Easy solutions for slow XIAOMI REDMI NOTE 8 troubles.  This phone is released at October 2019. This phone has three options of internal memory with different RAM. Why RAM is important, we will discuss more later. After use several period, several users get lag issue with XIAOMI REDMI NOTE 8. Become slowly with more lagging problems for run any activity. What should we do? Please read some information about how to make XIAOMI REDMI NOTE 8 run more faster.


Why XIAOMI REDMI NOTE 8 Performance Become Slow and Not Responsive ?

This is mid end smartphone with big LCD screen 6.3 inches at 19.5:9 aspect ratio. It use Qualcomm SDM665 Snapdragon 665 processor with 3rd gen AI Engine performance. There are some applications that can run fast using this processor. But if many of them run together then we will get slower performance. As we wrote above that users can have 3 version of RAM capacity with 3 GB or 4 GB or 6 GB depend on budget. RAM also give many impact of slow or fast performance.

More bigger RAM will make multitasking experience work better. If we open too many multitasking apps, then RAM will be insufficient. At this moment XIAOMI REDMI NOTE 8 will try to find which the oldest not use application, and try to force close to give more RAM resources. When this process happen, this phone will freezing for a while.    Please do not install or run too many applications together.

In many case, the slowly troubles will be happen if we run too many applications together. It will consume more RAM and processor resources. Therefore we suggest to uninstall some not use applications if we do not really use that apps. Some of them will run in the background to wait data update and consume more RAM. Remove some applications will help this phone to run more faster.


how to make xiaomi redmi note 8 faster

XIAOMI REDMI NOTE 8 will use RAM for run any applications. Beside RAM, we also have to know how many internal storage free capacity left, because  if the internal storage become full, then the performance of XIAOMI REDMI NOTE 8 also will be reduced or become slowly.

Some issue of XIAOMI REDMI NOTE 8 lag happen because of applications. But we also find some XIAOMI REDMI NOTE 8 become lagging because the usage of non original firmware or custom rom.


How to Boost Speed Performance of XIAOMI REDMI NOTE 8 And Make It Run More Faster?

  1. First steps that you should do is doing soft reset or reboot to remove temporary files and caches. Usually after our phone finish reboot, then the speed performance might become faster.
  2. Please uninstall all not use applications. We can try to find from menu Setting > Apps, and choose not active applications, then choose Uninstall
  3. Some factory default applications do not have Uninstall button options, but we can disable by choose Disable button at menu Setting > Apps > Disable  at our phone. This steps also can reduce the usage of RAM and processor resources.
  4. If all solutions still not improve the performance, then please consider to do hard reset to factory default. Follow steps at XIAOMI REDMI NOTE 8 Hard Reset / Reformat page using hardware button combination Key.

Please note, some menu options will be different because firmware update or some other possibilities. Please use comment options bellow for other question to discuss.

The information from this page describe about is redmi note 8 ram fast and smooth?. If you need another resource for hard reset, use search function at this homepage or find from our related posts.