How to Safely Master Reset SONY XPERIA U ST25i with Easy Hard Reset?

Sony Xperia U ST25i is Android smartphone with 3.5 inch LCD screen but have dual core processor. The price for Sony Xperia U ST25i in not expensive but it have good feature in sound system, LCD Screen with Bravia Engine, good camera result and many more we can get advantage from Sony Xperia U ST25i.

The Main Advantage of Sony Xperia U ST25i Specifications:

LCD 3.5 inch with Scratch-resistant glass and Bravia Engine
Processor Dual-core 1 GHz Cortex-A9
GPU Mali-400
Internal Memory 8 GB
RAM 512 MB
Operating System Android OS, v2.3 (Gingerbread), upgradable to v4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
Battery Li-Ion 1320 mAh

How to Solved if SONY XPERIA U ST25i get Hang or Stuck or Freezing ?

Some error may happen in our SONY XPERIA U ST25i, this problem can make the smartphone become slowly or hang or stuck in boot or stuck in applications or not responsive or freezing in specific locations. If this problem happen, try to do the soft reset or reboot to delete temporary data or cache in SONY XPERIA U ST25i. If the problem still happen, then we have to do hard reset for SONY XPERIA U ST25i.

#Option 1, Hard Reset SONY XPERIA U ST25i with Software Menu :

  1. Make sure the battery is charge properly
  2. Turn on SONY XPERIA U ST25i
  3. Don’t forget to backup all important data
  4. Go to menu:Setting > Backup & Reset > Factory Data Reset> Reset Phone
  5. Choose Erase everything to continue and confirm you ready to do the format SONY XPERIA U ST25i
  6. The SONY XPERIA U ST25i will continue the step until ready to use in clean factory default.

#Option 2, Hard Reset SONY XPERIA U ST25i with Flashtool applications.

  1. Flashtool in the applications from Sony can be download from Sony website.
  2. Flashtool software need to installed in you computer and ready with USB data cable
  3. Make sure SONY XPERIA U ST25i battery is charge properly or full charge
  4. Power off SONY XPERIA U ST25i
  5. Boot SONY XPERIA U ST25i to flashmode with using:Volume Down Buttonandconnect to USB cable at No.1 above
  6. Follow the menu at you computer display, it is easy to understand the steps.

#Option 3, Hard Reset SONY XPERIA U ST25i with PC Companion Software from Computer

  1. Please Make Sure the Battery not Empty
  2. PC Companionis default applications for Sony Smartphone which can be download from Sony Website
  3. After install at our computer, openPC CompanionApplications
  4. Before connect to phone, please choosePhone Updateand follow several step atPC Companion
  5. At some menu,PC Companionwill tell us how to connect the phone withPC Companionusing USB cable and press theVolume Downbutton
  6. Finish thePC Companionstep and until it doing Factory Reset to SONY XPERIA U ST25i to factory default Android operating system.

When we want to format or master reset SONY XPERIA U ST25i, all important data and downloaded applications will be erase or clean up from SONY XPERIA U ST25i, you can loose all your data immediately. We always suggest everyone to backup all important data in SONY XPERIA U ST25i before doing the hard reset to factory default.

How to Restore or Unlock SONY XPERIA U ST25i with Step by Step process?

Restoring is the same process with doing the hard reset for SONY XPERIA U ST25i, You can try the step above. Unlock if you get security problem with the question bellow.

How to Fix SONY XPERIA U ST25iforgot password or security lock screen pattern or pin?

When you get problem with SONY XPERIA U ST25i forget password security lock, try to find the Forget Password button, SONY XPERIA U ST25i will ask Gmail account password which already installed in this phone. If you have problem with Gmail account, then you have to do the format with hard reset for your SONY XPERIA U ST25i.

Is That Any Secret Code for Doing Format SONY XPERIA U ST25i?

There is no secret hidden code for SONY XPERIA U ST25i to make it back to factory default. Do the options above to hard reset it.

How to Increase Battery Life Longer for SONY XPERIA U ST25i ?

Some user ask about why the SONY XPERIA U ST25i battery drain is very fast?,base on our knowledge, using battery with Li-Ion 1320 capacity for LCD 3.5 inches wide is average for daily usage about more than 6 hours at standard activity and the data always on, but the battery life is vary when you install more application and always update data with internet. LCD also consume battery drain too fast. Please make sure you only run several important applications to make SONY XPERIA U ST25i battery lasting longer. You can try to hard reset SONY XPERIA U ST25i and start from default setting for normal battery life.

How to Upgrade SONY XPERIA U ST25i to Android Jelly Bean (4.2) or Kitkat (4.4)?

Unfortunately Sony does not release the official Android Jelly Bean and Android Kitkat operating system or firmware for SONY XPERIA U ST25i. Maybe this is because the limitation of the hardware or Sony’s marketing strategy. So we should make our self happy to use Android Gingerbread or Android Ice Cream Sandwich at SONY XPERIA U ST25i.How about other custom ROM at make SONY XPERIA U ST25i available to use Jelly Bean or Kitkat? As we know there are some other community give solutions for Xperia U user to install or upgrade to Jelly Bean or Kitkat firmware, but this steps usually only for testing purpose, not for daily use. Because some options and functions will not work normally with custom rom. We should also becareful to install custom ROM, because some wrong steps can make our SONY XPERIA U ST25i become stuck or bricks and can not use anymore.

