The Android tablet from Xiaomi comes using 7.9″ screen size. Intel processor is use inside this tablet with Quad Core 2.24 Ghz clock speed, then XIAOMI MI PAD 2 can run for almost all applications from Google Play Store. Usually users will use XIAOMI MI PAD 2 for presentations or playing games. But we have to know that XIAOMI MI PAD 2 does not have microSD simcard slot, therefore we have to use Wifi connections. Find more information about how to solve problems of XIAOMI MI PAD 2 at


What is Advantage of XIAOMI MIPAD 2 Specifications:

No Simcard Slot
LCD 7.9 inches IPS
Internal memory 16 GB or 64 GB
Main Camera 8 MP, f/2.0
Front camera 5 megapixel for selfi photography
Processor Quad-core 2.24 GHz
GPU Intel HD Graphics
Operating system Android or Windows 10
Battery Li-Ion 6190 mAh



#Option 1, Hard Reset XIAOMI MIPAD 2 (Android) with software menu

  1. Turn on the XIAOMI MI PAD 2
  2. Please make sure battery capacity more then 50% or better fully charge
  3. Backup important data at XIAOMI MI PAD 2 because all data and applications will be erase or delete
  4. Go to Menu :  Setting > General Setting > Backup and Reset > Factory Data Reset
  5. Choose : Reset Device > Delete all
  6. The XIAOMI MI PAD 2 will do the hard reset or master format to factory default process.


hard reset xiaomi mipad 2

#Option 2, Hard Reset XIAOMI MIPAD 2 with Hardware Button Key to Recovery Mode

  1. Turn Off XIAOMI MI PAD 2
  2. Make sure the battery is fully charge
  3. Press and hold POWER BUTTON + VOLUME UP BUTTON key
  4. Release all button after the LCD show Recovery Mode
  5. Use Volume Button to select the option and press POWER Button to Ok or Confirm or Choose. Please choose Wipe all data to finish the Hard Reset or Master Format Steps
  6. Wait until the XIAOMI MI PAD 2 finish the process and the phone will start again like new


How to Make Battery of XIAOMI MI PAD 2 Stronger, Life Longer and Not Fast to Drain ?  

How big XIAOMI MI PAD 2 tablet battery? As we know that XIAOMI MI PAD 2 tablet use 6191 mAh battery capacity. It can work for presentations or playing games for several hours. But if we want to make XIAOMI MI PAD 2 battery work longer, then we have to do some adjustment. The basic steps to make XIAOMI MI PAD 2 battery not fast to drain is by make LCD brightness level as low as possible, because more brightness the LCD light, then more battery power it will consume.

The information from this page describe about how to format mipad. If you need another resource for hard reset, use search function at this homepage or find from our related posts.