How to Easily Master Format HUAWEI HONOR 6 H60-L01 / H60-L02 / H60-L12 with Safety Hard Reset?

Tips and tricks for fix HUAWEI HONOR 6 problems. There are several model for HUAWEI HONOR 6, HUAWEI HONOR 6 H60-L01 or H60-L02 or H60-L12, this model depend on the network type. HUAWEI HONOR 6 is LTE smartphone which have 5 inches LCD screen and use Octa-Core processor divide into Quad-core 1.7 GHz Cortex-A15 and quad-core 1.3 GHz Cortex-A7. Base Android operating system of HUAWEI HONOR 6 is Android Kitkat and should be upgrade to newer Android operating system. There are 2 options of internal memory 16 GB or 32 GB, this phone still have external memory slot which can accommodate until 64 GB microSD external card, moreover HUAWEI HONOR 6 have 3GB big RAM for multitasking applications.

What is Advantage of HUAWEI HONOR 6 H60-L01 / H60-L02 / H60-L12 Specifications?

Network GSM 3G HSDPA and 4G LTE
LCD 5 inches IPS capacitive touch screen
Processor Qcta Core Quad-core 1.7 GHz Cortex-A15 & quad-core 1.3 GHz Cortex-A7
GPU Mali-T628 MP4
Memory Internal 16 GB or 32 GB with 3 GB RAM
External microSD slot up to 64 GB
Main Camera 13 MP, 4128 x 3096 pixels, autofocus, dual-LED flash
Front Camera for 5 MP
Operating System Android OS, v4.4.2 (KitKat)
Battery Li-Po 3100 mAh

How to Fix or Problem Solving for Recovery HUAWEI HONOR 6 H60-L01 / H60-L02 / H60-L12 hang or not responding or malfunctions or stuck or freezing or bricked ?

HUAWEI HONOR 6 have their own user interface known as Emotion UI version 3., this is simple launcher for Android user. There are also some factory default applications which can be use from the first time activate this phone. However, we also can download many applications from Google Play Store, because HUAWEI HONOR 6 have big internal memory and also big RAM. But we have to becareful while choosing applications from Google Play Store, because some applications maybe not compatible with our HUAWEI HONOR 6 and some of applications are fake or spam apps. If by accident or without additional information we have installed that kind of apps, then our HUAWEI HONOR 6 can get trouble like hang or stuck or bricks or broken or freeze or blank or sometime the LCD touch screen not responding. In some case, our HUAWEI HONOR 6 will get boot loop problems. At this time we have to force soft reset or force shutdown or reboot to remove any temporary files or caches at HUAWEI HONOR 6 internal memory. If this problems still happen, then we have to do hard reset or master format HUAWEI HONOR 6. Please remember, doing reformat or factory default reset will remove any important data at our internal memory, therefore we should do backup before performing hard reset. We also suggest to remove microSD card before doing reformat.

How to Force Shutdown or Force Soft Reset or Force Reboot or Force Restart HUAWEI HONOR 6 H60-L01 / H60-L02 / H60-L12 ?

If our HUAWEI HONOR 6 get some problems or hang in the middle of running applications, the LCD screen sometime can not responsive with our finger touch. Sometime it also hang or freeze. What should we do? We have to force shutdown or soft reset or restart HUAWEI HONOR 6. Because the battery of HUAWEI HONOR 6 is non removable, then we can not remove the battery to soft reset, but we can press and hold POWER button until this phone shutdown by itself. After HUAWEI HONOR 6 totally powered off, then please press POWER button again to turn it on. This process of soft reset or reboot can be do every time we want because this process will not remove any important data and all installed applications will keep in this phone. When our phone is not hang, we can do soft reset or restart by press and hold POWER button until pop-up menu appear, please choose Power Off / Shutdown / Reboot menu.