27 thoughts on “How to Safely Master Reset SONY XPERIA U ST25i with Easy Hard Reset?”

    • Hi, is Sony Xperia U ST25i have problem with touch screen, there are probably some applications crash or maybe your touch screen hardware got problem. First you need to do is doing hard reset with hadware button key above. If after finish doing hard reset but the LCD touch screen still problem, that mean your LCD hardware get problem and need to get repair at Sony service center.

  1. my sony xperia u is start automatically when i am switch on the mobile xperia screen comes then again restart instantly. any one give the solution for this problem

    • Hi, the auto restart usually happen because some applications not successfully doing progress or update, please try to find that applications. In fast solutions, please try to do hard reset or master format for your Sony Xperia U to clean all not working applications. After that please only download some important applications which use everyday.

  2. Pls help me..i tried to downgrade my sony u wth flash tool without on usb debugging
    Now it doesnt work pls tell me how to fix t and how to install android again

    • Hi, you can also try to use PC Companion applications to restore operating system at Sony Xperia U, you also need to download the PC Companion applications and install it at you computer. After that follow the step to connect using USB data cable although our smartphone does not USB Debugging on, because the PC Companion restore process will guide us to connect start from the phone at OFF positions. If after all your phone still get problem, you better bring your Sony smartphone to authorize Sony service center for ask more help.

    • Hi, if your Sony Xperia U can not turn ON, the you should try to do several test. First make sure your battery and charger does not have problem. You can try to use different USB Charger to test, wait about 30 minutes and try to turn it ON again. If you still get problems, then you have to bring your Sony Xperia U to authorize Sony service center.

    • Hi, how do you erase any data at your Sony Xperia U? Because without any root, you can not access filesystem at your phone. However, let’s say you have never doing root, then you can try to reinstall or restore clean factory default Android operating system using your computer which is install with PC Companion applications. Follow the steps at #Option 3 above, download the PC Companion applications and install it at your computer using Microsoft Windows operating system. Follow the steps from PC Companion to update or reinstall the latest available firmware. Please note, PC Companion will work only at standard or not custom ROM Xperia, so do this steps if you sure your phone never get root or flash with other custom ROM.

    • Hi, we are assume that your Sony Xperia U has not rooted, because rooted phone will get different treatment then standard solutions. Please try to make sure your phone is fully charge, then try to hard reset using hardware button. If you still can not access the hard reset using hardware button, then you can try to hard reset or reformat using PC Companion which need to install first at your Microsoft Windows computer, please follow the step #Option 3 above.

    • Hi, maybe you have installed many applications and some of them use processor resources and RAM because of multitasking or run in the background and make your resources become insufficient. Please uninstall some not use applications, or you can do hard reset or master format to factory default, but you need to backup all important data and re-setup your Sony Xperia U again after finish reformat.

  3. After performing master reset by following option 1, my phone keeps on restarting,
    And my phone was also not get detected in PC companion too.becoz of restarting problem
    Please suggest what to do….

    • Hi, usually your phone still can detect with your PC although your Sony Xperia U always restart, because your phone need to start from off positions. But first we recommended you to download Sony Xperia drive from this page, and find your phone type or similar type, then follow again steps to hard reset or reformat to factory default using PC Companion applications.

  4. hi i tried to factory reset my phone.but when i tried to turn it on its sony logo and xperia logo comes then blank white screen then it restarts plz plz tell me something.

    • Hi, you can try to do hard reset using PC Companion applications that have to install at computer. Please follow steps to reformat Sony Xperia U operating system with steps at #option 4 above.

  5. my Sony Xperia U restart continuously and when pushing “Volume Down Button” nothing append. also due to that it cannot connect to computer.
    how it will hard reset?

    • Hi, better you try to do hard reset using PC Companion like steps at #option 4 above. Please prepare USB data cable and downloaded files at your computer which using Microsoft Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 10, and follow steps at #option 4 carefully for reformat your Sony Xperia U operating system to official factory default.

    • Hi, you can try to restore forgotten security screen lock pattern using Gmail account. Please turn on your Sony Xperia U, when it ask password, try to give several time wrong answer continuously until it is locked or freezing 30 seconds, at this time your may find Forgot Password / Pattern button, press that button then it will ask your Gmail username and password which already signed-in before. Please note, this process only work when your phone already connected to Internet, because this phone will ask authentication to Google server. Otherwise, you should do hard reset or reformat using PC Companion like steps at #Option 4 above.

    • Hi, the process of restoring the operating system will need some time and you need to wait about 15 minutes (maybe less or more depend on the version), therefore we suggest to make sure your Sony Xperia U battery is not empty while doing flash or reformat to factory default or hard reset.


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