How to Easily Master Format NOKIA LUMIA 510 (GLORY) with Safety Hard Reset ?

Important tips for NOKIA LUMIA 510 (GLORY) when get problems. This is smartphone from Nokia which already use Microsoft Windows Phone version 7.8. NOKIA LUMIA 510 also known with codename GLORY. Build in with 4 inches LCD screen and 5 megapixel camera.

Main Advantage NOKIA LUMIA 510 (GLORY) Specifications:

GSM 3G HSDPA Broadband
LCD 4 inches
Internal Memory 4 GB storage
RAM 256 MB
Main Camera 5 MP, 2596х1948 pixels, autofocus
Processor 800 MHz Cortex-A5
GPU Adreno 200
Operating system Microsoft Windows Phone 7.8
Battery Li-Ion 1300 mAh

What to do to solve Hang or Stuck or Freeze or Not Responding or MalfunctionsProblem at NOKIA LUMIA 510 (GLORY) ?

NOKIA LUMIA 510 (GLORY) is a smartphone with Microsoft Windows Phone 7.8 operating system, we can install many applications which can be download from Microsoft Marketplace. Some applications can make the NOKIA LUMIA 510 (GLORY) become problem such as Hang or Stucks or Frozen or Not Responsive at LCD screen or bricks. To solve this problem you should try to soft reset with button key. If the problem still happen, than you need to hard reset NOKIA LUMIA 510 (GLORY).

How to Soft Reset or Reboot NOKIA LUMIA 510 (GLORY) with hardware button ?

Some problem may make NOKIA LUMIA 510 (GLORY) become stuck or frozzen at Nokia Logo and can not boot or restart normaly. You can try to soft reset with:

  1. Prepare your NOKIA LUMIA 510 (GLORY) battery is not empty
  2. Press and Hold together Volume Down Button + Power Button about 15 seconds
  3. The NOKIA LUMIA 510 (GLORY) will restart and you should release the the button and wait until it finish.

This soft reset or restart process will not erase you data and applications, but when you still get problem after doing the soft reset, then you should try to hard reset or factory reset NOKIA LUMIA 510 (GLORY).

How to Hard Reset NOKIA LUMIA 510 (GLORY) ?

If the step to soft reset above is already done but the phone still problem, then you need to consider performing hard reset at NOKIA LUMIA 510 (GLORY), please remember doing the master format or hard reset with bellow step will make all your important data and installed applications will be removed and you should do the backup before doing hard reset.

#Option 1,Hard Reset NOKIA LUMIA 510 (GLORY) with software menu:

  1. Turn on the NOKIA LUMIA 510 (GLORY)
  2. Go toMenu Setting > Setting
  3. ChooseAboutand chooseReset your phone

#Option 2,Hard Reset NOKIA LUMIA 510 (GLORY) with Hardware Key Button:

  1. Turn off NOKIA LUMIA 510 (GLORY)
  2. Press and hold together Volume Down Button + Camera Button (do not release)
  3. Press and hold together with no.2 button, Power Button (in this step, you hold together 3 buttons)
  4. If we get vibrate in NOKIA LUMIA 510 (GLORY), release only Power Button (the Volume Down & Camera Button still hold)
  5. If the NOKIA LUMIA 510 (GLORY) reboot than you can release all keys
  6. The NOKIA LUMIA 510 (GLORY) will do the master format or hard reset

How to Restore and Reinstall Clean Operating system / firmware at NOKIA LUMIA 510 (GLORY) ?

NOKIA LUMIA 510 (GLORY) use Microsoft Windows Phone version 7.8. The installation source of operating system already saved at NOKIA LUMIA 510 (GLORY) ROM. By doing master format, the clean and default setting Microsoft Windows Phone operating system will be reinstall by itself for NOKIA LUMIA 510 (GLORY).

How to Unlock or Fix or Solutions for NOKIA LUMIA 510 (GLORY) forgot security password or pin code?

The fastest and easiest step for restore forget security password protection NOKIA LUMIA 510 (GLORY) is using hard reset with option 2 above. But please remember, because all data will be removed from you smartphone.

How to make NOKIA LUMIA 510 (GLORY) perform and run faster?

The processor and RAM of NOKIA LUMIA 510 (GLORY) is not to high for running a lot of applications, having said that, you should installed only important applications, do not install many applications because that can make the NOKIA LUMIA 510 (GLORY) become slowly.

Can I Upgrade NOKIA LUMIA 510 (GLORY) to Windows Phone 8 ?

NOKIA LUMIA 510 (GLORY) hardware is only available for running Windows Phone 7 family, so it can not upgrad to Windows Phone 8.

