How to Safely Master Reset Nokia Lumia 710 with Easy Hard Reset ?

Nokia Lumia 710 is smartphone with Microsoft Windows Phone 7.5 operating system. In some country Nokia Lumia 710 also known as Nokia Sabre.

The main Advantage specifications of Nokia Lumia 710:

LCD 3.7 inchi
Processor 1.4Ghz
Memory Internal 8GB ROM with 512 RAM
Camera 5 MP, autofocus,
Operating System Microsoft Windows Phone 7.5 (Manggo)
Battery Li-Ion 1300 mAh

How to Hard Reset or Format Nokia Lumia 710?

First think to do when our Nokia Lumia 710 get problem such as get hang or stuck or freezing or brick or not responding then what we have to do is master reset the Nokia Lumia 710, of course you have to make sure doing the soft reset or reboot the Nokia Lumia 710 before doing the Master Reset.

#Option 1, Hard Reset Nokia Lumia 710 with software menu:

  1. Turn on the Nokia Lumia 710
  2. Go to Menu Setting
  3. Choose About and choose Reset Phone
#Option 2, Hard Reset Nokia Lumia 710 with Hardware Key Button:
  1. Turn off Nokia Lumia 710
  2. Press and hold together Volume Down Button + Power Button + Camera Button
  3. If we get vibrate in Nokia Lumia 710, release only Power Button (the Volume Down & Camera Button still hold)
  4. After Windows Logo appear, release all button
  5. The Nokia Lumia 710 will do the reset

Question and Answer about Nokia Lumia 710

What to do if I forgot Security Key Password Code Nokia Lumia 710 ?

If you forgot Nokia Lumia 710 pin password code, you have to do the hard reset with the step above. Please keep in good

What is the Secret Code for Restoring or Master Reset Nokia Lumia 710?

There are no Secret Code for doing Format and Hard Reset Nokia Lumia 710, just do the above instructions.

How do I upgrade Nokia Lumia 710 to Microsoft Windows Phone 8 ?

Many user ask how to upgrade Nokia Lumia 710 operating system smartphone to latest Microsoft Windows Phone 8 family. But we find the official information from Microsoft that Nokia Lumia 710 can not upgrade to Windows Phone 8, because the new WP 8 OS need more higher specifications.

14 thoughts on “How to Safely Master Reset Nokia Lumia 710 with Easy Hard Reset ?”

  1. My lumia got freezd while charging thru sony’s laptop now all it can do is vibration on pressing power button but not powering on. What to do plz help ?

  2. will here from u let me try to reset it i forgot my pin password to unlock my phone as it switches i’m to get access to it but let me try to do as u said

    • Hi, unfortunately the only steps for break or unlock forgotten security protection at Nokia Lumia 710 is hard reset using hardware button combination key, but all data and installed applications will be remove as well.

    • Hi, you have to do it carefully steps by steps. Please make sure your Nokia Lumia 710 power off, press Power button + Volume Down button + Camera button together, wait until vibrate and release POWER button only. Wait until Windows Logo appear, then release all button.
      If you still can not do hard reset Nokia Lumia 710 using this hardware button, then you have to bring to Nokia authorize service center for further check.

  3. Hi, just want to ask after I hard reset my lumia710 the camera keeps launching eventhough I’m not using it.. Even when I press the lock/power button the camera launches..

    • Hi, please try to hard reset using hardware button combination key like steps at option #2 above. If still not work then you have to bring your Nokia Lumia 710 to service center for further check.


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