Problem solving tips when Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 get problem. Samsung already introduce Galaxy Note with name code GT-N7000. As a smartphone some user get problem this Samsung Galaxy Note such as not responding, not responsive, hang, stuck in some application, no action in touch screen, frozen, forget the secret pin, or forget the pattern and other problem.

When we are sure that nothing can not do anymore, than hard reset or format to factory reset for Samsung Galaxy Note is the last final recommended action to do.


How to Factory Default or Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000?

#Option 1: Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy Note with software Menu.


In some condition, we can access the setting menu of Samsung Galaxy Note, than this format can be done using recommended way:

Menu > Setting > Privacy > Factory Data Reset > Reset Phone 

When we choose Reset Phone, the warning will be appear and make sure you understand that all data will be erase or deleted. The data you have to backup before is : Contact / SMS / downloaded Application and others.


#Option 2: Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy S3 with Hardware Key

This option can be done when we can not go to the menu anymore or stuck or frozen in Samsung Galaxy Note, using hardware key is easy to do

  1. Turn off the Samsung Galaxy Note and make sure the battery is not empty
  2. Press together and hold : VOLUME UP + HOME BUTTON + POWER BUTTON until the screen appear Android logo and menu
  3. Choose : Wipe data / Factory Reset with VOLUME DOWN and press POWER to choose ok / enter
  4. Finish, all data will be removed and the Samsung Galaxy Note will format by itself to factory default.

Remember to always make sure your data already backup properly, because doing the factory reset will erase all of your important data. Do it carefully.



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[Q] Hi, i forgot my pincode to unlock the screen of my Samsung galaxy GT N7000. I have followed the instructions given here, volume buttton up+power button and home button.. When i choose the wipe data/factory reset, and press power button, it freezed. Doesnt working.. Please help me what other option.. thank you..
[A] Hi, usually the steps at #option 2 above will do reformat your Samsung Galaxy Note operating system to factory default. If still can not work, then please try to consult with Samsung authorized service center.

[Q] Please i need Samsung GT-N7000 Casing.
[A] Hi, please find at nearest accessories store to find your casing. Or you may try to contact Samsung authorize service center for original casing.

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