How To Fix Overheating On XIAOMI POCO M6 PRO Hot Body?

Are you facing overheating issues with your Xiaomi Poco M6 Pro, especially during gaming or other activities? Here’s how to address this problem and keep your device running cooler.

Why Does Xiaomi Poco M6 Pro Overheat?

The Xiaomi Poco M6 Pro boasts a large 6.67-inch screen and is powered by a high-performance processor. The heat generated by the CPU is released when running applications. Running multiple apps simultaneously can cause the processor to work harder, leading to overheating. Additionally, apps that are constantly connected to the internet and high screen brightness can also contribute to increased phone temperature.

how to fix overheat XIAOMI POCO M6 PRO

Common Causes of Overheating at Xiaomi Poco M6 Pro

Several factors can contribute to the Xiaomi Poco M6 Pro overheating:

  • Prolonged usage of resource-intensive apps
  • Multitasking with multiple apps running in the background
  • Using the phone while it’s charging
  • Exposure to direct sunlight
  • Poor signal coverage
  • High LCD screen brightness
  • Use of non-standard power chargers
  • Application bugs

Avoid Using Xiaomi Poco M6 Pro Extensively While Charging

The XIAOMI POCO M6 PRO can experience overheating issues, especially when used while charging with fast charging technology. Be cautious, as overheating can potentially lead to a shorter battery lifespan or, in rare cases, even cause the phone to malfunction.

How to Fix Overheat Issues On Xiaomi Poco M6 Pro?

To address the overheating problem, follow these steps:

  1. Uninstall unused applications to improve the phone’s processor performance.
  2. Ensure all unused applications are closed to reduce the load on the processor and RAM.
  3. Avoid using the phone while it’s charging for safety reasons.
  4. Minimize phone usage in direct sunlight to reduce temperature problems.
  5. Ensure the phone is in an area with good signal coverage to prevent it from continuously searching for a signal.
  6. Adjust the LCD screen brightness to a comfortable level.
  7. Keep the phone updated with the latest Android firmware version.
  8. Always use the original charger and USB cable.

How to Resolve Xiaomi Poco M6 Pro Overheating Warning Message?

Xiaomi devices have built-in protection to prevent hardware damage due to overheating. If you receive an overheating warning message, wait for the device to cool down before using it again. If the warning message appears despite the phone not being hot, try updating the operating system to address any bugs causing the false warning.

If the temperature of the Xiaomi Poco M6 Pro is excessively high, turn it off for several minutes to allow it to cool down. If the overheating issue persists, consider backing up important data and performing a hard reset to restore the phone to its original state.

By following these steps, you can effectively address the overheating issue in your Xiaomi Poco M6 Pro, ensuring a smoother and more efficient user experience.

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