Tips and tricks for solve problem at SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10.1 N8000. Samsung produce several product of Galaxy Note series, this information talk about tips and trick about SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10.1 N8000. Like it’s name, this is Samsung Tablet with 10.1 inches wide screen. SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10.1 N8000 have ability like other Galaxy Note, the stylus or S-Pen already attached in this Samsung Tablet. Some user call this product with Samsung Galaxy Note 2 10.1″.


What is Advantage of SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10.1 N8000 Specifications?

LCD 10.1 inches PLS TFT
Processor Quad-core 1.6 – Exynos 4412 Quad
Memory Internal 16/32/64 GB storage
Main Camera 5 MP, 2592х1944 pixels, autofocus, LED flash
Front Camera 1.9MP
Operating System Android OS, v4.1.1 (Jelly Bean), upgradeable to 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean)
S Pen stylus
Battery Li-Ion 7000 mAh




How to Fix and Recovery the SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10.1 N8000 Problem like hang or not responding or malfunctions or hang or stuck or freezing or bricked ?

SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10.1 N8000 is a high specifications tablet, it have quad core processor and also equip with big 2GB RAM. As we know if the processor and RAM is very good then the operational of this tablet will be smooth and no lag. But sometime if the user download not recommended applications or not compatible with SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10.1 N8000, then it will hurt the tablet and makes SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10.1 N8000 become slowly or not responding or stuck or frozen or bricked. This situations we need to try doing reboot and soft reset SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10.1 N8000 to delete the temporary files and cache. If the problem still happen with SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10.1 N8000 then we need to consider doing the hard reset with master format.


How to Soft Reset or Reboot SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10.1 N8000 ?

For doing soft reset or restart SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10.1 N8000, press and hold the POWER BUTTON until LCD appear menu to restart or turning off. Choose Reboot or Restart then the SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10.1 N8000 will doing the soft reset. This is safe because the process will not erase or wipe any important data.



How to Hard Reset or Master Format SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10.1 N8000 ?

If we need to hard reset SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10.1 N8000, there are several ways that you can do, we will talk one by one and this options can be done by your self without bring the SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10.1 N8000 to service center.


#Option 1, Hard Reset SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10.1 N8000 with software menu:

If we can access the LCD menu, do with this step

  1. Turn on SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10.1 N8000
  2. Make sure you already backup the important data
  3. Go to menu:  Setting > Privacy > Factory Data Reset > Reset Phone
  4. Choose : Erase Everything
  5. The  SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10.1 N8000 will doing the factory data reset.


#Option 2, Hard Reset SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10.1 N8000 with Hardware Key Button:

  1. Turn off SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10.1 N8000
  2. Make sure the important data already backup
  3. Make sure tha battery fully charge
  4. Press and Hold together Volume Up Button + Power Button for several seconds
  5. You will see the menu appear in the SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10.1 N8000 screen
  6. Choose at menu Wipe Data / Factory Reset with Volume Up or Down to navigate
  7. Press Power Key to select or enter.
  8. Select Delete User Data


#Option 3, Hard Reset SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10.1 N8000 with secret code key: 

  1. Turn on SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10.1 N8000
  2. Backup your important data
  3. Dial *2767*3855#
  4. Please be careful, because all data will removed from SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10.1 N8000 when access that code.

Please be careful before doing master reset with step above, because all data and installed applications will be wipe and erase after performing hard reset.



How to Restore and Reinstall Clean Android Operating system at SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10.1 N8000?

SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10.1 N8000 ROM already save the factory default setting and Android operating system. We can reinstall and restore new clean Android operating system by doing master reset or heard reset SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10.1 N8000.


How to Unlock or Fix or Solutions for SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10.1 N8000 forgot password code or security lock screen pattern or pin?

SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10.1 N8000 can be safety guard by give the security protection or screen lock pattern, so only you or authorize people can use SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10.1 N8000. Sometime we can forget about our security password or screen lock pattern or PIN. Try to recover the security by pressing Forget Password button, SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10.1 N8000 will ask the username and password Google account password in this phone. But if you still got problem with Google account, then you have to master format SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10.1 N8000 to factory default.


How to Improve Performance SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10.1 N8000 to make run more faster?

Do not install unsafe applications, better to install only recommended applications from Google Play store because some unstable applications can make SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10.1 N8000 run slowly. If your SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10.1 N8000 already run slowly or sometime not very responsive, then we recommend to format with hard reset SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10.1 N8000 to make it faster and clean.


Is That Any Secret Code for Doing Format SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10.1 N8000?

The secret code for format SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10.1 N8000 is : *2767*3855#


How to Solved S-Pen SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10.1 N8000 Not Working Problem ?

Some user get problem with SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10.1 N8000 Pen, the pen is not do anything when scribe to LCD, some other problem also reported. In this case, you have to make sure first whether the problem come from the SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10.1 N8000 phone or the S-Pen problem. First you can try to borrow or try with other SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10.1 N8000 pen, if it is work, then the problem came from your S-Pen, you need to replace or change it to nearest service center. If the problem come from the SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10.1 N8000, then you have to do hard reset the smartphone.


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[A] Hi perhaps you have encrypted your Android operating system from menu Setting. If you can not decrypt it, then you have to do hard reset and lost all of your important datda. Please follow steps at #Option 2 above to reformat your Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 N8000 operating system to factory default. AFter finish reformat, you need to re-setup again like new, include login again to previous Google account.

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