How to Easily Master Format Samsung Galaxy Camera EK GC100 with Safe Hard Reset ?

Samsung Galaxy Camera GC100 is digital camera which using Android for operating system. Samsung Galaxy Camera have all feature from digital camera, with Android operating system also make the Android functions become powerfull as Samsung Galaxy S3 or some kind of that. There are 2 type Samsung Galaxy Camera GC100 with GSM card and Samsung Galaxy Camera GC110 without GSM card (wifi only). Please remember, because this is digital camera, then we can not make a phone call at Samsung Galaxy Camera GC100. The GSM 3G only can be use for internet connections and SMS.

Advantage of Samsung Galaxy Camera GC100 Specifications:

LCD 4.8 inch
Processor Quad-core 1.4 GHz Cortex-A9
GPU Mali-400MP
Main Camera 16.3 MP, 4608×3456 pixels, autofocus, pop-up Xenon flash, AF light
Optical zoom of Main Camera 21x optical zoom,
Operating system Android OS, v4.1 (Jelly Bean), upgradable to v4.1.2 (Jelly Bean)
Internal Memory 8 GB
Battery Li-Ion 1650 mAh

How to Soft Reset or Reboot Samsung Galaxy Camera GC100?

Easy to soft reset Samsung Galaxy Camera GC100, press the Power Button for several second to do the soft reset, the camera will reboot automatically. The other alternatif to reboot or reset by take the battery off, and then plug it again, then press the power button to restart. This steps is safe to do anytime, because soft reset or reboot or restart will only shutdown the Samsung Galaxy Camera GC100 and will not remove any important data or installed applications.

How to Fix Samsung Galaxy Camera GC100 while Hang or stuck or not responding or freezing?

When our Samsung Galaxy Camera GC100 got problem, try to do the soft reset or reboot to clean up the temporary files or cache. If Samsung Galaxy Camera GC100 still get the problem then try to do the hard reset.

#Option 1, How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy Camera GC100 with Software Menu :

  1. Turn on Samsung Galaxy Camera GC100
  2. Make sure battery Samsung Galaxy Camera GC100 already charge
  3. Go to Menu: Setting > Backup and reset > Factory data reset > Reset device
  4. Choose Erase everything
  5. Samsung Galaxy Camera GC100 will do format with master reset process

#Option 2, How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy Camera GC100 with Hardware Button Key:

  1. Turn on Samsung Galaxy Camera GC100
  2. Make sure the battery of Samsung Galaxy Camera GC100 already charge
  3. Press and hold together Power Button and slide Zoom + for several seconds
  4. If the menu appear in LCD screen, choose Wipe Data/Factory Resetwith Zoom + or Zoom -, press Power Button to ok or enter
  5. follow the other menu option to do the master hard reset Samsung Galaxy Camera GC100

Please remember to always do backup important data before doing format to factory default Samsung Galaxy Camera GC100 hard reset, because all important data and installed applications will be removed while doing the format process.

How to fix Forgot Password or Security Code or Screen lock of Samsung Galaxy Camera GC100?

When we forget password Samsung Galaxy Camera GC100 screen lock password, try to get the Gmail account to recover the password or security lock, but if you can not access the Gmail account, then you have to do the Hard Reset of Samsung Galaxy Camera GC100 with step by step above.

How to Restore or Unlock Samsung Galaxy Camera GC100 with Step by Step process ?

We already wrote some options above to do the hard reset or format to factory default of Samsung Galaxy Camera GC100, the process will take time about less than 10 minutes. Do not forget to backup all important data and make sure the battery of Samsung Galaxy Camera GC100 is not empty while doing the hard reset.

Can I Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy Camera GC100 with Secret Hidden Code?

You can try Samsung general secret hidden code to do master format to factory default with this code:*2767*3855#

How to make Samsung Galaxy Camera GC100 work for Phone Call?

There are several ways to do it, if you want to make easy step, just install Skype or any VoiP applications for Android, with this applications we can make a phone call to other number. Other alternatif is doing root and install custom ROM, but this step will make void the warranty.

41 thoughts on “How to Easily Master Format Samsung Galaxy Camera EK GC100 with Safe Hard Reset ?”

