How to Safely Master Format Nokia E6 with Easy Hard Reset?

Nokia E6 is born to continue the advantage of Nokia E5, this still same full qwerty smartphone and also powerd by Symbian operating system Symbian Anna OS and Nokia Belle OS. Nokia E6 have capacitive touch screen with multi touch.

The Main Advantage of Nokia E6 Specifications:

LCD 2.46 inch Capacitive Touch Screen
Full Qwerty Keyboard
Operating System Symbian Anna OS, upgradeable to Nokia Belle OS
Main camera 8 MP, 3264×2448 pixels, fixed focus, dual-LED flash
Internal Memory 8 GB storage + 1 GB ROM
RAM 256 MB
Processor 680 MHz ARM 11
Battery Li-Po 1500 mAh (BP-4L)

How to Solved Nokia E6 Problem Hang or Stuck or Freezing ?

Nokia E6 use Symbian Anna OS and some Nokia E6 user already upgrade the operating system to Nokia Belle OS. In special case, some Nokia E6 become slowly work and get problem like hang or stuck or freeze or not responding. In this case, we suggest to do soft reset or reboot Nokia E6. If Nokia E6 still get the same problem, better to try flash or hard reset Nokia E6.

How to Soft Reset Nokia E6 with Secret Security Code:

Doing the Soft Reset of Nokia E6 while it work strange or slowly is highly recommended. Soft Reset Nokia E6 will not delete any data which already saved in this phone. Nokia E6 will only restore the setting to default and every data will safe.Press*#7780#with dial pad to Soft Reset Nokia E6.

#Option 1, Hard Reset Nokia E6 with Software Menu:

  1. Turn On Nokia E6
  2. Go to Menu: Menu > Settings > Phone > Phone management > Factory settings > Delete data and restore
  3. Nokia E6 will ask the default security lock code is:12345
  4. Please remember, Format Factory Default Nokia E6 will erase or wipe all important data

#Option 2, Hard Reset Nokia E6 with Hardware Button Combinations Key:

  1. Make sure you already backup all important data at Nokia E6
  2. Always better to make Nokia E6 battery full charge
  3. Turn On Nokia E6
  4. Press and hold together:* button+3 button+Green button (Call Button)for several seconds
  5. The process will do format to factory default Nokia E6

#Option 3, Hard Reset Nokia E6 with Secret Security Code:

  1. Make Sure Nokia E6 battery is not empty and charge properly
  2. Turn on Nokia E6
  3. Press at Dial pad:*#7370#and wait
  4. Nokia E6 will ask for default security code, enter:12345
  5. Nokai E6 will do format to factory default

How to Fix forgot or Lost Nokia E6 Default Security Code or Password?

If you never change the Nokia security code is 12345, if you forget or you ever replace or make changes to security code, then you have to bring Nokia E6 to the nearest authorize service center.

How to Flash and Restore Nokia E6 easily?

If you have problem with Nokai E6, you can try to do soft reset and if the problem still at your Nokia E6, then continue with doing hard reset or format to factory default with some options step above.

How to Restore Clean Setting at Nokia E6 Reinstall the Operating System?

You have choose 2 way for installing clean Nokia E6, or maybe we can said how to reinstall clean operating system for Nokia E6. First way is doing the soft reset without clean up the data at Nokia N6. The second way is doing hard reset to restore original operating system Nokia E6.

Help for Slow Respon Nokia E6, How to Make Nokia E6 Run Faster?

Some applications or wrong setting could make Nokia E6 become slowly. To make Nokia E6 run more faster and powerful, then you have to try doing Soft Reset to make all setting back to default. You can find how to do Soft Reset above.

23 thoughts on “How to Safely Master Format Nokia E6 with Easy Hard Reset?”

    • Hi, you can choose several options to hard reset your Nokia E6 with above steps. Please follow that step by step carefully.

    • Hi, you should try to do hard reset or master format your Nokia E6 with option 2 step above, if you still have problem with your Nokia E6, better to ask help to authorize Nokia service center. Maybe some other friends or reader here can give you information where is the nearest Nokia service center at Zambia country.

  1. My Nokia E6 phone coudn’t send messages unless it’s empty. It keeps on ‘resending’ but it never works. What will I do?

    • Hi, is that any applications that you have installed lately that make this problem happens? If you can not find the causes, please try to do hard reset with one of any options step above.

    • Hi, please try to use 12345 for default security code at Nokia E6. If you forgot, then you have to bring your Nokia E6 to Nokia service center for unlock it.

    • Hi, it seems your Nokia E6 hardware led still work properly, only some software problem that make you phone keypad light not turn on. Please try to do hard reset with menu setting to reset all setting back to factory default. Please remember to do backup all important data at your Nokia E6 before doing reformat or hard reset, because all data will be wipe or removed while doing hard reset.

    • Hi, you can try default security code of Nokia E6 12345. If you or someone else ever change that security code, then you need to ask Nokia authorize service center for further help.

    • Hi, please try to use factory default security code 12345 at your Nokia #6. If that code has already change than you need to ask help at Nokia service center.

  2. Plz help me my Nokia e6.. don’t catch tha network.and wifi,bluetooth,not working. When i on wifi or bluetooth it should turn off..what should i do for this.i already try resort but this is not working. .plzz help me

    • Hi, this conditions can be happen because you or some applications disable network connection. Doing correct hard reset or master format will restart all setting to factory default, include the network for wifi or bluetooth. But this steps will not fix if your Nokia E6 hardware get trouble and need to get repair.

  3. if u know how to reset nokia e6 when we forget password .please send me master code .and help me out form y\this problem

    • Hi, the default security code for Nokia E6 is 12345. If you can not access that code, then you have to bring your Nokia E6 to Nokia authorize service center.

  4. Good day,

    I have a Nokia E6, which is now security locked.
    My sister’s child changed the security lock code, and then he forgot to what he changed it to. Now I can not do anything on it.

    Please assist?

    • Hi, unfortunately if you or someone else ever change security code at Nokia E6, then you have to ask Nokia service center for unlock that code.

    • Hi, you should try to use default security code for Nokia E6, please use 12345. If can not work, then maybe you have been change that code. Please bring to Nokia authorized service center for reset.


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