This is simple steps to disable or stop or remove SAMSUNG TALKBACK Voice Assistant. Please note, some version of Samsung Android smartphone will not give exactly the same menu, because of Android firmware upgrade, but usually it will not far away from these steps.

If we want to turn it on or enable Android Talkback Voice assistance, then please follow these steps :

How Turn On / Off Android TALKBACK Voice assistance

How To Remove or Disable SAMSUNG TALKBACK Voice Assistant :

Option #1 : Please press and hold Volume Up + Volume Down button together for several seconds about 3 or 5 seconds. Then we will see pop-up information for turn off or disable Talkback/Voice Assistant.

hard reset turnoff samsung talkback voice assistance



Option #2 : Please go to menu Setting > Accessibility > Screen reader, and choose turn off Voice Assistant

With Talkback active, follow these steps :

Step 1 : With two fingers touch, access your Settings > double tap Accessibility

hard reset turn off samsung talkback voice assistance


Step 2 : Double tap Screen reader

hard reset turnoff samsung talkback voice assistance



Step 3 : Tap on Voice Assistant until we see the blue outline show at that menu

hard reset turnoff samsung talkback voice assistance


Steps 4 : Tap then double tap the Turn Off Slider Button option to disable or stop the Voice Assistant setting

hard reset turnoff samsung talkback voice assistance


These steps for disable or turn off Samsung Talkback / Voice Assistant procedure may not always work with all devices if the firmware get Android version update.

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