Some users get troubles to access their XIAOMI MI ACCOUNT. usually this account is not very active to use, therefore many users easily forgot the username or password for their Xiaomi Mi Account. We will try to give easy solutions for recovery  forgotten XIAOMI MI ACCOUNT.


What is XIAOMI MI ACCOUNT used for, at Android or other devices ?

Xiaomi try to create their own community users for give more services. There are main important features that we can get from XIAOMI MI ACCOUNT, some of them are :

  • MI ACCOUNT for Xiaomi Cloud, backup/restore and synchronize our data at our Android smartphone.
  • MI ACCOUNT for recovery our forgotten security protection or bypass FRP (Factory Reset Protection) after our Xiaomi phone finish performing hard reset or master format or restore to factory default.
  • MI ACCOUNT for detect our Xiaomi smartphone when lost or stolen.


How To Easily Create XIAOMI MI ACCOUNT ?

We give two easy options for create XIAOMI MI ACCOUNT :


  1. Create MI ACCOUNT directly from Android smartphone. When we setup new Xiaomi smartphone from the box, this phone will ask our create MI ACCOUNT. We suggest to create our new account directly from this steps. Please note, this steps will ask to link with recovery email or phone cellular number for recovery.
  2. Create MI ACCOUNT from Xiaomi Website. Please go to Xiaomi official website

We also can link our MI ACCOUNT with already made Facebook or Google Account.


How to Reset or Restore Forgot Password XIAOMI MI ACCOUNT ?

It is easy to recovery forgotten MI ACCOUNT password, as far as we have linked with our email or phone number. Both at web and smartphone have similar steps.

  • At Android smartphone, when this phone asking for Xiaomi account, find and click Forgot Password link
  • At any Internet browser, go to  continue find and click Forgot Password link

hard reset xiaomi mi account restore

  • Next, we have to write down our recovery email or phone number when previously we created the XIAOMI MI ACCOUNT :


  • Xiaomi will give confirmation for account verification :

hard reset xiaomi mi account restore

  • Follow all procedure after account verification and security question to make sure we are human, not bot or robot. Then we can reset or bypass our XIAOMI MI ACCOUNT with new password.

Please note, these steps are what we know when this information created. Xiaomi might change some steps later. 





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[A] Hi, if you forgot Mi Account username and password, you can try to recover by using Forgot Password link at You can follow the simple steps above at section: How to Reset or Restore Forgot Password XIAOMI MI ACCOUNT ?

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[A] Hi, try to reset your Xiaomi account password using Forgot Password link. Go to and continue click Forgot Password link. Follow next steps until you get the recovery password.