Tips and tricks to fix or recovery Samsung account at our Samsung Android. There are some facilities that can be save to cloud using several account. At Android smartphone especially Samsung Galaxy product, we have options to create Samsung account and use this account to all of our devices.


What is a Samsung account used for at our Android or other Samsung devices ?

Samsung have many devices which can connected to Internet such as Samsung Smartphone, Tables, Television, and some other Internet base product. We can use one account to sign in or login to all Samsung device and share data with secure connection between all devices, you can use some different Samsung features at each product with same account.



How secure Samsung account if shared at other devices ?

All Samsung account will share data only at specific devices that we already sign in. All cloud data will save with good encryption and security protection at Samsung cloud server. Please note, this account only recommended to use at devices which are belongs to us, therefore please only use or login using Samsung account at our own devices. Do not use Samsung account for public devices.


How to Reset or Restore Forgot Password Samsung Account ?

Some users maybe have problems with Forgot Password Samsung account. Do not worry for this problem, because Samsung already give good steps to recovery or restore our Samsung account:

  1. Use Internet Browser from Smartphone or Computer and browse to
  2. After we open that page, then please choose Sign In
  3. We will see Find ID or Reset password. If we already know our Samsung account ID, then choose Reset Password.
  4. At Reset Password page, we can type our Email account or Phone number that when we signed up at the beginning with that Samsung account ID.
  5. Wait several minutes then we will get email from Samsung to reset our Forgotten Password, please follow steps by steps from that email carefully.
  6. After reset finish, we can use same Samsung account ID with new Password at our smartphone or tablet or other devices.

how to reset or restore samsung account forgot password


How to Restore Forgot Samsung Account ID ?

This steps will be same with Forgot Password steps above, because it will use same Internet webpage, but different only at last steps :


  1. Use Internet Browser from Smartphone or Computer and browse to
  2. After we open that page, then please choose Sign In
  3. We will see Find ID or Reset password. Then choose Find ID.
  4. At Find ID page, please type our correct First name, Last name, and date of birth that we use when sign up or register at beginning.
  5. If everything correct, then you will get confirmation about your Samsung account ID.
  6. We can your that Samsung account ID at our smartphone, tablet or all other Samsung devices.

how to restore forget samsung account ID / username


How to Remove or Delete Samsung account ?

If we do not want to use Samsung account anymore, then Samsung give steps to remove Samsung account from Samsung cloud server. Please note: All data will be remove or wipe from Samsung cloud server, it may effect to all of our gadget which use this removed Samsung account like Android Samsung Galaxy smartphone or tablet or TV. These are the steps for deleting Samsung account :

  1. Please use Internet Browser from Smartphone or Computer to
  2. Please Login / Sign In with Samsung account that we want to remove or delete
  3. If we already Login at Samsung account dashboard, then choose Profile
  4. Please choose Delete Account
  5. If ask for password, then please type our password, and choose continue
  6. Samsung will give several important notice before remove / delete Samsung account, please read carefully. If we are sure to remove, then choose Confirm
  7. If everything work without problems, then our account will successfully removed from Samsung cloud server, then it will effect to all our devices like Samsung Galaxy Android or other devices. If we have some problems with removing Samsung account, please contact Samsung Support.


Easy Steps to Recovery Samsung Account:

  1. Browse to with Internet Browser
  2. Choose Sign In
  3. We will see Find ID or Reset password. Then choose Reset Password.
  4. Please type our Samsung / Email account then click Next
  5. Follow steps to recovery forgotten Samsung Account at your Email Inbox / Mailbox.


recovery / reset samsung account_recovery


How To Fix Unable to Sign in to my Samsung Account ? – Error occurs when attempting to Sign in

There are several possibilities for this problems, but we suggest to check whether your Internet connection is active when sign-in to the Samsung account. If the problems said:

  • An error occurred during an SSL connection
  • Sign in failed due to difference between current time and device time

Perhaps the date-time setting is not correct. By default our Samsung Android smartphone will use auto-date & time and synchronize with network-provider time. However, some that options accidentally change to manual. Please check and turn the automatic date & time sync from your menu Setting > Date and time




Easy Samsung Account Password Reset Tips:

There are some simple steps above, but we are usually use Samsung web page for reset forgotten Samsung Account Password.

  1. Please go to:
  2. Go To Sign-in Page
  3. Go To Find ID
  4. Type our Recovery phone number or Email, Click Continue
  5. Verify it’s you by type some additional server information field, click Continue
  6. Follow all other process and you will recover your password.


Latest Discussions & Share Information:

[Q] Well good if it works. Been to no good to me to get a new password. I want to sign into a old account and I haveforgotten my password. This is stupid I have forgotten my password so how can I get to my email address to get the code. I also do not have the phone number anymore I have a new sim card so I cannot get the code this way. So I am stuck cannot get a new password stupid Samsung rules that do not work.
[A] Hi, usually we still can get help to recover our account by using our previous phone or email that we use to register before.

[Q] can any1 please help me im trying to sign into my samsung account and i already reset my password but my problem is when i try signing in my 2 step atthenticator app is active but the phone number and phone i have on the account i dont have it no more so where my real problem starts is when i tried resetting my phone number thats on my account it asks me for my name date of birth and IMEI number and serial number to the phone associated with my samsung account i got the IMEI number to the phone i cant get the serial number and cant log into my samsung account someone please help
[A] Hi, mostly if your Samsung account username and password has been reset with new password, then everything will work without problems when login with your Samsung devices. However, if still can not work, then try to complete all question to make it work properly. As far as everything is you data, then you will easily answer the question.

The information from this page describe about https://www hard-reset org/factory-default/how-to-easily-recovery-samsung-account-lost-forget-password/,how can i find my recovery email account on the phone which is factory reseted? Samsung s10. If you need another resource for hard reset, use search function at this homepage or find from our related posts.