How to Easily Master Format SONY XPERIA Go/Advance (ST27i/ST27a) with Safe Hard Reset?

Tips and Trick if you have problem with SONY XPERIA Go/Advance (ST27i/ST27a). This is a smartphone that has the capability for submerged in water. This capability can be seen from the certification IP67 certified which means that the smartphone is capable for dust and water proof. We can use SONY XPERIA Go/Advance (ST27i/ST27a) in the water safely if not … Read more

How to Easily Master Format SONY XPERIA MIRO (ST23i/ST23a) with Safe Hard Reset?

We are now talking about SONY XPERIA MIRO (ST23i/ST23a) tips and tricks when we get problem with it. SONY XPERIA MIRO (ST23i/ST23a) is and Android smartphone with 3.5 inches LCD screen, Sony always try to give strong glass layer with using Scratch-resistant glass for SONY XPERIA MIRO (ST23i/ST23a). Camera is one of the good thing at SONY XPERIA MIRO … Read more

How to Safely Master Format SONY XPERIA T LT30p with Easy Hard Reset?

Information tips and tricks about SONY XPERIA T LT30p. This smartphone is also known as The Bond Phone which is bundle with O2 Provider in UK. SONY XPERIA T LT30p has width LCD screen for 4.6 inches good enough to make the user see clearly the movie or games or work sheet or anything. Because the specification … Read more

How to Safely Master Format SONY XPERIA J (ST26i/ST26a) with Easy Hard Reset?

We are now talking about tips and tricks SONY XPERIA J (ST26i/ST26a), especially if you have problem with it. SONY XPERIA J (ST26i/ST26a) have 4 inches LCD screen and if we see the design of body is very elegant. SONY XPERIA J (ST26i/ST26a) have 5 megapixel main camera with LED flash to help you get picture in low … Read more

How to Safely Master Format SONY XPERIA ION (lt28h&LTE lt28i) with Easy Hard Reset?

Talk about SONY XPERIA ION. Produce for new name of SONY XPERIA because at this time, Sony already bought Ericsson name, so start from this phone the name become SONY XPERIA (without Ericsson). There are several version from SONY XPERIA ION. For HSDPA version, the code is SONY XPERIA ION LT28h For LTE version, the … Read more

How to Safely Master Format SONY XPERIA S LT26i with Easy Hard Reset?

We are now discuss about tips and tricks for SONY XPERIA S LT26i which in several country known as SONY XPERIA NOZOMI. This is 4.3 inches smartphone with HD resolutions and also powered by Sony Mobile BRAVIA Engine to make the image become more bright and colorful. IF you like to take a good picture than you know … Read more

How to Easily Master Format SONY XPERIA ZL (C6503/C6502/C6506) with Safe Hard Reset ?

Tips and problem solutions for SONY XPERIA ZL (C6503/C6502/C6506). Release almost together with Xperia Z, this smartphone has more cheaper price then Xperia Z. The specifications almost similar. SONY XPERIA ZL (C6503/C6502/C6506) in some country is call by Sony Xperia ZL LTE, Sony Xperia ZL HSPA+ and Sony Xperia ZQ. What is the Different … Read more

How to Safely Master Reset SONY XPERIA P LT22i with Easy Hard Reset?

Using smartphone with good LCD and fantastic sound system is good for daily usage. SONY XPERIA P LT22i give you great experience for work or fun everyday. SONY XPERIA P LT22i also known as Sony LT22i Nypon, is the Android who have big enough LCD screen with 4 inch and dual core processor to power up your work. … Read more

How to Easily Format SONY XPERIA TIPO ST21i & ST21i2 with Safe Hard Reset?

Sony Xperia Tipo family get 2 product, one is single card GSM with code Xperia Tipo ST21i (ST21a) and the other one is Xperia Tipo with dual slot simcard GSM-GSM with code Xperia Tipo ST21i2 (ST21a2). Basically the specifications is almost the same, and the operation method also not different. The main Advantage for … Read more