How to Easy Master Reset SAMSUNG GALAXY S4 I9500 with Safe Hard Reset ?

Tips and tricks for solving Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500 problems. Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500 has new processor technology from Samsung which said more faster than Quad Core Android. Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500 using totally 6 core of processor collaboration between Quad-Core and Dual-Core processor to power up the operating system and application process.

Advantage of Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500 Specifications:

LCD 5 inch Super AMOLED
Processor Quad-core 1.6 GHz Cortex-A15 & quad-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A7
GPU PowerVR SGX 544MP3
Main Camera 13 MP, 4128 x 3096 pixels, autofocus, LED flash
Front Camera 2 MP,1080p@30fps, dual video call
Operating system Android OS, v4.2.2 (Jelly Bean) upgradeable
Internal Memory 16/32/64 GB
External microSD slot up to 64GB
Battery Li-Ion 2600 mAh

How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500 when get problem Stuck or Freezing or Hang or Bricks or Not Responding?

There are a lot off applications that can make Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500 become not running properly like hang or stuck or freezing. try to soft reset or reboot Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500 to delete temporary files and cache. If the problem still appear, maybe installed applications make it become problem.

Some user may find what application which make Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500 become freezing, but if you can not find the applications, the easiest way is try to restore hard reset Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500 to factory default.

How to Soft Reset or Reboot SAMSUNG GALAXY S4 I9500 ?

If you want to soft reset SAMSUNG GALAXY S4 I9500, try to remove the battery and then put again to the place then turn on the SAMSUNG GALAXY S4 I9500 to do reboot or soft reset. If you do not want to open the battery, you can do easily with pressing Power Button for several seconds and the option menu to turn off or reboot will appear.

#Option 1, How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500 with software menu:

  1. Turn on Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500
  2. Make sure Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500 battery already charge properly
  3. Go to menu: Setting > Backup & Reset > Factory Data Reset > Reset Device
  4. Choose Delete All
  5. Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500 will do the process to Master Reset to Factory Default

#Option 2, How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500 with Hardware key button:

  1. Make sure the battery of Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500 charge properly
  2. Turn off Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500
  3. Press and hold together : Power Button + Volume Up + Home Button
  4. If the button at number 3 not work, you can try with press and hold together Power Button + Volume Up Buttonuntil the phone vibrate and release only Power Button (do not release Volume Up + Home button)
  5. Wait until the Recovery menu appear and now we can release all button
  6. If we see the menu at LCD screen, choose Wipe Data/Factory Reset with Volume Button to select and use Power Button to ok or enter.
  7. The Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500 will doing the process of restoring to factory default.

#Option 3, How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500 with Secret Key Code Security:

  1. Turn on Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500
  2. Make sure the battery of Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500 not empty
  3. dial or press number to call: *2767*3855#
  4. That number code will force format Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500

Be careful to always backup any important data because by doing master reset or hard reset Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500 will erase all important data and installed applications. Samsung Galaxy SIV also known as SGS4 or SGS IV.

How to Restore or Unlock Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500 with Step by Step process ?

We already wrote some options above to do the hard reset or format to factory default of Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500, the process will take time about less than 10 minutes. The most important think is make sure your Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500 battery is not empty while doing the hard reset.

How to Reinstall or Restore Clean Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500 Android Operating System?

Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500 use Android for the operating system. When the phone get problem or you think that Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500 need to be reinstall with the clean operating system then you can do it easily without have to be copy Android the source from outside, because the clean and factory default setting Android operating system already saved inside Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500 rom. You just need to do hard reset step then the clean operating system will be reinstall again in Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500, but please remember, doing this will make all data and installed applications removed or wiped from this smartphone.

How to make Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500 Run Faster ?

A lot off application will make Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500 slowdown. Do not install all applications that you do not know or not have good reputations, because some application can make Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500 run slowly. In some case we have to do the master reset of Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500 to it run faster.

How to fix Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500 while I forgot the Password or Security Pin or Screen Lock?

If you forget the password Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500 screen lock, you can find the button to restoring forget password with Gmail account to recover the password or security lock, but if you can not access the Gmail account, then you have to do the master reset format of Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500 with step by step above.

How to Backup Data important Data Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500 when we want to Format ?

If you already synchronize with Google account, contact or important data will be automatically backup to Google account. All SMS should be backup manually with applications from Google Play Store. The installed applications and applications data can not be backup. If you use Samsung PC applications, there are an options to backup more. Try to install the software at PC, and connect it with USB cable.

How to Clean Virus or Malware or Spyware from SAMSUNG GALAXY S4 I9500?

