How to Improve Battery Performance at SAMSUNG GALAXY S3 MINI I8190 (Battery Saving) & Make Battery Not Fast to Drain

Improving battery performance for reduce battery drain too fast at SAMSUNG GALAXY S3 MINI. The SAMSUNG GALAXY S3 MINI I8190 have 1500 mAh Lithium Battery and we can change or remove the battery by open the back case of this smartphone. Some user have problem with the SAMSUNG GALAXY S3 MINI I8190 battery, usually we can use this phone with normally charge about 6 until 10 hours depend on what we do. We have to know the most battery power drain from this phone is LCD screen and 3G data connections.

Reduce Battery Drain of SAMSUNG GALAXY S3 MINI I8190 by setting LCD brightness menu

We should try to reduce our LCD screen or do not make the maximum brightness level. Maybe once or in some special case we need to make the LCD brightness adjust to maximum, but for daily usage, better to setup as minimum as we can. This is what we can do from menu setting: Go to Display setting: Menu Setting > My Device > Display

We can configure or adjust the brightness lower but acceptable with our eyes in some conditions. If you can, do not turn Auto Brightness level.

Screen time out is the time for LCD to keep ON or waiting time until the phone turn off the LCD automatically. Better to make it as short as possible, we usually adjust about 30 seconds (recommended) : Menu Setting > My Device > Display > Screen timout (30s)

Improve Battery Saving of SAMSUNG GALAXY S3 MINI I8190 by setting Network menu

At SAMSUNG GALAXY S3 MINI I8190 we can choose to use 3G or 2G network type. Using 3G will make the battery drain faster. Please use 2G if we need more longer battery life, especially when we are away from power charger. But we have to know, using 2G data connection type will make the data transfer speed will be more slower then using 3G, but the power consumption at 3G will make battery drain faster. Go to Setting : Menu Setting > Connections > More networks > Mobile networks > Use only 2G networks

Increase Battery Life Longer of SAMSUNG GALAXY S3 MINI I8190 by disable other not use connection

There are some other connection at available at SAMSUNG GALAXY S3 MINI I8190 like GPS, Bluetooth and also GPS. If we do not use these kind of communication connection, please turn it off to reduce the battery drain and make our phone battery work more longer.

Turn off GPS at SAMSUNG GALAXY S3 MINI I8190 : Menu Setting > More > Locations services > disable the GPS satellites

Turn off Wifi at SAMSUNG GALAXY S3 MINI I8190 : Menu Setting > Connections > Wifi > turn off wifi

Turn off Bluetooth at SAMSUNG GALAXY S3 MINI I8190 : Menu Setting > Connections > Bluetooth > turn off Bluetooth

If in some conditions we need to activate the Wifi / Bluetooth / GPS connection, then we can turn it on manually and do not forget to turn it off again when we do not use that connection anymore. This is safe our battery performance.

Too Many Applications run together will reduce the battery performance at SAMSUNG GALAXY S3 MINI I8190

When we download some applications from Google Play Store, some of them will run in the background to wait the command or wait for data update from Internet. Some applications have their own setting to reduce the battery drain because when that applications use network too much for update, then the phone will use more battery as well. There for we should choose only important applications for download. We can also consider to do hard reset or master format if we want to refresh the applications installation from beginning. We can see which applications run and need more battery by using : Menu Setting > More > Battery. Please note, not all applications will be listed at this menu.

How long that we need to charge the SAMSUNG GALAXY S3 MINI I8190 Battery?

When the first time we use discharged battery (empty battery), we need to charge about 4 hours until the battery capacity full. But after use for several time / cycle, the time for charging will be more faster, between 2 until 4 hours depend on how low the battery before charged.

Should we turn off the SAMSUNG GALAXY S3 MINI I8190 when we connect it to the power charger?

Please only use the Samsung original power charger. Using Samsung original power charger will safe our phone while doing charging. We do not need to turn off the SAMSUNG GALAXY S3 MINI I8190 when connect to power charge.

Battery is very important thing at our SAMSUNG GALAXY S3 MINI I8190 smartphone. Usually the battery life will last about 2 years for normal use. If our SAMSUNG GALAXY S3 MINI I8190 battery already drop which make the phone will turn off in very short time of hours, then we should only change the battery with the Samsung original battery special for SAMSUNG GALAXY S3 MINI I8190. Maybe we can find some other cheaper battery in the market, but this is very risky if we use 3th party (cheaper price) battery or non original battery, because the original battery have some circuit that will keep the phone safe for some accident while use or connected to original charger.

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