#Option 1, Hard Reset HUAWEI HONOR 6 H60-L01 / H60-L02 / H60-L12 with Software Menu :

  1. Make sure the battery is charge properly
  2. Turn on HUAWEI HONOR 6 smartphone
  3. Don’t forget to backup all important data
  4. Go to menu:Setting > Backup & reset > Factory Data Reset> Reset Phone
  5. ChooseErase everythingto continue and confirm you ready to do the format HUAWEI HONOR 6
  6. The HUAWEI HONOR 6 will continue the step until ready to use in clean factory default.

#Option 2, Hard Reset HUAWEI HONOR 6 H60-L01 / H60-L02 / H60-L12 with Hardware Key Button :

  1. Please make sure the battery is not empty
  2. Turn of HUAWEI HONOR 6
  3. Press and Hold together:Power Button + Volume Up Buttonfor several seconds
  4. Follow the menu at LCD screen to continue the hard reset HUAWEI HONOR 6, useVolume DownorVolume Upbutton to moving, and pressPower Buttonto Ok or Enter or Confirm

#Option 3, Hard Reset HUAWEI HONOR 6 H60-L01 / H60-L02 / H60-L12 with MicroSD card Firmware Update :

  1. Make sure the battery is fully charge
  2. Turn off the HUAWEI HONOR 6
  3. Remove the MicroSD and connect to computer or PC
  4. Download firmware from computer browser or or
  5. Choose the HUAWEI HONOR 6 support and download the same version of firmware or update firmware
  6. Extract the downloaded folder, and copy all folder (include folder) into main root location of MicroSD
  7. Insert again the MicroSD to HUAWEI HONOR 6
  8. Turn on Phone together with press and hold Power + Volume Up + Volume Down button until the Android logo appear
  9. Wait the process of update or reinstall the firmware will be less then 10 minutes.

How to Restore and Reinstall Clean Android Operating system / firmware at HUAWEI HONOR 6 H60-L01 / H60-L02 / H60-L12 (Reformat)?

The interesting moment while using HUAWEI HONOR 6 are when we can download many games or important applications from Google Play Store like Facebook or Whatsapp or WeChat or LINE Messenger or Kakaotalk or BBM or Instagram or Path or many other social media or chatting applications, because this phone have big internal memory and RAM. However, some applications can crash and make the HUAWEI HONOR 6 operating system become damage or broken or corrupt. If this problem happen, then our HUAWEI HONOR 6 will become strange or hang or freeze. In this moment we have to reinstall or restore factory default operating system at HUAWEI HONOR 6. First, we have to know that the clean factory default Android operating system or firmware already save safely inside HUAWEI HONOR 6 ROM. That is why we do not need to connect or copy our phone to other device. Just follow hard reset or master format steps above, then the clean factory default Android operating system will be reinstall automatically at HUAWEI HONOR 6.

How to Unlock or Fix or Bypass or Solutions for HUAWEI HONOR 6 H60-L01 / H60-L02 / H60-L12 forgot password code or security lock screen pattern or pin (lost password)?

Having big internal memory will keep many important data or pictures or movie or other confidential data at our phone. Therefore we should give security protections to make our data keep secure. We can choose several options to protect without need to install additional applications. We usually recommended to use screen lock pattern protection, because this type is more easy and fast to open when we know the answer, but some users also like to use others type like password pin protection. However, the problem happen when we forget the answer of screen lock pattern or password pin security protections. What should we do? Do not worry, because Android have simple steps to bypass or unlock forgot security protection at HUAWEI HONOR 6 H60-L01 / H60-L02 / H60-L12 using Google account. Please try to give several time wrong answer continuously until this phone freeze or locked about 30 seconds. At this time, we will find Forgot Password / Pattern button. Please press this button, then we will find place to type our Gmail username and password that we have already signed in before. If we can not access Google account, then we have to do hard reset or master format using hardware button or firmware download at steps above.

How to Improve Performance HUAWEI HONOR 6 H60-L01 / H60-L02 / H60-L12 to make run more faster?

