iPhone 5 come with iOS 6 (also for iPhone 4) which have many feature and good stability for daily usage. The technology with iOS 6 make user have more option and fun to use the iPhone 5. But we have to understand that iOS 6 sometime still get error or hang or not responding while using or run some applications. When this problem happen we have to do hard reset for format our iPhone  5 with simple and easy step.

Help me When iPhone 5 with iOS 6 hang / not resposive / stuck / unresponsive / freeze

What we have to do while having problem above just try to reset the iPhone 5, we can try to do safty way by doing Soft Reset iPhone 5:

  1. Soft Reset iPhone 5 will try to restart and delete cache or temporary file from iOS then start application with fresh content.
  2. Start the iPhone home screen, then press and hold together  Power + Home button.
  3. Release Power + Home button when we see the Apple logo in the screen
  4. It will restarting the Apple iPhone 5

After doing the soft reset, try to run the iPhone again like usual, if the problem still appear, then you can try to format the iPhone 5 by use menu for reset (remember all data should be backup first because it will delete from your iPhone)

go to Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset All Settings (do it carefully for safety your data first)


If we can not do hard reset or format to default using menu, try using button reset like this:

try to press for long time the Home button + POWER/Sleep/Wake-Up button together, you just have to press them for several second than make it reset by itself.



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