Virus is something which make SAMSUNG GALAXY S4 I9500 become act unusual, virus or spyware or malware appear at our SAMSUNG GALAXY S4 I9500 because of applications which is installed either from Google Play Store or from APK installer or other Android applications library/store. If you are suspected the SAMSUNG GALAXY S4 I9500 have infected by virus or spyware or malware, then you need to download the antivirus from Google Play Store who have good reputations, you can see it from user review and minimal review count is more than 5000 better. After download then run the Antivirus to scan all applications and memory at SAMSUNG GALAXY S4 I9500. If the antivirus got the result to removed or change the setting, follow the step and hopefully you smartphone become free from virus or spyware or malware. If you SAMSUNG GALAXY S4 I9500 still get problem, then you may need to consider doing hard reset with master format.

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  1. Hi I got the samsung mega 5.8 , 45 days back and within 3 weeks the phone froze. I didn’t understand the reason because it’s a brand new phone and how can it hang so fast. I did the battery pull and it worked ok.since then it froze more 4 times. When the phone automatically scans my homes secured wifi and when all of sudden when I’m just randomly using the gangs whenever any time. . I don’t like to pull the battery again and again. I wish they replace it and give m damn irritated by all this hangs. Plzzzzz help

    • Hi, I feel sorry for your problem. If I’m not wrong base by what you wrote, if the problem happen you just try to do soft reset by removing the battery of Samsung Galaxy Mega, Why don’t you try to do hard reset with the step from SAMSUNG GALAXY MEGA by go to menu: Setting > Backup & Reset > Factory Data Reset > Reset Device and Choose Delete All. And see what happen after that.

  2. I forgot my pin lock on my galaxy s4 i9500 and i’ve tried several times trying to know my pin. But, it always says “You have incorrectly typed your PIN 90 times. Try again in 30 seconds.” i cant see the button for recover password by gmail. What should i do?

    • Hi, in normal situations, the Forget Password / Pattern button will be appear after your phone is locked because several time wrong password answer. Try to find it correctly.

    • Hi, sorry we do not fully understand about your question. But doing hard reset or master format our Samsung Galaxy S4 will make all downloaded / installed applications and important data will be removed from our smartphone. Please backup your important data before doing hard reset. There are not options to hard reset but keep our installed applications without lose any setting options. Usually if we backup with Google cloud backup or standard backup applications, only the applications will be back after we do restore.

  3. Hi!! My samsung s4 IG9500 suddenly got error occur in the phone contact.. And it got stuck..tried hard to restart my phone again but failed..Don’t knw how to remove that error..

    • Hi, if you already try to do hard reset but you can not finish or do the process, then maybe something happen with the hardware problem. You should try to bring to Samsung service center for further observations.

  4. Hi

    Please i’ve a problem
    I entered my pattren correctly suddnly a msg appear
    “Enter unlock pin”

    What i have to do??
    I can’t make hard rest cuz i have important files
    Any help?

    • Hi, usually this problem happen because you give wrong pattern. Or this problem also can happen if your simcard also have PIN lock code. Please try to remove your simcard or change with different unlock one.

  5. Hi, My Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-9500 Got Pattern Code That i Forgotten and for hard resetting my volume up Button Didn’t work any other way for hard resiting for my situation? Please Help.

    • Hi, when you get problem with forgotten security pattern for Samsung Galaxy S4, you still can try to unlock using Google account or Gmail account that you already sign-in when the first time we activate this phone. Please remember when try to unlock or bypass forgotten security pattern protections, you have to make sure the Internet connection is active at this phone. Do not remove GSM card, and your GSM card should already have Internet data connections. If you still can not access your Google account, you have to do hard reset with hardware key button. You should do the process carefully and try several time when you can not access that menu.

  6. Hy. When I update my S4 to kitkat 4.4, the phone restart ok 2 times and in the lastone, it was freeze on the “samsung” image and never go on. So I force to shoot down and the recoevery system go up. I didnt knew what to do, so I press “reset to factory data” or something like that, and phone reboot OK. BUT In the new factory way. SO, I lost all my personal data.

    My question is, how can I recover my data back?

    Thanks A LOT!! I Need this data back.

    • Hi, unfortunately we can not restore back your data while already removed when doing hard reset or reset to factory default, because your wiped or erased data might rewrite with other file from OS source, so it kind of imposible to get it back or unformat or undelete it. Well, maybe some applications have promise at their descriptions to undelete or restore back, but usually we can not get good result for that.

