This product release at the end of 2021. WINDOWS 365 work as subscription that we have to pay every months depend on the service we use. If we are familiar with remove desktop or something like Anydesk or TeamViewer then this is what we will do with WINDOWS 365. Microsoft will create virtual computer that use high-end AZURE cloud server. There are some important information that we have to know about MICROSOFT 365:

What is WINDOWS 365?

This is cloud base computer. We do not need to install Windows OS system at our own computer. When we pay for WINDOWS 365 monthly subscriptions, then we will have our own virtual Windows PC at Azure Cloud server. It mean we can connect with remote desktop or other prepared connection using any operating system that we have or table pc or even smartphone.

windows365 cloud for personal pc

Is It Free To Use WINDOWS 365?   

When the first time release on the market, WINDOWS 365 is not free and may not be free, because this service use Azure cloud server that have high-end specifications with enhanced security protection and of course with auto update features. Microsoft targeted for business environment to use WINDOWS 365.

Do I Need To Have PC To Connect WINDOWS 365?

No, because this is cloud base services, therefore we can connect to WINDOWS 365 not only from computer, but we also can do remove streaming using modern web browser such as Android or IOS or other modern devices tablet or smartphone.

Can We Use Microsoft Office Like EXCEL, WORD, POWERPOINT?

Yes, we can. There are some options for monthly subscription with different services for MICROSOFT 365. We can choose to enroll with complete version with Office 365 apps that we can use like at our computers or we can enroll with Office 356 web applications that more cheaper than Office 365 full app. But please note, having more expensive one with Office 356 full app still can be use up to 5 pc or mc or smartphone with same username.


windows365 with office365

Can We Install Our Own Applications On WINDOWS 365 ?

Yes, we can install any safe applications that downloaded from Internet. Just imagine like you are working at our own pc. As far as the applications is not dangerous, then we can install it anytime. But if Microsoft suspected the applications as not secure, then Windows antivirus will prevent to install at our WINDOWS 365 cloud.

What is WINDOWS 365 Benefit If Compare With Our Own CPU?

Depend on what we do. For serious business or enterprise users, having always-ready and secure environment are very important. We do not have to think about dedicated physically hardware of computer that sometime costly and effect to our electricity also hardware corrupt. We do not need to install the operating system, setting up the license and security purpose and make sure everything updated. With WINDOWS 365, all stuff will done just for minutes.

What is WINDOWS 365 Computer Hardware Specifications?

WINDOWS 365 is cloud base services. It is installed at high-end server at Azure infrastructure. We can sign-in and subscribe with several options. We are not sure, we can use from the very basic and it is easy to upgrade the CPU or RAM anytime we need, and of course with simple steps for scaling.  The individual cloud PC start with 1 CPU, 2 GB RAM, 64 GB storage. We improve the CPU or RAM or storage when we need to work with more load.

How is WINDOWS 365 Secure Our Private Data?

WINDOWS 365 is build on Azure infrastructure that have strong security protections. The Azure protect our data, applications and our cloud pc with built in unparalleled security intelligence for identify the threat or hacker. They will give quick response to update the security when some troubles or bugs inform anytime. We also can use other 3th party security protection with strong encryption for protect our data to make it more confidence.