / master key / shortcut / secret key :

  1. Try to type:*#7370#and it will ask the security code of Nokia Asha 302 & Asha 303, press 12345
  2. You also can try type:*#7380#

#Option 3, Soft Reset Nokia Asha 302 & Asha 303 with special key code :

Please take attention, this option is for soft reset, so Nokia Asha 302 & Asha 303 will not removing any important data and installed applications. How soft reset Nokia Asha 302 & Asha 303 work: It will recopy or restore the default copy of .ini to Nokia Asha 311.
  1. Type in the phone :*#7780#

How to Reinstall or Restore or Flashing Nokia Asha 302 & Asha 303 Operating System or Firmware ?

The Nokia Asha 302 & Asha 303 use Symbian S40 for operating system or firmware. The factory default source of operating system or firmware already saved inside Nokia Asha 302 & Asha 303 RAM. If our phone get trouble or operating system broken then we can reinstall or restore the factory default operating system using hard reset steps above. Doing hard reset will automatically reinstall the operating system or firmware.

How to Unlock or Bypass Forgot Security Code of Nokia Asha 302 & Asha 303?

When we want to do hard reset or master format, the phone will ask for security code protection for security reasons. By default Nokia security code protection is 12345. We are suggest not to change this code, because if we forget about the security code answer, then we have to bring to Nokia service center to unlock Nokia Asha 302 & Asha 303.

Can I Install BBM (Blackberry Messenger) at Nokia Asha 302 & Asha 303 ?

Unfortunately until now BBM still not available for Symbian operating system, the Blackberry Messenger only available for Nokia with Windows Phone operating system.

How to Install Whatsapp or LINE at Nokia Asha 302 & Asha 303 ?

We can easily install Whatsapp or LINE from Nokia Ovi Store, search that applications and install it. The other alternative for Install Whatsapp from browser and download at After sis file downloaded, then we can run it to install at our Nokia Asha 302 & Asha 303

How to make Nokia Asha 302 & Asha 303 Performance Faster ?

Most Nokia Asha 302 & Asha 303 become slowly speed to access applications because crash of application or RAM is empty. Please do not install many application, and only install recommended application from Nokia Ovi Store. Doing hard reset or master format also will make Nokia Asha 302 & Asha 303 performance faster again like new.

How to Safe Battery Life or Make Battery not Fast to Drain at Nokia Asha 302 & Asha 303 (Longer Life) ?

The battery of Nokia Asha 302 & Asha 303 have 1300 mAh. The most battery drain is 3G GSM network. Please use only 2G to make our Nokia Asha 302 & Asha 303 battery lasting longer. The low signal network also can make battery drain, because the phone will keep try to find signal that need more power and eat battery.

23 thoughts on “How to Easily Master Format Nokia Asha 302 & Asha 303 with Safety Hard Reset?”

  1. in my nokia asha 303 i click on Internet menu then display the some lines that lines is “Conflicting applications.Show items?
    then we gate two option Yes or No to click Yes display the Nokia Xpress then Stop the working of my mobile Plz help to wht i do?

    • Hi, some crash applications can make your Nokia 303 act like that. If you still can not find the solutions, we suggest you to do hard reset using software menu, but you need to re-setup again from beginning, please make sure you already backup all important data like contact and messaging.

  2. My phone is Nokia asha 302.When we restore the phone it will ask a security code(which is given 12345).But when i typer this security code it is showing an error.That is, Code error,Wrong security code. What to do? Please help.

  3. 1.Phone must be turned off so press and hold Power button.
    2.Now open up dialer by pressing Call key.
    3.Tap this code using keypad: “* 3”.
    4.Release holded buttons, if you see logo Nokia on your screen.
    5.Next confirm Factory reset operation by clickingCall key.
    6.Now your phone will restart.
    7.Success! your phone is now ready to use.
    Second method:
    1.Power on the device.
    2.Next navigate toMenu->Settings->Restore Factory Settings.
    3.Afterwards enter security code:12345
    4.Now your phone will reset.
    5.Please restart your phone now.
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    • Hi, maybe you or someone else has been changing the security default code of your Asha 302. At this conditions you have to ask Nokia service center to unlock forgotten security code.

  4. Hi,help me to unlock security code for my Nokia asha 303. My teen brother changed it from the usual “12345”without my consent hence can’t recall the code!

    • Hi, at this time you have to bring your Nokia Asha 303 to nearest Nokia authorize service center to unlock forgotten security code.

    • Hi, please try to type default security code 12345. If you or someone else ever change that code then you have to bring your phone to Nokia authorize service center.

  5. Hi ,I am using nokia asha 302.The problem is if i install whatsapp it says invalid application.plz tell me how.How i can do Hard reset???

    • Hi, as far as we know, Whatsapp is not give update for new version for Nokia Asha 302 family. Therefore something you will get some trouble if install that apps.

      • But my friend is using whatsapp in his own asha 302 why? But my own when i install it,it will say old version all the time

        • Hi, as far as we know the Whatsapp already stop their support for old operating system including for Nokia Asha 302 and Asha 303. Maybe your friend Whatsapp has been installed long time before Whatsapp stop the support for that OS.

  6. Filling up device memory makes phones hang, but when device memory is free, phone would be super fast.
    I own a Nokia 302 and all applications I installed are on sd card (8gb). Nothing on my phone memory except pre-installed applications like twitter, whatsapp, Facebook, e-buddy, bounce etc.

    • Hi, maybe you should try to use different memory card to make sure your phone still can work or not. Because sometime it is happen because memory card itself is broken.

    • Hi, usually as far as your network simcard already at GSM then it can work without troubles. However, please consult with your network provider to check your trouble simcard.


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