How to Backup & Restore NOKIA LUMIA 510 (GLORY) data before Hard Reset or Master Format ?

Backup/restore or synchronize data at NOKIA LUMIA 510 (GLORY) can be done with PC computer which already installed ZUNE PC application. This ZUNE application also can be use to upgrade the NOKIA LUMIA 510 (GLORY) operating system to the latest available.

What will backup at NOKIA LUMIA 510 (GLORY) with Zune ? System settings, Account settings, Pictures, Music, Videos, Documents. The installed applications will not available to backup with Zune, but do not worry because we still can reinstall the applications from Marketplace.

Note: Doing the Synchronization will not backup you system setting. Choose Backup to backup all include system settings.

Is That Any Secret Code for Doing Format NOKIA LUMIA 510 (GLORY)?

There is no secret hidden code for NOKIA LUMIA 510 (GLORY) to make it back to factory default. Do the options above to hard reset it.

63 thoughts on “How to Easily Master Format NOKIA LUMIA 510 (GLORY) with Safety Hard Reset ?”

  1. hi can any one help me to get download songs from my lumia 510 it gives massage as already register for unlimited download n wont download the songs

    • Hi, if you have already registered to Nokia Music account, you should have no problem to download the music, maybe you have to wait for several time because the server still get problem.

      • i buy this phone from ebay… and i dont about the sim number or else information sothat … is any way to reset or delete sim information.”lumia 510″

  2. Any body can tell me.. My lumia 510
    Use high data …ex-1000or 2000kb\ 30 second
    .. It will take high quantity of data use..
    What i wll do?

    • Hi, it seems some applications consume more data when doing update or any transfer activity at your Nokia Lumia 510. Please find out what suspected applications and stop the transfer activity or you can also remove or uninstall that suspected applications. If you can not find the applications, then you may need to do hard reset or master format.

  3. is it possible to change operating system in nokia lumia 510 ,windows to android ?if it possible than give a procedure to do it, m and my frind boored to use a windows os in lumia smart phone , it is not a smart phone with windows os

    • Hi, the sort answer is no. Maybe some other community have tutorial step to flash firmware of Nokia Lumia 510 to install other operating system beside Microsoft Windows Phone, but this step usually only for trial purpose, because some functions will not working properly at Nokia Lumia 510 when we install or change the operating system with Android OS, the problem can be camera and sound not working normally. Please consider again before doing this option, because some wrong step will make Nokia Lumia 510 become bricks or stuck, and we can not use it anymore.

    • Hi, yes you right, the contact will deleted or wiped if you do hard reset or master format Nokia Lumia 510, so you should do backup before performing master reset.

    • Hi, you need to try doing hard reset with hardware button above to restore or reinstall the factory default Windows Phone operating system at your Nokia Lumia 510

  4. I want to open music+video folder for all other music apps which helps to save songs from other song downloader except nokia music like windows 8 in windows 7.8

    • Hi, by default you can copy or move some music or files from your Nokia Lumia 510 to computer PC (or from computer to your Nokia) using Zune computer applications. You can get this applications from Microsoft Windows Phone official website. After download and install Zune, then you can connect your computer with USB cable to your Nokia Lumia 510.

    • Hi, sorry we does not have information about how to root Lumia 510. Maybe some other member can help if they have that info.

  5. hi can so one help me with my Nokia LUMIA 510 i was downloading something from the net and after some time i notice the phone was warm and cannot keep change for long any time i put the phone on it get warm and run down the battery in 2 or 3 hrs if you know want in can do pls help thanks

    • Hi, maybe you have already downloaded some applications that always run and take many processor resource. This situation will make your Nokia Lumia 510 working hard and become hot. Therefore, please try to uninstall that trouble applications. If you can not find that apps, then you need to consider doing hard reset with steps above.

    • Hi, if you forgot the password of your Nokia Lumia 510, then your phone need to get hard reset using hardware button like steps at #Option 2 above. Please do it carefully, but all data at your phone will be wipe or erase after finish the hard reset or reformat process.

  6. Sir I hve lumia 510 when m download any items from uc browser then this file only show in uc and can be play it in uc bt this file can not be show in videos drive

    • Hi, it seems that you are not downloading the video, this situations happen because your Nokia Lumia 510 UC browser stream the video and play directly to your browser. Please note, by default some video can not downloaded and can not saved to our internal storage. It only can play streaming with Internet browser.

  7. i have forgotten my password and the phone is blocked,but i got a problem that i don’t have my data on phone storage backed up so how can i protect my data and reset the phone or unlock it.. ?

