How To Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy S2 (I9100) with Safety Step?

Now we are talking about how to solve the Samsung Galaxy S2 (I9100) problem. For daily usage, the Samsung Galaxy S2 (I9100) give good performance. Because this smartphone already use dual-core processor and also good LCD screen with 4.3 inches wide with Super AMOLED bright color.

The popular Samsung Galaxy S2 (I9100) is really easy to use and give good performance to use everyday with top list of review, here is the Samsung Galaxy S2 Android smartphone specification :

LCD 4.3 inchi
Processor Dual-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A9
Memory Internal 16GB/32GB ROM with 1GB RAM
Camera 8 MP, autofocus, LED flash
Camera Resolution 3264×2448 pixels
Operating System Android OS, v2.3.4 (Gingerbread), upgradable to v4.1

How to Hard Reset to Factory Default Samsung Galaxy S2 / SII :

# Option one – Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy S2 with Software:

If we still can access the menu, the easy way to hard reset using Setting function by pressing :

Menu > Setting > Privacy > Factory Data Reset > Reset Phone

This is the way to erase all data on Samsung Galaxy S2, such as Google Account, Contact, SMS, application and it settings. After doing the Reset Phone by Software then Samsung Galaxy S2 will run automatically and process to delete the data back to factory default.

# Option Two – Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy S2 with Hardware Button:

This is the way to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy S2 back to factory default using hardware button, this option can be done when we can not access the menu or the Samsung Galaxy S2 can not run properly. This is what we have to do :

  1. Remove the Battery for 10 seconds
  2. Put The Battery at the position again
  3. Press together and hold: VOLUME UP + HOME BUTTON (press continuously and go to step 4, but remember Do Not Release this step 3 button)
  4. Continue with pressing POWER BUTTON about 3 seconds dan release POWER BUTTON after that (when pressing POWER BUTTON, do not release VOLUME UP + HOME BUTTON at step 3)
  5. You will see Recovery menu, Choose WIPE DATA/FACTORY RESET. At this point, toENTERpressPOWER BUTTON, toNAVIGATEpressVOLUME UPandVOLUME DOWN(depend on what we need). This is the end of step.
  6. Note: For step 3, HOME BUTTON locate in bellow LCD in the middle button.

# Option Three – Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy S2 with Dialer Code:

  1. Turn on Samsung Galaxy S2
  2. with dialpad number, press*2767*3855#
  3. Then the Samsung Galaxy S2 will reset all you data and back to Factory Default

When will We Need to Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy S2 ?

Samsung Galaxy S2 need to be hard reset to factory default when we can not access anything at this phone, or when we feel that the phone become running slow or some unusual problem happen at our Samsung Galaxy S2. Please remember to always backup your data before doing Hard Reset.

What to Do if I forget the security screen lock or PIN or Pattern for Samsung Galaxy S2 (SGS2)?

In Android default step, if we are forget about security screen lock or pin or pattern, then to unlock it Android will ask for default Gmail account which already installed in that Android, so we just have to enter the username and password. The problem is, sometime some user forget about the password or sometime the Android Samsung Galaxy S2 (SGS2) can not enter the forget pattern security restore. If you get this problem, then what we can do just do the master reset to factory default Samsung Galaxy S2 for restore the security code, but of course you will loose all data in Samsung Galaxy S2.

How to Make Samsung Galaxy S2 (I9100) Run More Faster?

Samsung Galaxy S2 (I9100) use Android for operating sytem, we can download a lot off applications from Google Play Store, some applications sometime not compatible for Samsung Galaxy S2 (I9100) that can make it run more slowly or not responsive. We recommended for every Samsung Galaxy S2 (I9100) user to download only recommended applications and install only important that you use much. In this case when Samsung Galaxy S2 (I9100) performance become slow, we have to hard reset or master format Samsung Galaxy S2 (I9100). Please remember to always backup your important data because it will wipe or erase from this phone.

How to Reinstall or Restore Samsung Galaxy S2 (I9100) with Clean Android Operating System ?

The default operating system and applications already saved at Samsung Galaxy S2 (I9100) ROM, when we have problem with Samsung Galaxy S2 (I9100), then what we need to do is reformat and reinstall the operating system to restore factory default Samsung Galaxy S2 (I9100). When you do the master format or hard reset Samsung Galaxy S2 (I9100), then the default operating system from ROM will be reinstall in this phone. So the easy way to reinstall Samsung Galaxy S2 (I9100) clean operating system is by doing the hard reset.