The HUAWEI HONOR 6 have Octa Core processor, it mean this phone have double Quad Core processor at 1.7 Ghz and 1.3 Ghz clock speed. All processor will automatically run when the applications is heavy and need more processor resources, but it will run small core when it run the simple applications. But some users maybe get trouble like slowly responsive at HUAWEI HONOR 6. Usually this problems happen because applications problems. Some bad applications can take many process resources. The other possibility are because too many applications in the background which make HUAWEI HONOR 6 RAM become insufficient, although HUAWEI HONOR 6 have 3 GB RAM, but it is not unlimited, so it still have limitation in some number. We have to know that some applications from Google Play Store will keep run in the background without any notifications. Because HUAWEI HONOR 6 have big RAM, then sometime users will install many applications and not remove or uninstall them when we never use it. All applications will need some RAM and processor resource to run in foreground or in background, therefore our HUAWEI HONOR 6 RAM and processor resource will be insufficient if too many apps. Please try to uninstall some not use applications. If we want to make our HUAWEI HONOR 6 performance run faster again like new, then we should consider to do hard reset or master format our HUAWEI HONOR 6.

Is That Any Secret Code for Doing Format HUAWEI HONOR 6 H60-L01 / H60-L02 / H60-L12?

There is no secret hidden code for HUAWEI HONOR 6 to make it back to factory default. Do the options above to hard reset it.

How to Upgrade or Update HUAWEI HONOR 6 H60-L01 / H60-L02 / H60-L12 to Android Lollipop (version 5)?

The Octa Core processor and big 3GB RAM at HUAWEI HONOR 6 will make this phone getting no problem when get upgrade to Android Lollipop, but we should have to wait the official Android Lollipop update release from Huawei company. There are maybe some other community have 3th party custom ROM of Android Lollipop for HUAWEI HONOR 6, but this is not for everyone, it need some not standard steps to upgrade, please be careful to follow their steps because some wrong conditions can make our HUAWEI HONOR 6 become trouble and can not use normally. Better we suggest to wait the official update.

How to Activate Double Tap to Wake at HUAWEI HONOR 6 H60-L01 / H60-L02 / H60-L12 ?

What should I do if the HUAWEI HONOR 6 can not turn on at double tap the LCD screen?Please find the setup menu to activate the double touch at menuSetting > Motion control > Double touch >give check mark atDouble touch to turn on the screenmenu at HUAWEI HONOR 6. But some user of specific firmware confirm that their HUAWEI HONOR 6 does not have Double Tap to Wake options.

How to Make HUAWEI HONOR 6 Battery Work More Stronger, Not Fast To Drain ?

We have to know that HUAWEI HONOR 6 battery is not removable, therefore we can not replace with bigger capacity when we want to make it work longer. We also have to understand about maximum battery life. Usually HUAWEI HONOR 6 battery will work about 2 years, after that it will become weak and weak. At this situations we suggest to replace with original battery at Huawei authorized service center.

For anyone who still have good battery conditions, but want to make battery work more longer, then please do some adjustment like make LCD screen brightness as low as possible and disable all not use connections like GPS or Wifi or Bluetooth. Please use GPS battery saving mode for some applications.

22 thoughts on “How to Easily Master Format HUAWEI HONOR 6 H60-L01 / H60-L02 / H60-L12 with Safety Hard Reset?”

  1. Hi
    I have honor 6.while installing rim all data wiped and switched off . Now my phone not switching on not detecting to pc. Also not charging.
    Plus help me what to do.
    Which test point short make deleting to pc

    • Hi, please give us more information about what is rim? is that BBM (Blackberry Messenger) applications? Because Huawei Honor 6 have good specifications to run any chatting applications like BBM or Whatsapp or something similar like that without any issue. However, if you get trouble about the charging at your Huawei Honor 6, then please use different charger which have 1 A current output, to make sure your charger fine or not.