    • Hi, unfortunately the only steps to recovery forgotten security password protection at your Nokia Lumia 510 is only with hard reset, it mean all important data will be removed as well after doing hard reset. Please follow hard reset with hardware button key to bypass or unlock with hard reset at your Nokia Lumia phone.

    • Hi, please give us more info, is that any information about kind of attention at your Nokia Lumia 510? Please make sure your GSM Internet is active and your phone still have free memory left to install that new applications. If you still can not find any solutions, than you can try to do hard reset, but you need to setup everything again from beginning.

  8. Hi, my nokia lumia 510 is off, is dead I don’t know why, and I try hard reset in many ways (buttons and programs) and nothing happens. Zune don’t recognize it… Please help :c

    • Hi, first you have to try using different power charger with 1 A current output to make sure your charger still fine and work properly, if everything for hard reset already you do but your Nokia Lumia 510 Windows Phone still get trouble, then maybe your phone already get hard bricks and need to get further check at Nokia authorize service center.

  9. This worked great

    #Option 2, Hard Reset NOKIA LUMIA 510 (GLORY) with Hardware Key Button:

    Turn off NOKIA LUMIA 510 (GLORY)
    Press and hold together Volume Down Button + Camera Button (do not release)
    Press and hold together with no.2 button, Power Button (in this step, you hold together 3 buttons)
    If we get vibrate in NOKIA LUMIA 510 (GLORY), release only Power Button (the Volume Down & Camera Button still hold)
    If the NOKIA LUMIA 510 (GLORY) reboot than you can release all keys
    The NOKIA LUMIA 510 (GLORY) will do the master format or hard reset

  10. while resetting after the Nokia logo appears but after that it stops working…I put it like this till 2-3 hrs,still it’s in same condition…plzzz help me out

    • Hi, you can try to do again hard reset or reformat using hardware button combination key at your Nokia Lumia 510 carefully.

    • Hi, please try to use different 3G simcard just to make sure your phone can work or not. If still can not fix, then better backup all important data, and do hard reset your Nokia Lumia 510 using menu Setting, this steps will reformat the operating system and restore back all setting to factory default, so usually your 3G problems will fix.

  11. my nokia lumia 510 periodically switches itself off and restarts automatically, what could be the problem, and eventual solution

    • Hi, there are some possibility that makes your Nokia Lumia 510 always switch off by itself. But first you can try to do hard reset after finish backup all important data. Because after finish hard reset, your Nokia Lumia 510 will reformat the operating system to factory default. Try again several hours but please don’t install mant applications to make sure the hardware is fine. If still turn off by itself, then maybe the battery of your Nokia Lumia 510 need to replace with new one. But you can check it more at Nokia authorized service center.

  12. i lost my activation code and my phone requires it now, the contacts that i was given for my region are not working so i thaught i will be able to get help online

    • Hi, the activation code usually use for creating Microsoft account which sent directly to your phone number, therefore we can not give any help for your problems. Please try one more time with different processor for activation.

  13. Hi!!!
    Anybody help me .
    My nokia lumia 510 handset has screen locked to try somebody over maximum time. So i it say 4 years time to again enter the password.
    Can it possible to without lossing data hard reset.

    • Hi, at this situations you have to hard reset your Nokia Lumia 510 using hardware button combination key like steps at #option 2 above.

    • Hi, please try to reformat your phone using menu setting or hardware button combination key like steps above.

  14. Another problem is I bought this phone from second hand,not new and am failing to down load anything it says windows live id not responding please help wat can ido

    • Hi, please try to hard reset to reformat your Nokia Lumia 510 operating system to factory default. It will make your phone like fresh new and you can put your own login account and install only applications that you need.

  15. Mera lumia 510 lock ho gya hai or I forgot my password
    Usme 5 minutes ka timer lga tha or jb maine usko rstart kiya to usme 31660 timer tg gya apne aap hi or kal mujhe bohat importantly phone chahiye plz………………….. help me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • Hi, sorry reply in English. If you forgot security protections at Nokia Lumia 510, then you have to do hard reset using hardware button combination key like steps at #option 2 above.

  16. Hi
    I forget password in Nokia lumiaa 510, Hardset so many times but still asks password. How it could be opened, pls help me

    • Hi, please follow steps to hard reset Nokia Lumia 510 carefully using hardware button combination key like steps at #option 2 above, then your phone will reformat to refactory default. But for doing this steps, you have to make sure your Nokia Lumia 510 hardware buttons are active or not corrupted.

    • Hi, basically whatsapp will use our phone number to register our account. If you do not have old number, then you can not use it again to your whatsapp, you may use new number to create new account and register with sms verification code.


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