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Please becareful before doing the master reset or format Samsung Galaxy S2 to factory default, because all important data in Samsung Galaxy S2 will erase or wipe all, we always suggest to backup you Samsung Galaxy S2 periodically to run away from this problem later.

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    • Do it for several time with that button combinations. Or when you still can go to menu or while LCD screen still can be respond your touch, then doing hard reset with software menu is more easy.

  1. Hi,

    I am trying to hard reset my SII but option 2 and 3 are not working. I forgot the password for my phone so when I try to do reset factory setting default password like 0000 or 1234 is not working

    Option 2 – it always turns on my phone and goes to the home screen
    Option 3 – it says supplementary data not available (or something like that)

    I need help. Shoot me an email for any other suggestion.

    Thanks a bunch.

      • But when i choose the “yes erase all data…” It will ask me “confirm password” but i don’t know what is the password. Pls help me

        • If SGS II ask for password when you need to hard reset with software menu, it mean you need to give the same password protection for screen lock. Let’s try like this, turn off the SGS 2, after that turn it on again. When you want to use that Android, it will ask for screen lock password/pattern (that you’ve already gave before), then usually you type the answer to user it. That is exactly the same password which is ask when you want to do hard reset with software menu.

  2. Does the default operating system installed on the (System Storage) only or needs space on (USB Storage), i need to clean all old data as i feel not all data are deleted after Hard Reset, in other words what is the size of The clean default operating system ??
    thanks in advance

    • SGS2 factory default operating system has already saved in SGS2 rom or internal memory, by default we can not access this files without special software, so the default and clean master of operating system will be reinstall automatically to Samsung Galaxy S2 (i9100) after doing hard reset or master format.

  3. i do hard format more than one time before but the problem is still in my phone( swich off alone many time in a day)and (cannot read aflash memor when i conect with it) can you help me to solve these problem.

    • Hi, if you have already do the factory reset or hard format, the phone should run normally again with default setting. When you still get problem with switch off by itself, I think maybe can be happen because several issue.

      First, maybe about the applications issue, there are some applications which reinstall again although you already format but you have backup applications at Android Google cloud backup, then it can be reinstall again and of course the phone will get problem again because the same incompatible applications is there.

      Second, maybe it is external memory problem, in some case we found that external microSD card can make problem for our smartphone, what you need to do is try to change or remove external memory to make sure about it.

  4. I try to hard reset with option 2 because I have forgot the password for screen lock. After I answer Yes to erase all data I am asked to confirm password. What password is this?

    • Hi, if you forgot the Samsung Galaxy S2 screen lock pattern, the only option that we suggest is doing hard reset with option two. As far as we know, SGS 2 will not ask password anymore while you do hard reset with hardware button. Please try it again carefully.

  5. I know my gmail user name and password, but can not get the lock screen to give me the “forgot password” option. I have incorrectly entered my pin 100 times and still there is no, forgot password option. How do I get that to come up?

    • Hi, for normal conditions, we can easily bypass the screen lock protection by pressing Forgot Password button. Usually if you’ve done several time wrong password answer, then that button will be appear because the Samsung Galaxy S2 phone will be frozen and tell us to wait several second before try to answer again. But this option maybe not always like this if you use some custom rom or any other tweak before. If you can not deal with the forget password button, maybe you may need to consider doing hard reset.

  6. i was resetting my sgs2 and my brother took out the battery. and nw the device is not working. only samsung is being displayed on the screen. is my phone screwed up..?? somebody plz help..

    • Hi, please try to do hard reset with hardware button, hopefully the phone will be back again after reformat the operating system.

  7. i tried all the steps on how 2 hard reset mysgs2 but the all the ..filleson internal sd is not formatted..and the problem is still theremy main problem is everytime i surf internet there is always security warnings appear i cant even open my facebook…wew..pls a little help…

    • Hi, usually after finish doing hard reset or master format, the Samsung Galaxy S2 will be start again from beginning like new, so we need to login with Google account or Gmail account, after that install some applications that we need to use. When doing hard reset, the internal memory will be reformat, maybe the external not formatted, except you force for erase all external data from Samsung Galaxy S2.

  8. I had some problem with my galaxy s2,i did do a hard reset and then it showed “Downloading do not turn off target!!” for an hour..then i tried to get back by removing battery..and then my phone just shows “Samsung Galaxy s2 ” and at&at logo repeatedly. but does not go to the main user interface,please someone help

    • Hi, usually having hard reset at standard operating system or firmware will do easily without problems. Unless your Samsung Galaxy S2 has already rooted or installed with custom ROM, then some situations can make hard reset or master format make it trouble and soft bricks. Please try to do hard reset with hardware button key.