  1. What if the Flash of my samsung camera got stuck and the flash button didnt return to it’s normal place and got stuck. How can i turn it to normal.

    • Hi, if your flash button is not in the right positions, then maybe you can not access flash hardware again. You have to bring to Samsung service center to open the seal and track back to flash button to proper position.

    • Hi, we are not suggest to root our Samsung Galaxy Camera, because it may broke or damage our camera if we do wrong step. But maybe some other community website have the step to make the GSM phone call work although we are not sure about that. By default the 3G network at Samsung Galaxy Camera GC100 only work for Internet data connection. The voice call still can be done by using 3th party applications like Skype or Vibre or something like that.

  2. My flash button got stuck. We had to repair it to the nearest Samsung Repair Centre. But then after a week, it got stuck again. We asked if they could repair it for free but they didn’t and still asked for a fee. Isn’t it their fault because their repair wasn’t good ?

    • Hi, as far as the button not broke because user too hard to press or fall and when the camera still on warranty, then it should get free, unless the Samsung repair center can prove that the trouble happen because user usage then you need to pay for that. Also usually if the trouble happen again at the same positions that already repaired within some period of time, it should be free. But please remember, some authorize repair center in some area or country have their policy that we can not sure about that.

  3. My CG100 cannot turn on. I pressed power button and nothing.
    I have 3 new batteries to try. Now it doesn’t take any charge from the connector. Try to soft reset, hard reset but nothing.

    How can I fix it? Or My Samsung dead?

    Please help.

    Thanks a lot.

    • Hi, if you already try to use 3 other new that we assume fully charge or not empty at your Samsung Galaxy Camera EK-GC100 than maybe the problem comes with your hardware. Usually some users call it as hard brick. You need to bring your camera to Samsung service center and they will check for further solutions. If your camera still have warranty, then the worse case of solution that they will change the main board for free.

      • hi dean, i have the same issue now… My camera just shutdown and i dunno what to do 🙁 i wish to hear from your experience and your visit to the service center?

  4. Hi, my camera seems to be stuck in safe mode. i somehow managed to exit the same and took pictures but its once again gone to safe mode and shows none of the pictures i took yesterday when i exited the same mode. how do i retrieve the photos and exit the safe mode

    • Hi, maybe you have installed some applications that make your Samsung Galaxy Camera GC100 become trouble and turn to safe mode automatically. Try to remove some suspected applications that you have downloaded or installed from Google Play Store. If you can not find the applications or the problem still happen, then you should consider to do hard reset or master format with software menu above. The steps can also do at safe mode.

      If you have pictures at your camera, please backup or copy or move the photos and other important data with connect to USB Cable and plug it at your computer, wait several seconds and you can try to find your Samsung Galaxy Camera folder at My Computer or file browser at your PC. You can copy and paste pictures or data to your computer. Other alternative, you can also try to remove the memory card, and read with card reader from your computer.

    • Hi, by default you do not have dial pad number for make call at Samsung Galaxy Camera EKGC100, but SMS still available send and received messages. If you would like to recharge credit value of your simcard, then you need to use electronic charge like use bank system or something like that. It is also depend on operator, maybe you can ask them about possibility recharge using text message or SMS.

  5. help please i have a samsung galaxy camera ek-gc100 i inserted a GLBOE sim card but i cant send a messages but i received a text message from other help please im from philippines

    • Hi, using Camera EK-GC100 should be able to send and receive the SMS message. Please make sure your SMS service center number is correct base by your GSM provider. You can consult with your provider for this situations.

  6. Hi.

    Why has my 3G stopped working? I have tried several sim cards that work in other products in the camera but it doesn’t work.

    • Hi, if you have tried to change with other GSM simcard but the 3G does not work, then you have to check the network setting and make sure your Samsung Galaxy Camera already use 3G / WCDMA preferred or 3G / WCDMA only. If your 3G still can not work, then please try to do hard reset or reformat your Samsung Galaxy Camera to make all setting back to factory default, the factory default will activate the 3G/HSDPA as proffered setting.

    • Hi, please try to force soft reset your Samsung Galaxy EK GC100 using hardware button combination key at #Option 2 above.

