How to SAFETY MASTER RESET Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 (Young) with Easy Hard Reset?

Let see the Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 or usually also known as Samsung Galaxy Young, this is good smartphone with Android operating system, Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 have 3 inchi LCD and using GSM network for communications with broadband access HSDPA (3G). The processor of Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 is 830Mhz enough for doing work at this smartphone.

Sometime for some reason this Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 can not use properly or hang or not responding or stuck so the LCD screen can not access to anywhere. In this this we should try to doing soft reset or reboot Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 with press and hold the power button and choose restart. But if the problem still happen than we have to do the hard reset for format Samsung Galaxy Y S5360

How to Format and Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 ?

#Option 1, Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 with Software Menu:

  1. Turn on the Samsung Galaxy Y S5360
  2. Make sure you alrady backup the important data in Samsung Galaxy Y S5360, because all important data and installed applications will be removed
  3. Go to Menu Setting > Privacy > Factory Data Reset > Reset Phone > Erase
  4. The Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 will doing the factory reset until it finish

#Option 2, Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 with Hardware Key Button:

  1. Turn off the Samsung Galaxy Y S5360
  2. Press and hold together Power Button + Home Button + Volume Up until we see the recovery menu in Android LCD screen
  3. at the menu, choose Wipe Data / Factory Reset option, for navigate use Volume Button, and press Home button (in the middle down) to ok or confirm.

How to recover Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 if forgot Password or Pin or Security Pattern Pin ?

If we forget the Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 security pin or password pattern, what you have to do is doing the factory reset like what we wrote above.

When will We Need to Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 ?

Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 need to be hard reset to factory default when we can not access anything at this phone, or when we feel that the phone become running slow or some unusual problem happen at ourSamsung Galaxy Y S5360. Please remember to always backup your data before doing format or Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy Y S5360.

How to Add and Remove Google Account at Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 ?

Please go do menu Setting > Account and add your Google / Gmail account to make this phone work properly. We also have to use Google account to download some apps from Google Play Store. If you want to remove Google account from Samsung Galaxy Y S5360, then please backup all important data and do hard reset or master format to clean or remove all data from Samsung Galaxy Y S5360.

22 thoughts on “How to SAFETY MASTER RESET Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 (Young) with Easy Hard Reset?”

    • Hi, not all applications compatible with Samsung Galaxy Y, please make sure the requirement of that application is fit to this smartphone.

    • Hi, you can try to unlock or bypass Samsung Galaxy Y screen lock pattern protection using Gmail username and account. Please give several time wrong answer continuously until you phone freeze for several seconds, you will find Forgot Pattern button, press it to unlock or bypass forgotten security protection using Gmail account that you have already signed in before. If you can not access Gmail account, then you have to do hard reset with hardware button key.

      • Samsung galaxy y gts 5360
        Is patern look forgot the password but it is asking
        Gmail sin in bu my divaice WiFi and mobail data connections
        Of what to doo please help me how to sin in or reset my phone

        • Hi, unfortunately for unlock forgotten security screen lock pattern protection need to use Internet data connection either with Wifi or with GSM provider. If you can not provide Internet network, then nothing you can do for save your data unless you have to do hard reset, sadly doing hard reset will remove all important data and installed applications.

          • For too many wrong pattern attempts , For security reasons it asks to login with your Google account username and Password, but if you are not connected to wifi , you are helpless,

            The below Can work in Samsung Galaxy
            1) On the screen where it asks for Google login , below you can find emergency Call tab , click on it
            2) Once in the Emergency Dial in , swipe the notification features on the Top,
            3) Once when in the notification screen you can turn on your wifi , and Wifi becomes enabled.
            4) Then you are good to go once connected to wifi, you can login through your Google Account and well you get unlocked,
            5) Provide a new or re-use your earlier Pattern !!

            If you don’t remember your Google Account then you have to do a Reset where you may lose your Data , try the below steps
            1) Press Volume Up + Home buttons simultaneously and without releasing these buttons press power button.
            2)Now select wipe data + factory reset when the Dark Screen appears like a DOS prompt
            On next screen select YES.
            This will erase all data and restore your phone to factory settings .Press volume up/down key to change the options and home button to select the option. This will rest your Phone !!

            Happy and Hopeful Wrong Pattern Hunting !!

    • Hi, if you get problem with Samsung Galaxy Y, then please try to hard reset using hardware button key with steps at #Option 2 above.

  1. I followed all the steps in formatting and hard reset but still my samsung galaxy Y keep on restarting so i cant be able to open my phone kindly help me pls…

    • Hi, if you have done the process to hard reset but your Samsung Galaxy Y still restarting by itself, then it must be something happen with your hardware and need to get further hardware check from Samsung authorize service center.

  2. Hi,
    just been given a galaxy y s5360 from a friend and he did a factory reset, but now I’m unable to use the camera or view photos, download music etc. as it says no sd card inserted and when I go into my files the same thing occurs although my friend says he never had a sd card and everything worked ok. has he deleted something that now needs to be reinstalled?
    Thanks in advance

    • Hi, basically if your Samsung Galaxy Young does still at standard conditions (without root or without custom rom), then the factory default operating system will be reinstall automatically after doing hard reset for factory data reset. Please try to hard reset again one more time. If the camera still can not work, then you have to test download other 3th party camera from Google Play Store to test your hardware camera still fine. We also suggest you to give MicroSD card for your Samsung Galaxy Y because the internal memory are really limited.

  3. i cant open my cellphone because of the pin code that I’ve set… i forgot the pin code. i’ve try all the options but my cellphone is still locked… when i tried to enter the first number of the pin code, it’s restarting by it self.. so can you please help me..

    • Hi, usually if you forgot pin lock, then you can try several time until your Samsung Galaxy Y freezing, but will not reset by itself, unless your phone get trouble. You should do hard reset with hardware button combination key to reformat the operating system of your Samsung Galaxy Y.

  4. Thanks for this. I knew we had to press 3 buttons for the reset. Others please note that you might have to really hold those buttons for a long time and keep it pressed even if it reboots. Then the Android will appear.

  5. its not working bcuz my gts5360 is bricked while doing its says failed ..i repeated the process in clock work mode to run my gt is there only one reinstall a new firmware is there is a another way like small size zip files…?

    • Hi, if your Samsung Galaxy Y has been bricks, then you can not use this standard procedure to fix your phone. Please consult with Samsung authorized service center for further help.


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