  9. I’ve had issues with S2 it just froze and I tried soft reboot and taking out battery etc. Went for hard reboot which was a bit fiddly but managed to get the green android up but it never shows a menu and eventually it just returns back to the Samsung screen. Any thoughts before I buy a new phone?

    • Hi, please make sure your Samsung Galaxy S2 does not getting root or use custom ROM, because that will make your phone can not recovery using standard procedure. What you can do now is try doing hard reset using hardware button to reinstall factory default operating system. If you are not sure about the history of your firmware, please ask help to Samsung service center before you device to buy new phone.

  10. I’m having a problem with my Samsung Galaxy S2. I’m trying to delete some music from the internal SD card (on my phone). It says ‘deleted’ but doesn’t delete.
    When I used a USB cord to connect my phone to my laptop and tried to delete the same music, it said that I had to switch off write-protection. How do I do that?

    • Hi, basically at normal situations you can delete any files from internal SD (virtual SD) at Samsung Galaxy S2 using file manager, as far as that file is not readonly. We just worry that files is used by some applications. If you are sure everything is fine from your Internal memory, then maybe you can try (not sure it will work) to do: Copy or backup all files at that SD card to computer using USB cable, after that please use erase storage from Menu > Storage > Erase SD Card, after all files already removed then you can try to restore all files from your computer back to SD card.

  11. hi..i have a samsung s2 GT-I1900. my home button is not working for quite a while . i put a password and forgot the numbers. i tried pins for like 100 times but doesnt give me the forgot passowrd option. i cannot do hard reset because of the dead home button. what must i do. im desperate for your help

    • Hi, usually after give several time wrong answer and try again several time, the Forgot Password button will be appear. But at some conditions like using custom rom or custom tweak, that button will not be appear. However, you have to do hard reset with hardware button combination key, but since your home button hardware at your Samsung Galaxy S2 get trouble or not work, then you have to ask Samsung authorize service center to flash your firmware using their troubleshooting tools.

  12. Hello,
    i have a problem with my s2. When i open any app on my s2 time service , android services creats problems. Phone gets freezes and not working. I have already reset it to factory reset. Nut result is same as before. When i pressing volumebotton and home key+ power key for a moment on screen android mark appears and and when i choose continue it remain downloading , please dont turn off … And remains as it is for long long time. But nothing. Please help me.

    • Hi, usually after finish hard reset, then your Samsung Galaxy S2 will reformat the operating system to factory default, therefore all applications which make your phone freezing will become refresh as well. However, if your problems still not solve then maybe you ever do root or custom rom, that can make trouble to the system files although you have done hard reset. Please consult at Samsung authorize service center.

  13. I’ve a weird problem in my s2 mobile phone. A lot of unnecessary apps automatically downloaded and installed in my phone which makes mobile hang most of the time. I tried to reset both easy and hard reset but my problem was still not solved. I’ve heard the best way is to re-installed its software again. Will you please guide me to re-installed the software in my phone. And which file I’ve to download first.

    • Hi, basically by doing hard reset, your Samsung Galaxy S2 will be reinstall the operating system to factory default. As far as you use default official ROM / operating system, then your Samsung Galaxy S2 will be clean again after doing hard reset or master format. Please make sure your are not use custom rom or rooted ROM. You may consult to Samsung authorize service center.

  14. Hello,
    i have a problem with my s2. When i open the phone it got freeze and not working. I pressed volume button and home key+ power key for a moment on screen for hard reset and android mark appears and and when i choose continue it remain downloading , please don’t turn off … Almost three hours completed but still same message appeared. How much time it will take or Please help me for the next step to be taken.

    • Hi, sometime the steps or update custom firmware can make your Samsung Galaxy S2 become not standard anymore. If you can not follow steps at #option2, then please consult with Samsung authorize service center.

  15. greetings.
    i am trying to do a hard rest on my sgs2 but when i enter in the reset factory my volume buttons wont navigate because of the numerous attempts i have made on the pattern. please can you help me? thanks

    • Hi, doing hard reset using hardware button combination key will reformat the firmware from Off State, therefore your phone will not ask for any pattern security protections. Please turn off your Samsung Galaxy S2 now, then follow steps at #option 2 above carefully.

    • Hi, perhaps your home button hardware has been damage or corrupt. Then you need to bring your Samsung Galaxy S2 to authorized Samsung service center and replace the button hardware with proper one. As far as we know, then replacement part is not too expensive.


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