  7. Hi, I’ve attempted hard reset at least 30 times (I bought my phone on ebay & there is a lock code) but this method doesn’t seem to work!- I have a Galaxy S4 I500

    Could you offer any suggestions? I’m getting very frustrated!

    • Hi, if you can not solve the problem at your Samsung Galaxy S4, then you should try to bring your phone to nearest Samsung customer service center to ask their help, maybe your phone need to be re-flash with latest firmware, and they usually can do that easily.

    • Hi, you can try to unlock forgotten security protection at Samsung Galaxy S4 using Gmail username and account that you have already signed-in before. Try to give several time wrong answer continuously until you find Forgot Password button, press this button to unlock you forgotten pin. Please make sure your Internet connection active while unlock or bypass forgotten security protection using Gmail account. If you still can not access Gmail account at your Samsung Galaxy S4, you have to do hard reset with hardware button steps at #Option 2 above.

    • Hi, please give more information about what kind of stack default problem at your Samsung Galaxy S4? If your phone can not startup, then you should try do hard reset using hardware button.

    • Hi, you can try to unlock your forgotten protection at your Samsung Galaxy S4 using Google account after doing several time wrong answer continuously, then the phone will freeze about 30 seconds, at this time you will find Forgot Password button, press this button and you will find field to type your Gmail username and password that you have already signed in before. If you still can not access Gmail account from your phone, then you need to do hard reset using hardware button.

  8. Tried to do a hard reset after my phone(samsung gt-i9500) froze but the screen just light up with an exclamation mark in a triangle and an android on its back.

    • Hi, please make sure you are use standard non root firmware for your Samsung Galaxy S4. At normal conditions, you an remove the battery to turn off and put again to activate or turn on your phone. You may try to do again hard reset using hardware button keys. However, some standard steps will not solve the problem if the Samsung Galaxy S4 already use other 3th party ROM or already get some root tweak.

  9. Sir,I have Samsung s419500.I forget pattern and I will try many times it will ask google user name and password but I forget google Acc and password also .but many times I will tried above the procedure suddenly it shows ! Symbol covered by triangle box I don’t next what can I do pls help me

    • Hi, the recovery procedure with Google account only available if you still remember the username and password for that Google account. If you also forgot the Google account username and password, then you have to do hard reset your Samsung Galaxy S4 using hardware button like steps at #Option 2 above.

    • Hi, if you forgot screen lock protection at your Samsung Galaxy S4, and you can not bypass it using Google account, then you have to do hard reset using hardware button combination key, please follow steps at #Options 2 above, but all your important data and installed applications will be wipe or remove from this phone.

  10. Hey i have a problem with my samsung galaxy S4 GT19500 that its (return) and (options) buttons do not work ..It has been since 2 days. I have been waiting for them to respond but in vain .Please tell me how to solve it?

    • Hi, first you can try to do hard reset or master format using software menu, because it seems that your Samsung Galaxy S4 still can boot normally. After finish hard reset, please try again that two buttons. However, if this problems does not solve after doing reformat, then you have to bring your phone to Samsung authorize service center for further hardware check.

  11. I have a S4 GT-I9500 it had full root but after last up date I have kingroot 4.9.5 only root app i have left won’t let me open play store app a few others it won’t read my external sd card to save on but still have to unmount to take it out just says error when I reinsert it works fine in other devises and won’t let me download from Web sites still have galaxy apps work what can I do

    • Hi, unfortunately we can not give good answer for rooted Samsung Galaxy S4, because there are some non standard possibilities may happen at rooted phone. Please consult with some other community such as XDA-Developers or something like that.

  12. My sumsung s4 it’s jst freezing trying to reset by factory setting its failing trying to hard reset it’s not coming through sometimes it’s keep on rebooting itself and sometimes it’s coming alright after 3 mons it becomes hot and restart

    • Hi, usually this problems comes because application crash. Please try to do hard reset and install only safe applications that you have used for daily activity. We are not suggest to install battery saver or other phone tweak because your Samsung Galaxy S4 already have enough specifications.

    • Hi, at normal official firmware, Samsung Galaxy S4 will give you ability for OTA (over the air) firmware upgrade, that’ss why you do not need to use any computer. However, this OTA will not available if your Samsung Galaxy S4 already flash with 3th party Android firmware. Please make sure what kind of firmware version that you use. You need to follow each 3th party developer page to get latest custom firmware upgrade.


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