      The last alternative you can try is doing hard reset or reformat your Huawei Honor 6 using hardware button or using Download firmware files from Huawei official website, and extract that compressed files to your computer, you will find dload folder, copy all dload folder (include the folder) to your microSD external card, and put again that microSD to external card slot and reboot your phone to automatically reinstall the firmare. After finish reboot, then remove the dload folder from your microSD.

  2. Hi, please give me some info about this honor 6. I replaced my broken lcd with new one(full set) but after i done it, my phone was unable to “ON”. But if i charge it, the screen will appear percentage of charging(means lcd is ok).
    Please help me on this.
    Before this only touch screen is broken but i am still can use it.

    • Hi, maybe you have to do reformat or hard reset your Huawei Honor 6 using hardware button combination key or using external microsd card with steps at #option 3 above. However, if you have done fix LCD hardware at Huawei authorize service center, then you may try to ask them to fix your Huawei Honor 6 operating system as well, because it can not turn on anymore.

    • Hi, if your Huawei Honor 6 LCD touch screen not responsive, then you can try to do hard reset using hardware button combination key or using MicroSD card firmware reformat using steps at #option 3 above. If still can not work, then your LCD touch screen hardware may get trouble and need to get replace at Huawei authorize service center.

  3. I have huawei honor 6, While factory resetting by accident i pressed this option “Format / System” and i think almost every format /… along with it in CMW recovery mode.

    Now my phone just shows the logo and no other progress. what should i do to repair it?

    • Hi, it seems that your have rooted and use custom rom of Huawei Honor 6. Maybe the rom will not work properly with standard hard reset or need some steps before reformat operating system. Unfortunately we can not give good advice for custom rom or rooted Huawei Honor 6, because there are many possibilities happen when it get problems. Please consult with other community like XDA Developers, hopefully they can help your trouble.

  4. Dear All,

    Please give me good way… I have Huawei Honor 6, last Monday my mobile continuously auto restart (boot loop) problem, how to solve this… or how to install new android Os… please… please… please… response my message

    • Hi, please try to follow steps to hard reset Huawei Honor 6 using microSD simcard firmware flash with steps at #option 3 above. You have to download firmware first from Huawei official website and extract that compressed files to microSD. Then follow steps at #option 3 above carefully. Usually after finish hard reset to reformat or reinstall factory default operating system then your Huawei Honor 6 will work normally again.

    • Hi, first you can try to us different Android charger which have minimal 1 A current output to make sure your Huawei Honor 6 charger is not broken. If still can not recharge your phone, then maybe you have to do hard reset or reformat the operating system to factory default just to make sure there are no bad applications make your charger can not recharge that phone. But please do not forget to backup all important data first before doing hard reset.

    • Hi, sorry we can not give good advice for doing rooted, because we are not recommended to do that. Maybe someone else can help or you can try to find at other community like, but do it with your own risk.

  5. Hi..

    My Honor H60-L04 had this boot loop problem..

    Tried option #3.. The phone showing “Huawei software installing.. DO NOT press powerkey or remove battery.. Been waiting more than 10 minutes.. still the same.. the downloading process seems almost 90%..
    Please help

    • Hi, usually it will work less then 30 minutes for total process, depend on downloaded firmware and version. Please make sure your firmware is correct version for Huawei Honor 6

  6. I’ve used my phone without problems in Macedonia, Europe where i bought from. But when i came to Canada I’ve tried to use it on Koodo network but I can only send and receive texts, use data but NO phone calls (send or receive). The phone is unlocked so I wonder what could it be?

    • Hi, first maybe you have to make sure the APN is correct for your Huawei 6 Honor together work with Koodo network. We suggest to discuss with your provider service center for further help. We think it is not necessary for you to do hard reset, just consult with your network provider.

  7. i have honor 6, after replacing the battery its just rebooting it self and not starting what could be the problem and can it be resolved

    • Hi, maybe you Huawei Honor 6 battery is not correct. Sometime battery also can make Android smartphone become booting by itself. Therefore you can try to use different battery or bring your phone to Huawei authorized service center for check the battery.


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