How to Easily Master Format NOKIA LUMIA 610 with Safety Hard Reset?

Guide and tips for fix NOKIA LUMIA 610 problem. The NOKIA LUMIA 610 is GSM smartphone which using Microsoft Windows Phone 7+ and it have two type, first without NFC and the other spec using NFC. Basically the feature specification only different with the NFC. For user who like to take good picture with camera, NOKIA LUMIA 610 have 5 megapixel camera with led flash to help take picture in low light conditions.

The main Advantage specifications of Nokia Lumia 610:

LCD 3.7 inches
Processor 800 MHz ARM Cortex-A5
Memory Internal 8GB ROM with 256 RAM
Camera 5 MP, 2592х1944 pixels, autofocus, LED flash
Operating System Microsoft Windows Phone 7.5 Mango
Battery Li-Ion 1300 mAh

How to Fix or Problem Solving for Recovery NOKIA LUMIA 610 hang or not responding or malfunctions or stuck or freezing or bricked ?

As we know the specifications from NOKIA LUMIA 610 is not too high, so we can not install many applications. Actually the default applications already fit for daily usage like web browser, email client, office and some other more. Maybe we can force to install some other applications from Microsoft Windows Market Place, but some user have problem after install applications. The problem like hang or stuck or bricks or frozen or lcd touch screen not responding. We can try to do force soft reset or force reboot NOKIA LUMIA 610 when we get problem in the middle running applications. If we can not fix that problem with soft reset or reboot, than we need to do hard reset with master format.

How to Force Soft Reset or Force Reboot or Restart NOKIA LUMIA 610 ?

When the phone not responding and can not do anything in the applications or stuck or frozen, we need to force soft reset or force reboot by open the back case and remove the battery from NOKIA LUMIA 610. Wait about 5 seconds and we can put the battery again to the right positions. Press POWER BUTTON to turn ON the phone. In the normal solutions, we can soft reset or reboot NOKIA LUMIA 610 by pressing and hold POWER BUTTON and choose to restart.

#Option 1, Hard Reset NOKIA LUMIA 610 with software menu:

  1. Turn on the NOKIA LUMIA 610
  2. Go toMenu Setting
  3. ChooseAboutand chooseReset Phone
#Option 2, Hard Reset NOKIA LUMIA 610 with Hardware Key Button:
  1. Turn off NOKIA LUMIA 610
  2. Press and hold together Volume Down Button + Power Button + Camera Button
  3. If we get vibrate in NOKIA LUMIA 610, release only Power Button (the Volume Down & Camera Button still hold)
  4. The NOKIA LUMIA 610 will do the reset

How to Restore and Reinstall Clean Windows Phone Operating system / firmware at NOKIA LUMIA 610 ?

When our NOKIA LUMIA 610 operating system damage or broken, the problem like hang or can not start normally will be start happen at our smartphone. In some situations we need to reinstall or restore normal clean and factory default Microsoft Windows operating system or firmware. We do not need to use other gadget or connect to computer for doing reinstall NOKIA LUMIA 610, because the source file of factory default Microsoft Windows Phone already saved inside NOKIA LUMIA 610 rom. Just do hard reset above, then the Microsoft Windows Phone operating system will be reinstall ro restore to NOKIA LUMIA 610 automatically.

What to do if I forgot Security Key Password Code NOKIA LUMIA 610 ?

If you forgot NOKIA LUMIA 610 pin password code, you have to do the hard reset with the step above. Please keep the password safely at appropriate place.

What is the Secret Code for Restoring or Master Reset or Format NOKIA LUMIA 610?

There are no Secret Code for doing Format and Hard Reset NOKIA LUMIA 610, just do the above instructions.

Can I upgrade NOKIA LUMIA 610 to Microsoft Windows Phone 8 or above ?

Unfortunately, the NOKIA LUMIA 610 can not upgrade to Microsoft Windows Phone 8 family, because the limitation of hardware at NOKIA LUMIA 610 make this phone can not run Microsoft Windows Phone 8. We still can follow the upgrade of NOKIA LUMIA 610 to latest Windows Phone 7 family.

8 thoughts on “How to Easily Master Format NOKIA LUMIA 610 with Safety Hard Reset?”

    • Hi, please follow steps to hard reset Nokia Lumia 610 using 2 options steps above. First is using software menu when you still enable to boot your Nokia Lumia 610 normally, and can go to setting menu (#option 1). The other one is doing hard reset Nokia Lumia 610 using hardware button combination key when you can not boot your phone, please follow steps at options 2 above.

    • Hi, do not worry to reboot or restart or soft reset Nokia 610, because your picture or other important data will not wipe or not deleted from your phone. It only refresh with installed operating system. But if you mean about to hard reset or reformat, then we suggest to backup all important data to microSD simcard before doing master format.

  1. Hi, I cant use whatsapp on my Nokia Lumia 610. I installed the application but it needs verification of Old Number. I dont have the old number and the SIM Card. How can I clean this whatsapp application so that i will be able to verify the new number. You may inbox on

    • Hi, we are not sure about old number that requested by Whatsapp, because as far as we know Whatsapp will only ask active phone number that can be received sms or phone call. If you can not use old phone number at your Nokia Lumia 610, then you can give new number that use at your phone right now. However, if still ask for same question, then please do hard reset to reformat your Nokia Lumia 610 operating system to factory default, and please reinstall new Whatsapp application again.

    • Hi, perhaps your internal storage already full. Please remove one apps then try to install again to make sure about your problems. If you still can not fix the troubles, then please try to reformat your Nokia Lumia 610 operating system to factory default using menu Setting because your phone still can boot properly.


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