  7. Hi I have a Samsung Galaxy Camera GC100 when you press power button it starts but freezes at the samsung screen will not power down just keeps going through start up and freezes.I have to take out battery to switch it of.

    • Hi, you can try to force hard reset your Samsung Galaxy Camera GC100 using hardware button combination key with steps at #Option 2 above.

    • Hi, we suggest you to do hard reset or master format your Samsung Galaxy Camera GC100 using hardware button combination key above.

    • Hi, the flash can not work because of applications problems or hardware problems. You can consider doing hard reset to reset all setting to factory default, then try again to use camera apps and using flash light at your Samsung EK GC100, if the flash light still not work, then maybe you get hardware problems and need to get repair at Samsung authorize service center.

  8. hi I have put in a password but when I write it in , it keeps saying try again . I haven’t changed it and no on else has had access to the camera I have tried to soft reset and hard reset but it still says the same thing is there any way to get rid of the security password ? ?

    • Hi, usually if you have already done hard reset or reformat to factory default (either using #option 1 or #option 2), then your Samsung Galaxy Camera EK GC100 will reinstall operating system and revert back all setting to factory default. Please try to reformat again or hard reset, after that please do not give/login to any Google account, to make sure your cloud backup will not restore automatically.

  9. Hi
    My EK-GC100 turned off while shooting
    Tried to restart it…
    Zoom got hanged out

    I connected it to the charger
    Nothing happened

    I noticed that while putting it on charger that if I push on the left zoom lever I get a message regarding OS and asks me if I want to continue (right side)
    To cancel (left side)
    When I push on cancel
    It shows the Samsung logo
    Then nothing

    • Hi, maybe at this time you should try to do hard reset your Samsung Galaxy Camera EK-GC100 using hardware button combination key, this steps will reinstall the operating system at your camera.

  10. Hi, my camra ekgc100 when i am do start phone then phone show only samsung logo and automatic restart again and again and i use hard reset his camra but only show downloading target phone can not shut down
    Plz tell me any sugetion

    • Hi, maybe you can try to do hard reset again carefully. Unplug the battery to make it totally off, then put again that battery at right positions, follow steps to hard reset using hardware button combination key at your Samsung Galaxy Camera EKGC100, hopefully it can help.

  11. Hi good day,

    I have samsung galaxy camera but the problem is the auto focus is not functioning. Only when zooming it autofocus. Is there a way i can calibrate camera lens? My unit was bought from taiwan. Im from philippines. Thanks

    • Hi, once auto focus functions is on then it will run at any conditions whether zoom or not. For calibrate lens , as far as we know, Samsung Galaxy Canera EKGC100 does bot have facilities to calibrate the lens, however you may try to hard reset to restore all setting and operating systems to factory default.

  12. after doing the factory reset on my ek-gc100 because the screen touch was not responding, it booted to a chinese language and yet the screen doesn’t still work. Please help

    • Hi, please try to change the language at menu Setting, maybe you can not read the Chinese character at your Samsung Galaxy Camera EK-GC100 but you can find the icon with A or any character that mean Language menu.

  13. Hi, i have my Samsung Galaxy Camera 1, my problem is, everytime i turn it on, it shuts off after the samsung logo appeared. i already tried the Option 2 method above but it doesn’t fix my problem. did someone experienced this too? thanks in advance

    • Hi, usually after you have done hard reset either using menu Setting or hardware button combination key, then your Samsung Galaxy Camera will be reformat to factory default. Therefore if your problems happen because applications or operating system damage, then your Samsung Galaxy Camera will back to factory default and the downloaded applications will be remove as wel.. However, if your problems still happen,then please consult with Samsung authorize service center.

  14. Hi, my Samsung Galaxy Camera EK-GC100 is always restarting. When I turn it on it’ll load and restart again. Can anyone help me with my problem? TIA

    • Hi, better for you to do hard reset using hardware button combination key like steps at #option 2 above. That process will reformat your Samsung Galaxy Camera to factory default and it will solve the problems as far as not hardware trouble.

    • Hi, please try to soft reset or restart or reboot to clean all temporary files at your Samsung Galaxy Camera. Otherwise, you have to do hard reset to reformat your Samsung Galaxy Camera using hardware button combination key.


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