Tips for backup all important data at  SONY XPERIA Z3 including contact, text messaging, photo, video, downloaded files and some other mode. We will have many important data after use several months, the important data have to be backup before something happen or SONY XPERIA Z3 broken, corrupt or phone lost / stolen.



Login With Google Account to Backup Contact or Phone Book at SONY XPERIA Z3

Almost all of us will have many contact or phonebook data at SONY XPERIA Z3 which are very important. We have to backup all important data at safety location. One important thing that we use Android that we can synchronize our contact data to Google account, what we have to do is make sure our phone already sign in with our personal Google account.


After doing login, the phone by default will automatically synchronize or backup our data to Google cloud server, so we will have 2 phonebook storage, one is at our SONY XPERIA Z3 and the other one at Please check that address to make sure all data already backup at Google server.

Bellow are the steps to check that our SONY XPERIA Z3 already backup:

  1. Turn on SONY XPERIA Z3
  2. Open Menu Setting > Account > Google , make sure your Gmail account already setup
  3. If you need to add Google / Gmail account, then click Add account
  4. Please see at your account, and make sure the Sync is ON


backup and restore data sony xperia z3 - contact, sms, photo, movie video

How to Backup Phone Book or Contact at SONY XPERIA Z3 Manually to SDCard Memory?

Beside having backup at Google could for our contact, we can also backup or export our contact or phonebook at SONY XPERIA Z3 using Export menu at Contacts menu.

  1. Turn on SONY XPERIA Z3
  2. Open applications: Contacts
  3. Choose all contact to backup: Contacts > Menu > Export contacts
  4. Choose Export to storage / SD card
  5. The filename of exported file will be show to tell us where the exported file is
  6. Finish backup contact SONY XPERIA Z3 to memory card


How to Backup Picture/Photo SONY XPERIA Z3 ?


Photo also important to backup because with good camera quality at SONY XPERIA Z3, we will have many important pictures for special moment. There are several option to backup our media like Photo and Pictures to several location, the easier step is backup our media to external microSD memory card. But for this step we need to prepare our MicroSD card first and insert it into memory card slot at our SONY XPERIA Z3.

Backup or Copy to External Memory Card:

  1. Turn on SONY XPERIA Z3
  2. Open Home Screen
  3. Find and run File Manage / File Commander
  4. Choose Internal storage, we will see many  folders
  5. Press and hold one folder for select, after one folder selected, we will see menu at bellow
  6. Choose Select all at menu bellow
  7. Choose Copy (or move, but better use copy to reduce the missing files)
  8. Choose Menu > SD Card
  9. Choose the new folder that we want to copy that files
  10. Choose Paste
  11. Please make sure manually at microSD forder that all files already copied

Backup or Copy at Computer:

  1. Turn on SONY XPERIA Z3
  2. Connect SONY XPERIA Z3 with computer using USB data cable
  3. Make sure computer can connect to SONY XPERIA Z3 memory card (otherwise, try to slide down the notifications area from SONY XPERIA Z3, choose to connect USB as media)
  4. If the computer already can read SONY XPERIA Z3 phone data, then use computer File Explorer to open the DCIM folders at SONY XPERIA Z3, copy all folder or files to specific location at our computer
  5. If everything finish, please try to open all images from our computer to make sure all data already backup or export or copy without problem


Restore Procedure for SONY XPERIA Z3

Restore Back Backup Contact From Google Account at SONY XPERIA Z3

If we reformat or hard reset SONY XPERIA Z3, all data will be removed or wiped, so we need to restore back all contact to SONY XPERIA Z3. This is how to restore:

  1. Turn on SONY XPERIA Z3
  2. Go to Menu Setting > Account > Google
  3. Add our Google or Gmail account
  4. In the first time, we can force Sync contact to restore Contacts from Google server to our SONY XPERIA Z3
  5. Make sure Sync is on for keep synchronize our contact to Google cloud server


Restore Back Backup Contact From SD Card / MicroSD to SONY XPERIA Z3

  1. Turn on SONY XPERIA Z3
  2. Choose Contacts
  3. Choose Menu from Contacts > Import Contact
  4. Choose Import from storage / SD card
  5. Choose the place that we can save our contact
  6. Choose Import vCard file