How to Easily Master Format SONY XPERIA ZL (C6503/C6502/C6506) with Safe Hard Reset ?

Tips and problem solutions for SONY XPERIA ZL (C6503/C6502/C6506). Release almost together with Xperia Z, this smartphone has more cheaper price then Xperia Z. The specifications almost similar. SONY XPERIA ZL (C6503/C6502/C6506) in some country is call by Sony Xperia ZL LTE, Sony Xperia ZL HSPA+ and Sony Xperia ZQ.

What is the Different Between SONY XPERIA ZL (C6503/C6502/C6506) VS SONY XPERIA Z?

If we compare both smartphone, the main differences is at body hardware. SONY XPERIA ZL (C6503/C6502/C6506) is non waterproof smartphone, so it can not use underwater like SONY XPERIA Z, the body design is also different such as size, weight, camera button and also battery.

Main Advantage from SONY XPERIA ZL (C6503/C6502/C6506) Specifications:

LCD 5 inch with Sony Mobile BRAVIA Engine 2
Shatter proof and scratch-resistant glass
Processor Quad-core 1.5 GHz Krait
GPU Adreno 320
Memory Internal 16 GB
External Memory MicroSD up to 64GB
Main Camera 13.1 MP, 4128×3096 pixels, autofocus, LED flash
Front camera 2.2 MP
Operating system Android OS, v4.1.2 (Jelly Bean), upgradable to v4.2.2 (Jelly Bean)
Battery Li-Ion 2370 mAh

What is solutions to solve and recovery SONY XPERIA ZL (C6503/C6502/C6506) Problem like hang or not responding or malfunctions or hang or stuck or freezing or bricked ?

SONY XPERIA ZL (C6503/C6502/C6506) have fantastic specifications, such as fast processor with quadcore and also powered with 2GB RAM which is use to do more for multitasking job. Some user use SONY XPERIA ZL (C6503/C6502/C6506) to install a lot of applications, as we know the applications at Google Play Store is created for many kind of Android gadget, so some of applications is not compatible with SONY XPERIA ZL (C6503/C6502/C6506), this can make the SONY XPERIA ZL (C6503/C6502/C6506) become problem like frozen or lcd touch screen not responding or stuck or bricks. If you got this problem, try to do soft reset or reboot or restart SONY XPERIA ZL (C6503/C6502/C6506) to delete cache or temporary files. If the problem still exist and you can not use SONY XPERIA ZL (C6503/C6502/C6506) properly then try to do hard reset with master format.

How to Soft Reset or Reboot SONY XPERIA ZL (C6503/C6502/C6506)?

SONY XPERIA ZL (C6503/C6502/C6506) need to restart or soft reset with pressing and hold Power Button, then the menu will be appear to choose for Reboot/Soft Reset or Turn off the SONY XPERIA ZL (C6503/C6502/C6506). This is safe step because the soft reset process will not wipe or erase important data and installed applications.

#Option 1, How to Hard Reset SONY XPERIA ZL (C6503/C6502/C6506) with software Menu :

  1. Make sure you already backup all important data
  2. Make sure the battery of SONY XPERIA ZL (C6503/C6502/C6506)charge properly
  3. Go to Menu > Settings > Backup & Reset > Factory Data Reset > Reset Phone
  4. Choose : Erase Everything
  5. The SONY XPERIA ZL (C6503/C6502/C6506) will do the format process to make it back to factory default

#Option 2, Hard Reset SONY XPERIA ZL (C6503/C6502/C6506) with Flashtool applications.

  1. Flashtool in the applications from Sony can be download from Sony website.
  2. Flashtool software need to installed in you computer and ready with USB data cable
  3. Make sure SONY XPERIA ZL (C6503/C6502/C6506) battery is charge properly or full charge
  4. Power off SONY XPERIA ZL (C6503/C6502/C6506)
  5. Do not connect USB with SONY XPERIA ZL (C6503/C6502/C6506) (release or unplug USB cable from phone)
  6. Boot SONY XPERIA ZL (C6503/C6502/C6506) to flashmode with using: Volume Down Button and connect or plug to USB cable at No.1 above
  7. Follow the menu at you computer display, it is easy to understand the steps.

Be careful before perform master reset SONY XPERIA ZL (C6503/C6502/C6506) with the step that already explain above, because all installed applications and any important data will be wipe and removed from this smartphone. You need to do full backup of your important data before doing the master reset step.

How to Restore and Reinstall Clean Android Operating system at SONY XPERIA ZL (C6503/C6502/C6506) ?

The clean factory default operating system already save at your ROM, so by doing the hard reset for master reset to factory default, the SONY XPERIA ZL (C6503/C6502/C6506) will be reformat and reinstall with the saved Android operating system and their factory default applications.

How to Unlock or Fix or Solutions for SONY XPERIA ZL (C6503/C6502/C6506) forgot password code or security lock screen pattern or pin?

We can give the security password or screen pattern for SONY XPERIA ZL (C6503/C6502/C6506) to make it more secure while we are away from this smartphone. Sometime we got problem when we forgot the security key code. First thing to do is find the Forget Password button, SONY XPERIA ZL (C6503/C6502/C6506) will ask the username and password Google account password in this phone. But if you still got problem with Google account, then you have to do the master reset SONY XPERIA ZL (C6503/C6502/C6506) to factory default.

How to Improve Performance SONY XPERIA ZL (C6503/C6502/C6506) to make run more faster?

Do not install unsafe applications, better to install only recommended applications from Google Play store because some unstable applications can make SONY XPERIA ZL (C6503/C6502/C6506) run slowly. If your SONY XPERIA ZL (C6503/C6502/C6506) already run slowly or sometime not very responsive, then we recommend to format with hard reset SONY XPERIA ZL (C6503/C6502/C6506) to make it faster and clean.

Is That Any Secret Code for Doing Format SONY XPERIA ZL (C6503/C6502/C6506)?

There is no secret hidden code for SONY XPERIA ZL (C6503/C6502/C6506) to make it back to factory default. Do the options above to hard reset it.

Doing the master reset or factory default with hard reset will remove or erase all data and installed applications at SONY XPERIA ZL (C6503/C6502/C6506), that is why we always remind user to do backup before doing hard reset, the backup also can perform every several week to safe your data if something happen with SONY XPERIA ZL (C6503/C6502/C6506).

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  1. Thank you …!! I hav a doubt. Will frequent hard resting the xperia zl harm the phone to misbihave or will it effect the phone…??

    • Hi, do not worry to do hard reset Xperia ZL or other smartphone, because it will not harm anything, the phone will not broke, so you can do as frequent as you need. The only problem when we want to do hard reset are all data and applications will be removed or wipe, that is why we need to do backup important data before performing hard reset.


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