How to Easily Master Format HUAWEI GOOGLE NEXUS 6P with Safety Hard Reset?

hard reset huawei google nexus 6p

Tips and tricks for troubleshot HUAWEI GOOGLE NEXUS 6P problems. The first time HUAWEI produce Google Nexus phone is NEXUS 6P, but 6P not mean 6 inches, because this phone have 5.7 inches LCD screen. This screen size will make Huawei can fit the body design become more easy to hold with one hand, but of … Read more

How to Easily Master Format LG NEXUS 5X with Safety Hard Reset?

hard reset lg google nexus 5x

Tips and tricks for fix LG GOOGLE NEXUS 5X smartphone problems. Nexus 5X have more wider then just 5 inches, this phone have 5.2 inches LCD screen with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 screen protector. For faster broadband data connection, LG NEXUS 5X can run with 4G LTE. We can get latest Android Marshmallow when the first time … Read more

How to Easily Master Format MOTOROLA GOOGLE NEXUS 6 with Safety Hard Reset?

Tips and tricks for fix MOTOROLA NEXUS 6 problems. If we need more than just 5 inches smartphone, then MOTOROLA GOOGLE NEXUS 6 is the answer, because it have almost 6 inches LCD screen. We can call MOTOROLA NEXUS 6 as phablet. There are several name for Motorola Google Nexus in specific country like Motorola Nexus … Read more

How to Easily Master Format LG GOOGLE NEXUS 5 with Safety Hard Reset?

Tips & tricks solutions for LG GOOGLE NEXUS 5 problems. The Google Nexus 5 generation is produce by LG. This is the first Android Kitkat smartphone. The LG GOOGLE NEXUS 5 have 4.95 or let say 5 inches LCD screen with True HD IPS+, you will see very bright and good view at this smartphone, the picture will … Read more

How to Easily Master Format SAMSUNG GOOGLE NEXUS S GT-I9020 & GT-I9023 with Safety Hard Reset?

Tips for solving problem at SAMSUNG GOOGLE NEXUS S GT-I9020 & GT-I9023. Google Nexus as brand for Google design smartphone working together with Samsung to create Nexus family with name SAMSUNG GALAXY NEXUS S GT-I9020 & GT-I9023. Basically this smartphone have the same specifications, the differences between GT-I9020 vs GT I9023 are in the LCD type. … Read more

How to Easily Master Format & Tips SAMSUNG GALAXY NEXUS I9250 (NEXUS 3/GALAXY X) with Safe Hard Reset?

Discussion about SAMSUNG GALAXY NEXUS I9250 with the tips and tricks. Google have teamed up with some brand to produce smartphone with Google Nexus brand. This is the third generation have been produced from Google Nexus brand. In some location or country this smartphone all with Samsung Galaxy Nexus 3 or Samsung Galaxy X. It have 4.65 inches … Read more

How to Safety Format Default GOOGLE ASUS NEXUS 7 Easily ?

Tips and Tricks for solve problem of Google Asus Nexus 7. Google already have their own brand for Android product, known as Nexus. For Android tablet with 7 inch LCD, the Google product name is Nexus 7. This is collaboration between Google and Asus for create this Google Asus Nexus 7. The GOOGLE ASUS NEXUS 7 main specifications: Wifi … Read more