How To Fix Slow SAMSUNG GALAXY A25 To Run Faster and More Responsive (Fix Lagging Performance)?

Solutions to fix SAMSUNG GALAXY A25 slowly issues. This smartphone is a 5G enabled device that operates on Android 14 with One UI 6 and use Super AMOLED 6.5 inches screen. However, some users may experience lagging issues after several months of use. We will provide tips and tricks to make the SAMSUNG GALAXY A25 run faster and become more responsive.

Why SAMSUNG GALAXY A25 Performance Become Slow and Not Responsive?

The SAMSUNG GALAXY A25 is equipped with an Exynos 1280 processor and comes with either 6 GB or 8 GB of RAM. As we know, any app will consume RAM whether running in the background or actively used. If we have many apps installed and running concurrently, our SAMSUNG GALAXY A25’s RAM could be overwhelmed.

SAMSUNG GALAXY A25 processor with Samsung Exynos

We need to ensure that our RAM is not insufficient. If the device does not have sufficient free RAM, some applications may have to be forcibly closed to free up more RAM, which could cause the SAMSUNG GALAXY A25 to lag temporarily.

Often, slow performance is due to too many applications running in the background, such as chat apps, social media, games, and others. These apps remain in standby, waiting for data updates or commands. If too many apps are active at once, the RAM and processor resources of the SAMSUNG GALAXY A25 may prove insufficient.

How to Boost Speed Performance of SAMSUNG GALAXY A25 And Make It Run More Faster?

  1. The first step we should take is to perform a soft reset or reboot to clear temporary files and caches. Typically, after our phone finishes rebooting, the speed performance may improve.
  2. We should uninstall all applications that we no longer use. We can find these by navigating to Settings > Apps, and selecting inactive applications, then tapping Uninstall.
  3. Some factory default applications do not have an Uninstall button, but we can disable them by selecting the Disable option under Settings > Apps > Disable on our phone. Taking these steps can also reduce the usage of RAM and processor resources.
  4. If the performance does not improve after trying all other solutions, we may need to consider a hard reset to restore factory default settings. Follow the steps on the SAMSUNG GALAXY A25 Hard Reset / Reformat page using the hardware button combination key.

Solutions For Slowly Gaming Performance On SAMSUNG GALAXY A25

The SAMSUNG GALAXY A25 operates with an Exynos 1280 processor and a Mali-G68 GPU. We can play many games that download from Google Play Store. However, adequate RAM is essential for gaming. If many applications are running in the background, some games may run slowly or experience lag. It is crucial to ensure that our SAMSUNG GALAXY A25 has ample storage and plenty of free RAM capacity.

how to fix slowly issues on SAMSUNG GALAXY A25

Why Is SAMSUNG GALAXY A25 Speed Become Lagging After Upgrade?

The SAMSUNG GALAXY A25 was released with the Android 14 operating system. There is no need to worry, as Samsung provides firmware upgrades to enhance performance and introduce new features. Some users may encounter slow speed or lagging issues after an upgrade.

In most cases, performing a system upgrade will not cause our SAMSUNG GALAXY A25 to slow down. However, if we do experience such issues, it is possible that some apps are corrupt or not running properly with the new operating system version. Hence, we recommend backing up all important data and performing a hard reset or reformatting with the new operating system. Note that a hard reset will not revert the operating system to an earlier version.


SAMSUNG GALAXY A25 has 6.5 inches display, it is offers an immersive experience for both gaming enthusiasts and productivity-driven users. It operates on the strength Octacore processor with Exynos 1280 chipset that use advanced 5 nm FinFET technology. It is essential for us to verify that the available 6 or 8 GB of RAM can handle the multitude of applications we rely on every day.

Please be aware that some menu options may vary due to firmware updates or other factors. Use the comment box below for any further questions or to engage in a discussion.

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